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250 fun trivia Questions Answers to rule video game evening | Killexams.com Resources

preparing for trivia evening together with your chums? Do you locate random facts charming?

either method, we're right here to support you sharpen your potential and degree up your competencies on every little thing from enjoyment and films to historical past, activities and geography with this comprehensive assortment of trivia questions and solutions.

To give your smarts a run for their cash, we've got gathered a listing of convenient and difficult queries superb for chums, household, kids, adults and pretty tons anybody else who's received a keenness for conventional skills.

even if you might be hoping to brush the competitors over cocktails on the next bar minutiae evening or effectively cannot get adequate of pop culture and other pleasing particulars, you're guaranteed to be entertained with this listing of questions and solutions that covers, neatly, nearly every little thing that you may think of.

as an instance, can you identify the long-lasting Memphis property once owned by way of Elvis Presley? or not it's Graceland, of path. How about this one: Steve Carell performs what memorable character in the television collection "The workplace"? The reply is: Michael Scott.

If activities is more your velocity, which Canadian hockey participant regarded to the best of all time? Love videos? what's the name of the excessive school in the traditional 1978 movie "Grease"?

we would like to inform you the solutions, however, seriously, what enjoyable would that be?

instead, read on to study every kind of entertaining tidbits on all your favourite topics. you're going to even run throughout a number of humorous minutiae Questions Answers which are bound to tickle your funny bone while elevating your ability level on the same time.

To make certain avid gamers of all ages can join in, they have covered questions that even the kids can reply on things like Dr. Seuss books, animals and other family-friendly issues.

The better part? You don't have to be a "Jeopardy" champ to win the online game, only a few simple abilities and also you're about to get a boatload of it forward.

So, put on your thinking cap and let's get started.

a way to play minutiae

turn your next at-domestic hangout right into a trivialities evening. opt for a bunch, divide the community into teams and ruin the questions up to form rounds. The host asks one question at a time and teams write down their solutions. once all of the questions were requested, the host calls out the correct answers after which teams tally up their aspects.

players get equipped!

