that ends mankind's evolution and begins its climax, for those who, by anarchistic loving, pass this fitness-for-survival test; and causes the mass extinction of the rest as reported to and by doug ogilvie 21/01/2007

Today's news is big news. It's time for the apocalyptic end of mankind's evolutionary epoch and, for those of us who, by adaptation, can prove our fitness for the privilege, the beginning of the next and better, type of, epoch, life, world and/or jurisdiction. Like in a snakes-and-ladders game, this brand-new situation will be "home" for those of us who, having been blessed with an open-minded disposition, have changed our current state of consciousness, climbed up the ladder to lifestyle success and so, a bit like the Noah family in the legend did, have survived the old world's termination.

On the other hand, no matter what we say and do, the others, being cursed by a closed-minded belief in their own righteousness, and/or that of their authorities, will never change the way they are today, and/or how they play the game, which begins as a sphinx-like riddle to be solved, of Life. As a logical imperative, because they can't adapt, they'll die, like the neanderthals and others did, when the way of Life that they depend upon for their survival ends, and they become redundant; within five years from today.

That luckless lot of losers, and the world that gives them their reasons to be living, have no future beyond, about, 2012 a.d.. We, in the lucky lot, are revolutionaries, in thought and deed; whereas they are buyers, sellers and users of feel-good therapies; both substances and activities. The difference is subtle but considerable for anyone who wants to solve the Riddle, exit the Maze and begin a way of Life that's, radically, different from and better than the old.

If you are one of we who are destined to have a life beyond that date, then you are preparing for the classical initiation, induction, inauguration and/or rite de passage test, that tests our right to have free passage into it; but let us be aware. This preparation, for this examination, which precedes our illumination, and its celebration, is a revolutionary activity. In neo-fascist jurisdictions, such as those of china, islam, the vatican, the u.s.a. and/or wherever you may be today, it will be judged as proof of criminal, crazy, heretical, unlawful, seditious, evil and/or terrorist intent; and would have been so judged in all paleo-fascist societies, both secular and religious, since before the days of ancient cathay, nippon, rome and babylon.

What's new is that this time the good guys and gals, who have always been among the underdogs, will be the survivors of the great Division, like the legendary noah and his lady were. Teaching myths, like theirs, purport to tell of past events but really teach a lesson relevant to the present and the future; when the Wedding that begins the Sacred Marriage, of the Mother God and Man, is to be celebrated by the biggest, new year, Party of them all.

THE BIAS of this, mad man's, manifesto- It's all a matter of attitude; especially towards relationships. Anarcho-commies, such as he, are in the business of self-education and/or personal development as distinct from commerce, parenthood and/or government; as power-mongers such as julius caesar, genghis khan and andrew carnegie were and are. This means exercising the mind so as to develop a better, anarchistic, attitude, rather than acquiring more information, possessions, admirers, political power, money, capital or consumer goods. Whereas normal people are either reformers or conservatives who want to reform their world in minor or in major ways, or make it stay the same, we wiser-older reds are rebs. Having inherited, and developed, the talent of prescience, we heirs to Heaven see that, no matter what is said and done, their, hellish, world, and the people who believe in it and so belong in it, cannot now be saved by anyone. Their ways, and world, are non-sustainable, and due for going down the tube.

As preparation for the next, and better, world, which will follow the fires of mental illumination and material destruction, rather than a flood of water, we new-age anarchists are each doing our best, today, to subvert, as distinct from patch up and so perpetuate, the old world order, in order to speed up its termination, when and where and in any way we can; except by violence, including the legalised version of coercion, which is our one tabu. Our training for this change-of-world event, includes improving our intuition and the spontaneity of our personal relationships with other people, and with our ecology as a, living, whole while depending as little as we can on the money, guns and governments of church, nation and commerce that characterise the old, cold and decaying world; that we, sometimes, denigrate as "hell", "maya" and/or "babylon". This, rival, World, of ours, is now living, automatically, and will come alive, self-consciously, when our aim in Life, by complementing hers, indicates our kinship with She and so attracts her conscious curiosity; soon. We develop this attraction by being attentive to opportunities, presented by the She, for good interactions to be enacted; while ignoring the rest, as temptations, diversions and/or trivial pursuits.