amusement trivialities questions Trivia Questions and Answers Rick Friedman / Corbis by means of Getty photos
  • Actor Steve Carell performs what memorable character in the time-honored tv sequence "The office?" reply: Michael Scott
  • The 1988 film "Mystic Pizza" launched the profession of what 'fairly girl?' answer: Julia Roberts
  • Whitney Houston went to the properly of the track charts in 1992 with which Dolly Parton music? answer: "i'll at all times Love You"
  • Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry megastar as a mom and daughter in what typical Netflix series? reply: "Ginny & Georgia"
  • Cillian Murphy plays a 1900s mob boss in Birmingham, England through which streaming series? reply: "Peaky Blinders"
  • Anna, Elsa Kristoff and Olaf are all characters in what animated movie? reply: "Frozen"
  • What became Taylor Swift's first song to chart on the Billboard sizzling a hundred? answer: "Tim McGraw"
  • What 1997 movie points Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as undercover secret brokers who police extraterrestrials? reply: "men in Black"
  • In what television sequence did actor Tom Hanks co famous person with Peter Scolari within the early Nineteen Eighties? answer: "Bosom associates"
  • What actor performs Ken within the 2023 blockbuster film "Barbie?" reply: Ryan Gosling
  • What identify is singer-actor Stefani Germanotta greater regular by way of? reply: lady Gaga
  • What 1927 film with no trouble ended the silent movie period by means of introducing synchronized talking and singing? answer: "The Jazz Singer"
  • before embarking on a solo profession, Beyoncé became part of what R&B community? answer: destiny's newborn
  • What actor played Alex Keaton on the '80s tv show "household Ties?" answer: Michael J. Fox
  • The Rockettes dance troupe most famously function at what big apple metropolis venue? reply: Radio metropolis track corridor
  • What become the very first video ever performed on MTV? answer: "Video Killed the Radio star" with the aid of The Buggles
  • What Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway display facets the characters Mistoffelees and historical Deuteronomy? reply: "Cats"
  • Richard Hatch is the very first winner of which fact television demonstrate? answer: "Survivor"
  • what is the identify of Elvis Presley's Memphis home? answer: Graceland
  • What super astronomer penned the 1980 finest-promoting booklet "Cosmos?" reply: Carl Sagan
  • Michael Flatley danced his way to repute in what Irish-inspired reveal? answer: "Riverdance"
  • What 1994 Quentin Tarantino film stars John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as hitmen? reply: "Pulp Fiction"
  • What actor-comedian discovered fame on the television show "Mork and Mindy?" reply: Robin Williams
  • Michael Jackson teamed up with what notable guitar participant for the 1982 track "Beat It?" reply: Eddie Van Halen
  • Jess Day, Nick Miller, Winston Bishop and Schmidt are all characters on what television display? reply: "New girl"
  • What 12 months did the comedy sketch tv show, Saturday nighttime reside, debut? reply: 1975
  • funny trivia questions
  • The unicorn is the countrywide animal of which nation? answer: Scotland
  • What actor played large enormous Head on the television show "Third Rock From the solar"? reply: William Shatner
  • "there may be a snake in my boot!" is famously spoken by way of Woody, a cowboy doll, in which 1995 animated movie? answer: "Toy Story"
  • Which smooth drink as soon as contained cocaine as one among its usual materials? reply: Coca-Cola
  • What breed of cat would not have fur? reply: Sphynx
  • In a quest to change rubber, James Wright by chance invented what typical toy? answer: foolish Putty
  • A majority of adults have how many everlasting enamel? reply: 32
  • Which U.S. president is estimated to have the highest IQ? answer: John Quincy Adams
  • What fish is able to producing an electrical discharge up to 600 volts? reply: The electric powered eel
  • in line with Instacart, what probably the most disliked food in america? reply: Anchovies
  • Now referred to as "Meta," fb turned into initially named what? answer: TheFacebook
  • What nation makes use of approximately four billion miles of toilet paper every yr? answer: China
  • based on the U.S. Census Bureau, which state has the shortest one-method shuttle to work? reply: South Dakota
  • the line, "Your mother turned into a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries" is from what 1975 movie? reply: "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
  • On general, which grows quicker: Fingernails or toenails? reply: Fingernails
  • what number of noses does a slug have? answer: 4
  • What candy was in the beginning referred to as "bird feed"? answer: sweet corn
  • Which typical condiment was as soon as bought as a medicinal treatment for diarrhea? answer: Ketchup
  • name both of the two U.S. states that makes it unlawful to get married on a dare. reply: Delaware and Colorado
  • superstar minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Alamy
  • Johnny Depp certainly modeled Jack Sparrow, his memorable character from "Pirates of the Caribbean," after which rock guitarist? answer: Keith Richards
  • North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm are the names of what? answer: Kim Kardashian's toddlers
  • The tv talk demonstrate "people Are speaking" helped launch the meteoric profession of which trendy superstar? reply: Oprah Winfrey
  • Actor Jim Carrey first made a reputation for himself on what Keenen Ivory Wayans sketch comedy reveal? answer: "In residing color"
  • Which "tremendous" actor seemed on the infants's tv exhibit "Romper Room?" answer: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • What Oscar-winning actor become a forged member on the '70s display "The electric business?" reply: Morgan Freeman
  • Who penned the 2018 autobiography "becoming"? reply: Michelle Obama
  • bill Gates co-situated Microsoft with which of his childhood pals? reply: Paul Allen
  • "break" become the first Billboard hot a hundred single for what singer? reply: Madonna
  • What Hong Kong-born actor and stuntman starred alongside Chris Tucker in the 1998 film "Rush Hour"? answer: Jackie Chan
  • Books and literature trivia questions Trivia Questions and Answers Buena Vista photographs / Courtesy Everett assortment
  • The women in Amy Tan’s “joy success membership” meet to play what online game? reply: Mahjong
  • "The Da Vinci Code" opens with a murder wherein famous museum? reply: The Louvre
  • Which horror author penned the apocalyptic novel "The Stand"? answer: Stephen King
  • Which publication a couple of band of rabbits grew to become a bestseller in 1972? answer: "Watership Down"
  • What changed into the original title of Ray Bradbury’s "Fahrenheit 451"? reply: "The Fireman"
  • The traditional 1877 novel "Black splendor" is ready what kind of animal? reply: Horse
  • Who turned into the first writer to make use of a "typemachine" or typewriter in writing a manuscript? reply: Mark Twain
  • What 1988 e-book via Salman Rushdie is regarded blasphemous by means of many Muslim nations? reply: "The Satanic Verses"
  • Which secret author holds the Guinness World record for the most translated works? answer: Agatha Christie
  • What book holds the list for the fastest selling booklet in history? reply: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
  • Who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird"? answer: Harper Lee
  • What 1949 science fiction publication through writer George Orwell describes a dystopian world in the future? reply: "1984"
  • what's the identify of the pig within the book "Charlotte's net"? reply: Wilbur
  • "name me Ishmael" is the first line from what basic novel? reply: "Moby Dick"
  • What Charles Dickens novel begins with the sentence, "It changed into the best of times, it become the worst of times"? answer: "A tale of Two Cities"
  • what's the identify of the vampire in the 1976 Anne Rice novel "Interview With a Vampire"? reply: Louis de Pointe du Lac
  • What familiar young grownup ebook series sends "tributes" to participate in a televised competition in which they combat to the dying? reply: "The starvation games"
  • in the publication "pride and Prejudice," who's Elizabeth Bennet in love with? reply: Mr. Darcy
  • Who wrote "flowers within the Attic"? reply: V.C. Andrews
  • Jacob Black is a personality in what Stephenie Meyer book sequence? reply: "Twilight"
  • What Nicholas Sparks e-book a few younger socialite and her long-time crush changed into made right into a movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? answer: "The laptop"
  • in a single of essentially the most regularly occurring Dr. Seuss books, what may not Sam-I-Am devour? reply: eco-friendly eggs and ham
  • background minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Getty pictures
  • On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first adult in heritage to do what? answer: stroll on the moon
  • What U.S. lady became appointed as the first woman Speaker of the residence? answer: Nancy Pelosi
  • Which American financier was convicted of running the greatest Ponzi scheme in U.S. historical past? answer: Bernie Madoff
  • What yr did World warfare I start? reply: 1914