In other words, fellow pilgrims; carpe diem. Let's give the next Life our best shot today by concentrating on one day at a time and living this as well as we, imperfectly, can. No one word is completely adequate for describing the everliving Whole of whom we're part, but "God", "Heaven", "the All", "the Universe", "our Context", "the World" and "the Day" are among those that we can use, with flexibility, to fill the bill. In the wise fools' lexicon these seven are, roughly, synonymous symbols; different ways of looking at, or different facets of, the Other One whom, as our version of the universal Scene, we are exploring as her inmates, participants and/or constituents, in search of truthful understanding and the consequences, including sacred friendship, that follow this enlightenment. If we can get one of our organic, part-whole, relations right, autonomically, as a partnership, then we sense that the rest must fall, automatically, into place; mentally and materially; in a game of choice wherein to miss the point, or the eye of the needle, by an inch is as bad as missing by a mile, whereas to hit the spot, or find the slot, is good, i.e. not a sin. Such is the interconnected nature, and precise detail, of the game of universal Life and death; in which we rebellious evolutionists envisage we are participating as a part, in its preliminary, warm-up, trial-and-error, session.

By living each day, from dawn to dark, as well as we can; untroubled by thoughts from yesterday or of tomorrow, we aim to learn what's needed if we are to claim the final Day, which is the one that really counts; and which may even start today. The more that we can live like this, spontaneously, intuitively, fearlessly, affectionately and caringly, i.e. anarchistically, gambling our lives, in stimulus/rapid-response mode, on the likelihood that we're getting our sense of self-in-context right, the fewer mistakes we make, the easier these are remedied, the more spontaneous this way becomes and the sooner can the, related, ways of the new Day be begun. Practice makes perfect, as the journeyman said to the apprentice who had asked how he might master Life. What's done, and how it's done, are not as important as the means-end attitude with which it's, intentionally, being done; as wordsmiths such as rupert brook have said. In the overall scheme of events, including things, the world of good-bad quality is more important than the related world of more-less quantities; such as cricket scores, election votes and man-made money wealth.

By setting this, revolutionary, example, in our thinking and our acting, we jolly journeymen may even encourage some, younger, others, with other special-talents to share with us in the common pool, to join us in our, sacred-vision, Quest. This they'll do by reducing their addiction to those and the other, waste-producing products and activities of the civilised sort of ape; and by preparing for the new society that, as the unhurried, easy-going, one of "voluntary simplicity", wherein there is adequate time and space to care, reflect and share, we believe is to supersede the increasingly speedy, overpopulated, one that's about to go off the rails and crash, now, in a mess of hustle, bustle, obesity, violence, disease, waste, poverty, deception, narcotics and corruption. But we change-artists, whose interest is the art of better living, including better loving, are preparing for, not yet making, the actual Change; which will be sudden, like a bolt of lightning, or a geriatric's fart, when it occurs. When enough of the people are ready, God will reveal herself, in full monty, and the new world, for She and we in partnership, can be begun; but not before.

Ideas from all domains of knowledge, clarified and integrated into one coherent set to form the eclectic lexicon of Wisdom, are needed for succeeding in this mega-task. None can safely be omitted, as some are by those who master specialities, like economics and athletics. Let's start, arbitrarily, with the pseudo-science that its professors, with nobel prizes, and their apprentices, in ivory towers and counting houses, know as "economics".

Since before the days of franklin roosevelt's new-deal democracy, when keyensian indebtedness came into vogue, the enactors of most of "man's inhumanity to man" have been the "organisation men" who, cursed with a closed-minded belief in their own righteousness, and the best of bad intentions, have been organising ever-bigger roles for governments and/or managements, especially their executives, especially the directors, chairmen, ministers, vice-chancellors and/or c.e.o.'s (aka "caesars", "patricians" and "bad shepherds"). In those bad old days their leading lights recognised that capitalism, which had begun, in europe, with martin luther, pastor calvin, the protestant reformation, the printing press, the urban guild and the limited liability company, could only be maintained by means of some sort of fascism. Liberalism (vide john stuart mill) could never fill the bill; although some pseudo-liberals like ming menzies (aka "pig-iron bob") and milton friedman (aka "mr level playing-field") preached, and profited from saying, that it could.