  • what is the identify of the primary everlasting English agreement in North the united states? reply: Jamestown
  • How ancient changed into Queen Elizabeth II when she become crowned the Queen of England? reply: 27
  • What turned into the first message sent via morse code? answer: “What hath God wrought?”
  • What president became a certified bartender? reply: Abraham Lincoln
  • Who changed into the first president to consult with all 50 states? answer: Richard Nixon
  • What 12 months became Kodak founded? reply: 1892
  • What inspired the introduction of Google images? answer: Jennifer Lopez’s dress at the 2000 Grammys
  • What 12 months become the primary Barbie doll launched? reply: 1959
  • How long become the primary Thanksgiving? answer: Three days
  • Which U.S. President changed into a legislations professor? reply: bill Clinton
  • Who turned into the youngest U.S. president? reply: Theodore Roosevelt
  • When was the first iPod launched? answer: 2001
  • Geography trivia questions Trivia Questions and Answers ordinary images neighborhood / Getty images
  • the place is the coldest place in the world? reply: jap Antarctic Plateau
  • Which Italian city is the atmosphere for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? answer: Verona
  • What became america’s first countrywide park? answer: Yellowstone countrywide Park
  • the place do U.S. vice presidents are living? reply: on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory
  • Which three states share a border with California? answer: Arizona, Nevada and Oregon
  • What turned into the primary state? answer: Delaware
  • What state is primary because the “Badger State”? answer: Wisconsin
  • What state has the longest freshwater shoreline? answer: Michigan
  • What U.S. state grows coffee beans? answer: Hawaii
  • what's the northernmost aspect in the united states? reply: element Barrow, Alaska
  • what's Texas’ state flower? answer: The Bluebonnet
  • how many floors does the Eiffel Tower have? reply: Three
  • what is the forex of Poland? reply: Złoty
  • How tall is the Empire State constructing (with out the spire and antenna)? answer: 1,250 toes
  • Which country produces the most tea? answer: China
  • Who did the U.S. purchase Florida from? reply: Spain
  • Which country offers college students the longest summer holiday? answer: Italy
  • What are California’s state colorations? answer: Blue and Gold
  • what is uk’s country wide Anthem? reply: “God keep the King”
  • Science trivialities questions Trivia Questions and Answers buradaki / Getty photos/iStockphoto
  • What produces the vast majority of the breathable air on the earth? answer: The oceans
  • Which travels sooner: Sound or easy? reply: mild
  • What mineral can you add to water to make issues float simpler? reply: Salt
  • Roughly what number of miles per hour does the earth spin? answer: a thousand mph
  • what number of facets are at present on the periodic table? answer: 118
  • Which blood classification is a typical donor? reply: O terrible
  • how many moons does Neptune have? reply: 14
  • Which globally-dreaded disorder did the world fitness company declared eradicated in 1980? answer: Smallpox
  • Who become the first American woman in space? reply: Sally experience
  • how many pounds are in a ton? answer: 2,000
  • what is the greatest bone within the human physique? answer: Femur
  • how many planets make up the solar equipment? answer: Eight
  • how many colorings are in a rainbow? answer: Seven
  • Which astronomer is known as out in “Bohemian Rhapsody”? reply: Galileo
  • what's the concern of flowers referred to as? reply: Anthophobia
  • track trivialities questions Trivia Questions and Answers Getty pictures
  • What actor and comedian appeared in the video for the Paul Simon music “that you may call Me Al”? answer: Chevy Chase
  • What singer become referred to as the “Empress of the Blues”? answer: Bessie Smith
  • Who wrote “The star-Spangled Banner”? answer: Francis Scott Key
  • What musician became awarded the primary gold record? reply: Perry Como
  • Which country artist threw javelin whereas attending Oklahoma State college? reply: Garth Brooks
  • What song did Paul McCartney pen for John Lennon’s son, Julian? answer: “hi there Jude”
  • What are the first names of the 5 brothers that made up the Jackson 5? reply: Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie, Tito and Michael
  • Which 1950’s crooner sang the hit song “below the sea”? reply: Bobby Darin
  • how many Billboard #1 hits did Elvis have? answer: 18
  • What’s the greatest-promoting Christmas single of all time? reply: “White Christmas” via Bing Crosby
  • Which singer’s precise name is Robyn Fenty? answer: Rihanna