We new-age anarchists see and say that the increasing concentration of financial, political, theological, ideological, military and moralising power, in the hands of that elitist brood of vipers, has to be, and will be, stopped by a bigger catastrophe than that of the great depression of the thirties which began the 80-year, political, economic and ideological, cycle that, as the government-subsidised sort of capitalism (aka "modern fascism wherein, since "guerneca" (vide Picaso) and the civil one in spain, civilians have become fair game in everybody's wars") is coming to its last days, now; to be ended, with our help, by a collapse of confidence, a global panic and an act of God.

All forms of Life, both individual and collective, are wave-like, and/or progressively-cyclical. Any cycle ends in either decadence and catastrophe (vide Reverend Malthus) or regeneration by conjoining with a bigger, slower, older one; or both events at once, with some bits going one way and the others the other. Man is the, backward-looking, eye of a universal Vortex and we are approaching the synchronicity (vide Carl Jung) that occurs, periodically, at a congruence of, a number of, its cycles, whereby the vortex is regenerated and/or renewed, endlessly. As prophesised by good-eyed prophets; the last revolution of capitalism's 350-year cycle, the end of the six-millennia era of corporate managerialism (aka "babylon") and the final quantum-leap of the billennia-long evolution of this planet of the apes, coincidentally with those of some other, including solar, planetary and galactic, cycles, are about to be announced as having been begun. Achtun! Tickets, for this test-match, are for free but attendance, and participation, in one way or another, is compulsory.

THE POINT- There is a global revolution that will end in a species bifurcation, underway; although most of the homo sapiens sapiens species, being "spiritually drunk, on yesterday's wine, and/or addicted to the old days' ways", are still unaware of this. The count down to the show down that ends in regime-change, world-wide, has been begun; and cannot now be stopped, nor even slowed, nor its direction changed, by anyone. This decade we'll see all versions of meinher hussein and/or little napoleon, and their statues, fall, and crumble into dust. The new age will rise up like a phoenix from its, and their, ashes and/or dust.

The end, of this beginning, is due within five years from today, when sunspot cycle 24, like mankind's oil supply, is due to peak. So let's get our brain-boxes in, fast-forward, gear. We'll know this day as a global test that will have either deadly or delightful consequences for each and every one of its constituents. We'll each end up among either the quick, on the winners' dias, or the dead, buried or cremated, and forgotten, depending on whether we can change our current ways, appropriately, which includes radically and rapidly, and so emerge with a better, god-like, attitude, as a fully-evolved (aka "enlightened" and/or "god-powered") being of the human kind of ape, or not.

There is, in other words, a tide of change a-rising, in the affairs, including the thoughts, of Man, that is out of any group's, including even king canute's, ability to manage or control. Are you one of we who have chosen, and/or been chosen by chance, to be the agents, and survivors, of this social, ecological, biological and ideological transformation, from immaturity to maturity; or do you belong, with fascists like john bolton (who was the zionists' veto man in the u.n.o.) and the war-lords of afghanistan (who control the workers in the poppy fields), to some other mob, and so must be now aborted, by your Mother, like a fart?

In either case, "Namaste". Even if, being unfit to survive this catastrophic change, in terms of both mankind's state of mind and the planet's state of matter, you are now about to die, we, who are getting fit for its survival, like noah and his family got ready for the flood, salute the divine that we can see in thee. In the Gamble and/or Game of Life and death, wherein the winnings are beyond all price, somebody had to draw the short straw, and/or get the raw prawn, like the plutocrats of the packer, hearst, ming, bush and murdock dynasties did, and keep the, old, world going until it reaches decadence and dies, along with their breed of story-talking ape, and can be superseded by the next and better one; of consensual diversity and/or universal love. We're just tickled pink that, because of the luck of the genetic draw and the culture of our time and place, and at no, praiseworthy, credit to ourselves, it's not us and ours.

In this research report (which is intended to be a piece of public, not private, property, is meant as information, not persuasion, and is composed in the figurative language of poetry, rather than, just in, the factual words of science) the reporter explicates the implications of a, theoretical, proposition. This is the hypothesis that, by 2012 a.d., the lucky half of humankind will have learnt to live, including love, including copulate, much longer, and much better, than any one has ever lived and loved, including fucked, on earth, before; while, because of their redundancy, the others will have been aborted, by our common Mother, Nature, along with their silicon-chip machinery, high-rise towers and electronic money, in a wave of sickness, shock and gore. Our options are now twofold; the fire, for those that are self-righteous and/or fearful, or the Light, for we sinners who are meek but not, spiritually, weak.

This means exploring, with the reader, the unproven and unprovable, but undisprovable and hence plausible, and hence believable (but not enforceable on others) proposition, that ... by means of a critical incident, that is designed to occur at an optimum size and an adequate age, one, ideological, species of the, genetic, genus Man is about to break through his conceptual barrier, with a concept-breaking bang, and pass out of this dark age into a new, enlightened, period, of peace and plenty, and serenity, here on space-ship, planet, earth.

This vision, of an apocalyptic ending to the earth's 6,000 year period of competing civilisations, is re-emerging, now, with much better clarity than at any time before, into the consciousness of the open-minded kind of humankind. Its re-cognition, by this new type of millenarian, precedes a day of doom for the self-righteous hypocrites, including those in positions of power-over-others and the suckers who, like sucker fish on sharks, depend on them, that is also the dawning of a new day of enlightened knowing, which includes understanding and copulating, for the rest. These lucky fools are we who are learning to think for ourselves, and of ourselves as a global family of cooperative anarchists and/or consensus-seeking friends, who intend to live accordingly; a bit like some communal Quakers do but not like tricky dickie nixon did.

It is true that some pretenders have "cried wolf" like this, before, but the principal point of that old-wives' tale is the fact that the beast eventually arrives to surprise those who, by going into "a state of, ostrich-like, denial", have not prepared themselves for this. In the real world, the relevant preparation means looking, open-mindedly, for the new idea that breaks down the barriers of our mental status-quo and reveals the, liberating, Truth that philo-sophers have sought, for centuries, but could not find till now.

"I am part of, in communication, person-to-person, with, Thee", may be the core of this all-important idea; the tiny "mustard seed" of the gnostic ideology.

The survivors, of this change of Ways event, will be the peace-makers, as distinct from the war-widow-baby-and-money makers. These are we who are learning what it means to become wise, in terms of good, common, sense; as distinct from merely being clever at using some specialised sort of knowledge such as that of commerce, weaponry, machinery, mathematics, politics, tantric yoga or sub-atomic physics. The worldly-clever people, including the rulers and enforcers, both secular and religious, will still be occupied, unwisely and/or naively, until the day they die, with some sort of monkey business. (n.b. the conjunction "and/or" equates with "cum" and means that either option or both can be believed). On D-for-Deliverance Day those of them who remain alive will still be squabbling, gossiping and stumbling, sightless, like a mob of drunken matelots who are looking for a marseilles madam's brothel, in the dark. The possibility that they might change and so improve their way, and world, significantly, as distinct from merely modify it, cosmetically, is beyond their, tiny-minded, comprehension. They resemble dumber brutes, such as baboons and chimpanzees, that may not wear trousers, condoms or designer underpants but, nevertheless, are equally as tribal, hierarchical and closed-minded, and incapable of evolving to the anarchistic way of being, as are they.

By extrapolating from our understanding of the nature of the past, both personal and historical, and pre-historical, we smarter apes can sense that the final battle of the, global, war of orderly Anarchy versus organised Evil (aka "good relations" versus "bad relations"), wherein the good side will combine, informally, to finally prevail, is being, now, begun. This contest will be won, not by social, financial, theological, ecological, aesthetical, genetic and/or moral engineers, who use, or tolerate the use of, holy inquisitions, punitive prisons, capital punishment, centralised plans, propaganda (aka "persuasive advertising"), bribes, deception, bombs, secrecy and/or guns, or outsource their acts of bastardry to corporate mercenaries, but by those of us who can make a revolutionary change, for the better, to our understanding of both our context and ourselves, including the relationship, extending over time and space and narrative, between the two. Good brains must beat mere brawn, eventually; and the bigger, or more dominant, the Beast ("whose number is 666") is now the harder he must fall.