  • What yr did MTV launch? answer: 1981
  • Who became the first “American Idol” winner? answer: Kelly Clarkson
  • When turned into Mariah Carey’s “All I desire For Christmas Is You” released? answer: October 1994
  • what is Taylor Swift’s fortunate quantity? answer: 13
  • Who become the first lady ever inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of repute? reply: Aretha Franklin
  • movie minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Paramount pictures
  • What movie is “You had me at hi there” from? reply: “Jerry Maguire”
  • What Minnesota city was actor Winona Ryder born in? answer: Winona
  • What year turned into the primary “Batman” comic e-book published? reply: 1939
  • Actor Nicolas Cage is the nephew of what famous director? reply: Francis Ford Coppola
  • What country does “The Jungle booklet” take vicinity in? answer: India
  • who is the youngest Oscar winner of all time? reply: Tatum O’Neal
  • What was the identify of the excessive school in “Grease”? reply: Rydell high
  • In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” what maintains the three-headed dog asleep? answer: music
  • What 12 months changed into the normal “Jurassic Park” launched? reply: 1993
  • What’s the identify of Ginny’s Pygmy Puff in the “Harry Potter” collection? reply: Arnold
  • what is the identify of Hagrid’s half-brother in “Harry Potter?” reply: Grawp
  • what is the Grinch’s dog’s name? reply: Max
  • how many Oscars does Jane Fonda have? reply: Two
  • what number of Academy Awards did “great” win? answer: 11
  • what is the name of Boba Fett’s ship in “megastar Wars”? reply: Slave 1
  • Which Disney princess has a Scottish accent? reply: Merida
  • what number of staircases are located in Hogwarts? answer: 142
  • what's Jack Skellington’s dog’s identify? reply: Zero
  • In what movie does Robert De Niro say, “You talkin’ to me?” answer: “Taxi Driver” 
  • Who changed into the primary Disney princess? reply: Snow White
  • What year turned into “Jaws” launched? answer: 1975
  • In “megastar Wars,” who built C-3P0? reply: Anakin Skywalker
  • “The Princess and the Frog” is determined during which American city? answer: New Orleans
  • what is Hermione’s Patronus? answer: Otter
  • Who wrote “a little Princess”? reply: Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Which shoe did Cinderella go away in the back of at the ball? answer: Left
  • how many ghosts exhibit up in “A Christmas Carol”? answer: 4
  • who's the villain in “Peter Pan”? reply: Captain Hook
  • Which city is “one hundred and one Dalmatians” set in? reply: London
  • what is the school’s mascot in “excessive college Musical”? answer: Wild Cats
  • tv minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Corbis via Getty photographs
  • What generic ‘90s television series did actor Calista Flockhart famous person in? answer: “Ally McBeal”
  • Who gained first season of “the united states’s subsequent exact mannequin”? answer: Adrianne Curry-Rhode
  • Which of the six leading characters on the tv demonstrate “friends” certainly not bought married? reply: Joey
  • What television series covered the phrase “Go where no man has long gone before” in its title sequence? reply: “famous person Trek”
  • What “intercourse and the metropolis” famous person didn’t return for the sequence reboot “And identical to That...”? reply: Kim Cattrall
  • What television sequence launched Bruce Willis’ career? answer: “Moonlighting”
  • what's the name of Sabrina’s cat in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”? reply: Salem
  • what is the name of the mall in the third season of “Stranger issues”? answer: Starcourt Mall
  • What comedian collection is the CW’s “Riverdale” according to? answer: “Archie” comics
  • how many individuals tuned into the closing episode of “friends”? answer: fifty two.5 million
  • what number of seasons did “The Oprah Winfrey reveal” run? answer: 25
  • Who voiced Ms. Frizzle on the little ones’s television series “Magic college Bus”? answer: Lily Tomlin
  • Who wrote “The Little Mermaid”? reply: Hans Christian Andersen
  • Animal minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Joe McDonald / Getty photos
  • What species of fish is Nemo? reply: Clown Fish
  • how many legs does a lobster have? answer: 10
  • what's Florida’s state chook? reply: The Northern Mockingbird
  • What colour is a giraffe’s tongue? answer: purple
  • What animal’s nickname is “sea cow”? answer: Manatee
  • what percentage of the Earth’s natural world is found in the ocean? reply: 94%
  • What animal has the biggest eyes? answer: giant Squid
  • what number of reindeer does Santa have? reply: Eight