Defeating the Beast, and/or escaping his labyrinth, entails changing, for the better, our language of meaningful ideas (aka the "lexicon" and/or "mind-set" of meanings that we use for understanding) and/or our sense of self-in-system or character-in-narrative, or what we mean by being "natural" and/or "divine" rather than either "normal" or "neurotic". This change of mind and manners includes learning to understand what it means to feel and say, "The springtime sap, or kundalini snake, that tells the Truth, of the tree of, everlasting, Life, is rising up, through every chakra, from the base one to the top" and/or "Om mani padme hum- The, masculine, jewel is being set firmly in the, feminine, lotus; like a cock into a cunt, a figure into a field or a man into a story that is, even, more alive than he".

As some seers said, this mental morphosis, or quantum leap in cerebral evolution, to the state of completed, human, consciousness, has always been a logical inevitability, eventually, for some of the "homo" genus; the meek-minded family of Man. As foretold by futurologists like Teilhard de Chardin, the scientific priest, this ideological species is now emerging as the spring-time phylum, growing tip, and/or "golden bough" of the, deciduous, tree, or vine, of everlasting Life, on earth. Do you sense that the most important aspect of your life, today, is the fact that you are part of this unfolding, new-age, movement, with a new-age part to, learn to, play; motivated by "the power of one's good, i.e. god-like, intention"? Or are you part of the dead wood that's got itself so firmly fixed in its ways that, like the rest of that dead branch, you're fit for nothing now but the scrap heap, fire and/or fertilizer, which would mean that this uprising, and its blossoming, is none of your business; it's not your, or your dependents', scene? If so, then tough tittie, cousin, but take it on the chin and don't blame us, or blame yourself; because your luck is bad and Lady Luck is, currently, blind.

This climactic state of being Man (aka "an illuminated son-of-Man") that we, who are stirred up by the very thought of it, envisage, is perceived by us as the intended end, or telos, that justifies the, logical, ways and means of everlasting Life, which is both cyclical and progressive (i.e. endlessly conical, spiral or vortexical) by nature. Because they are not, intentionally, related, by their agents, to this, change of Life, event, we new-way seers can see that most of today's policies, plans, programmes and procedures are of no importance, value or significance. They are a waste of energy, time and talent, and will soon be terminated, by war, disease and natural disaster, such as bushfire and drought, along with their, unrepentant, agents. They, the damned, include both the governmentalists and the terrorists; both the managers who conspire cleverly among themselves, like the clintons, pelosi and their cronies do, and the managees and/or nonentities who depend on them, as do joe blow, g.i.joe and mr and mrs whatshisname.

In the gnostic lexicon, as distinct from the islamic, christian and israeli ones, armageddon is the final battle, master-minded by war criminals, such as bush, sharon and blair (who send others' kids, especially if they're poor, to kill and cripple and/or be killed or crippled in their wars) and enacted by their agents, both in and out of uniform, between the old world's evil empires; the final ones of which are corporate capitalism and islamic jihadism. Partly by causing collateral damage, ecological disaster and pay-back retaliation, those self-opinionated sods will annihilate each other and, help, cause the sixth mass extinction of the earth's, redundant, species; which now include the unmeek, two-legged, one that's theirs.

The apocalypse, on the other hand, is, in our lexicon, the enlightenment by, and/or revelation of, the Truth, that will enable the rest of us to combine, informally and consensually, in solidarity, as one leaderless lodge of peers, so as to, cooperatively, end our education and save ourselves from what will be the, bloody, end of them. This optimistic faith is based on our understanding of the logic of the cosmos, including human history, human nature, including our own, and human evolution, that's been designated as "the Logos", rather than any particular book, guru, scientific proof or angelic visitation.

As long as they are not ruthless and/or aggressive, as are the members of al qaeda, the i.d.f. and the other family groups that fight turf wars, we high-brow apes respect the right of others to use different definitions for their options-of-choice and come to different conclusions, and still be our friends; because, like our, parental, god, we are motivated, teleologically, by the goal of consensual diversity. They, on the other hand, are moved by feelings of pride, possessiveness and/or fear. Unlike them, we meek-and-gentle men feel neither pride nor fear, nor guilt, but we do object to all types of violence, i.e. the violation, instead of the defence, of the principle of personal autonomy, over their own body and its actions, for all self-conscious, adult, persons, and maternal authority, for any who are mothers, or potential mothers, over any, unripened, fruit that's in or from their wombs. Objectionable violence includes the censorship of any honest expressing of opinion; such as what the mad australian mullah, sheikh al hilaly, had to say about bare flesh attracting rape when, for being "un-australian", he got the other, different-minded, "do-gooders" of the nation, and not only the left-wing feminists and sociologists, stirred up like a school of grey-nurse sharks at feeding-frenzy time.