  • what is California’s state animal? reply: California grizzly bear
  • What are baby rabbits known as? reply: Kits
  • What animal breathes via its butt? reply: Turtle
  • where are cricket’s ears found? reply: On their legs
  • sports and enjoyment trivia questions Trivia Questions and Answers Anne-Christine Poujoulat / AFP - Getty photographs
  • the place was the primary Olympics held? reply: Panathenaic Stadium, Greece
  • Who was the maximum-paid athlete in 2022? reply: Lionel Messi
  • Which NBA team plays its home video games at Madison rectangular backyard? answer: manhattan Knicks
  • When turned into the first Indy 500 held? answer: 1911
  • Which Canadian hockey player is regarded to be the top-quality of all time? answer: Wayne Gretzky
  • the place did the 2000 summer Olympics take area? reply: Sydney, Australia
  • Which quantity does every foremost League Baseball player wear on April 15? answer: 42
  • what's the highest number of elements somebody can achieve on Pac-Man? answer: three,333,360 aspects
  • How Did Leica, the German camera business, get its name? reply: Founder Ernst Leitz used the primary three letters of his remaining name combined with the first two letters from “digicam.”
  • Which player from the Dallas Mavericks is an investor in huge Blanket Co., the maker of 10-by-10 foot blankets? reply: Boban Marjanovic
  • What class of race is the Tour de France? reply: Bicycle race
  • what's the diameter of the average basketball hoop? reply: 18 inches
  • How frequently are the summer season games held? answer: each four years
  • What are the Cleveland Browns’ crew colours? answer: Brown and orange
  • In football, what number of elements does a landing have? answer: Six
  • Who painted “woman with a Pearl Earring”? answer: Johannes Vermeer
  • Who changed into the primary couple to win “The staggering Race”? reply: Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain
  • meals minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Courtesy Dunkin'
  • When was weight loss plan Coke brought in the united states? reply: August 9, 1982
  • What quick meals chain once used the slogan "suppose outside the bun"? answer: Taco Bell
  • what is a single strand of spaghetti called? reply: Spaghetto
  • What 12 months did Dunkin’ Donuts become Dunkin'? reply: 2018
  • how many slices of pizza does the united states devour per 2nd? reply: 350-four hundred slices of pizza per 2nd
  • where were Doritos invented? reply: Casa de Fritos at Disneyland
  • what number of pounds of curly fries does Arby’s sell in a 12 months? reply: a hundred million kilos
  • what is the identify of the realm's hottest chili pepper? reply: Carolina Reaper
  • what is Starbucks’ emblem? reply: A Siren
  • the place is the realm’s largest Starbucks? answer: Chicago
  • how many folds are in a chef's hat? reply: 100
  • expertise minutiae questions Trivia Questions and Answers Scott Barbour / Getty pictures
  • what's the which means of "fn" to your computing device keyboard? reply: characteristic
  • what is the long-standing nickname for IBM? answer: "massive Blue"
  • Who owns Venmo? answer: PayPal
  • What changed into Mac's first web browser? reply: Samba
  • What 12 months became eBay based? answer: 1995
  • what is the most desirable-promoting video game franchise? reply: Mario
  • Who sent the area's first text message? reply: Neil Papworth
  • What does Yahoo stand for? answer: Yet another Hierarchically Officious Oracle
  • What impressed the identify for the iPod? answer: the EVA Pod (ePod) in "2001: a space Odyssey"
  • Who owns the Patent to Google’s original search algorithm? answer: Stanford school
  • established trivia questions Trivia Questions and Answers Anwar Hussein / WireImage
  • what is August’s birthstone? answer: Peridot
  • what's Prince Harry’s official first identify? reply: Henry
  • what is the fifth signal of the zodiac? reply: Leo
  • Which department of the U.S. armed forces used the slogan “It’s now not just a job, it’s an experience”? answer: The Navy
  • with the aid of U.S. law, exit signs ought to be certainly one of what two colorations? answer: eco-friendly or pink
  • what's an eight-sided shape known as? answer: Octagon
  • When become Earth Day first celebrated? reply: 1970
  • what number of features does the star of David have? reply: Six
  • who is Barbie’s little sister? reply: Skipper
  • within the united kingdom, what is the day after Christmas known as? answer: Boxing Day
  • Which three zodiac signs are summer season indications? reply: cancer, Leo and Virgo
  • Which month of the year is national Ice Cream Month? reply: July


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