Social engineers, i.e. those who use figurative carrots and sticks, such as bribes, rewards, fines, promises and penalties (as distinct from logical argument and, genuine, education), for persuading others to "be good", are, by definition, self-righteous as distinct from meek; whether their ideology is secular or religious and whether they are elected, appointed or self-appointed to their bossy-booted role. They all practise some sort of social darwinism without understanding what the idea "evolution", really, means. Afrikaner apartheid, the roman catholic cult, the cambodian kymer-rouge regime and the chinese cultural-revolution have been four, extreme, examples of the ancient craft that those tall poppies, and/or stinkweeds, ply. Man-apes of their sort, whose family groups are legion, have masterminded civilised (aka "citified" and/or "urbanised") societies, since they began about 6,000 years ago in the melt-water valleys of the ancient world; but their day is done and they are destined now to fall.
As some sixties singer said, times are a-changing; with ever-increasing rapidity. Unlike those bossy brutes, we new-age anarchists have no desire to maintain, and/or merely modify, and profit from, the present state of being Man; which is, in our opinion, a "virtual reality" (vide the matrix movies) that's characterised by exponential change, sexual rape, legalised violence, institutionalised hypocrisy, deliberate dishonesty, unfriendly competition, occupational addictions, sexual neuroses, mean-minded inhibitions of generosity, attempts to control territory and (mis)managed attempts at enforcing uniformity. Yuk!

Because it is increasingly characterised by the adversarial, and/or competitive, approach to politics, commerce, religion, sex, sport and justice, and institutionalised secrecy (which inevitably breeds corruption), capitalism is just as evil as is jihadism; although the evil of their corporate-body governance may take on cosmetically-different forms, numbers and names.

Insight One- Our Context (aka "Our World") is Alive; a Living Entity.G'day. We human apes can think of our context in countless ways; either stupidly, as is done normally, in terms of dead stuff, like rocks and gas, corporate bodies, such as commercial companies and nation states, and parochial events, such as a paid occupation or a family feud, or sensibly, which is paranormally, as a living, superhuman, person with a character, life-cycle and multiple personalities. One's character is one's role, including its norm(s). A personality is the unique set of qualities whereby anybody enacts their role(s). The Supreme Being is a story that, by means of representative members, can enact a role inside herself. The truth is that, as organs of a hyper-organism, we human beings belong to one Supreme Being; characterised by the unity of symbiotic diversity. Because She is limitless, with no external membrane, we can only know this Context in the form of a limited version who, like us, is not and has. Our solar system is one entity that fills this bill. Our job, if we are new-age seers, with unique personalities, is to become the characters that characterise the qualities of her maturity.

The best way of understanding this context of which we are a part, on which we all depend for everything and with which we all are interacting all the time, even if unconsciously, may be as a cyclically living and currently evolving form of, superhuman, Life (aka "a god, with whom a lot of us can learn to interact as if She is a, convivial, person like we are meant to be"). Her crucial talent is the ability to reflect, chameleon-like, the nature, including the personality, of the relevant constituent-observer(s) so that, in a sense, we create, in our heads, what we get, by our bodies.

"By our belief systems we create our, metaphysical, world", as prince siddhartha may have said; which is why normals live a lot of their time, distressed, in depressing contexts that they've helped create, as karma, such as unhappy marriages, disfunctional families, unpleasant jobs, urban slums or imprisonment cells. Unlike most gambling games of chance and choice, and despite what the whingers say, human Life is impeccably fair and square, although the Dealer does use a deck that's stacked, or a dice that's loaded, so cleverly that She can't lose; except temporarily, in the pre-final games. Whatever else the Bitch may be, She is no man's fool.

Mankind is a constituent part of a contextual, fail-safe, whole which we can know, either perfectly or imperfectly, as the logical story, meaningful presence and/or dramatic narrative telling of our ecological, inner-outer, environment and/or, in religious terms, the Word of God. "In the beginning was Sophia, the Logos or the Word, and the Word was both God and with God"; which is impossible for dualistic, i.e. non-holistic, thinkers to fully comprehend. We each know this god as the meaningful experience, entailing both physical and metaphysical parts, to which/whom we are conscious of attending at the time. Subjective consciousness is more important than is objective, scientific, fact; for knowing, and being known by, this living Context, well. She offers everybody daily opportunities for good, symbiotic, interaction which, being occupied with other, monkey, business, we tend to be too busy to explore.

We brainy beasts use our brains to rationalise our sensual and emotional feelings, of this ubiquitous interaction, in an attempt to make logical, and hence believable, sense of it. The sensible response to any experience is to enact an act of familial recognition, affection, appreciation and/or compassion. If we can't do this then the sane thing to do is to change, in some way, what we're experiencing, physically, sensually and/or emotionally, until the penny drops, the alarm-bell rings, the light comes on and we find out that we have hit the jackpot spot and can; and the Grimm Brothers' "star money" falls, abundantly. We then find that we are responsible for personal acts of good-free will for which She provides the energy, materials and opportunities. We and She become an example of the perfect pair; a bit like the legless dwarf and the sightless giant in the old wives' fairy-tale.

"The single God, of many gods, is wise, Wisdom is her Word and the power of her Wisdom will, eventually, prevail". When truthfully understood, Wisdom reveals Reality, Heaven, Truth, Love and/or God, each of which is an aspect of, and so related to, each other, in their archetypal, truth-full and/or classical sense. This revelation is beyond all price and so is highly prized by any fool who has become wise and so is symbolised by the joker and/or jester in the ancient tarot pack.

We all translate, or paraphrase, what we see, feel and hear into our own lexicon of meanings and so misunderstand the intended meaning of any communications from communicators who don't think in the way we think, or recall that we once thought. Because of the immaturity of our reasoning, during the short time that we've been on earth using it, mankind has mistaken the, organic, nature of the, part-whole, relationship whereby we are linked with-in (i.e. inside and with) a consubstantial System that has both physical and metaphysical dimensions. As a logical consequence, we have suffered the deadly effects caused by our own stupidity, which equates with the pathetic quality of the logic (in terms of cause, effect, intended end and means) that we've used when rationalising, and so (mis)understanding, what we experience; sensually, including sexually, and emotionally.

It's time we made a, major, change and grew up mentally, by reasoning holistically, which means non-hypocritically, so as to live, including love, accordingly, which is agapely, which includes sexually, as head organs of a higher organism. The old days and ways are done; and it's time that those of us who can woke up to what we are designed, and destined, to become. This means learning what it means to be, intimately, in love as distinct from being more or less unfriendly, troubled, addicted, neurotic, fearful, exclusive and/or lonely, and hypocritical, as we, all, have been and are; especially those who think they're not. For this enlightened state of consciousness we need to exercise, develop and expand our minds by going beyond the normal definition(s) of the ideas we use for our abstractions such as "love", "self", "god", "apocalypse", "anarchy" and "enlightenment".

The solution to the human problem is logical; not supernatural or impossible.
As the oracle at Delphi said; the secret to solving the human mystery is to learn to "know thyself". Apart from those egoists whose heads are up their own backsides, admiring the view, the rest of us believe that we belong to and/or serve some higher self, or super ego, with which/whom we associate ourselves, such as a tradition, nation, family, fuehrer, ancestor or lord-god. For most of us that "worshipful one" is a version of the evil one, referred to, by some iconoclastic others, as "satan", "nobodaddy", "beelzebub" and/or "rex mundi". For those of us who can, it's time we changed our minds concerning what we are and can become and, by doing so, began to serve, intentionally, the needs of a better, type of, god than those.

The good news, albeit rarely reported by the mainstream media (the proprietors of which fear the loss of consumer/client/constituent confidence in the established ways and means as much as do the other members of the haute bourgeoisie) is that, as an ideological species of genetic man, a critical number of us are now ready, willing and able to make this change in consciousness that, as our god's apocalypse and/or our mass enlightenment, ends our collective psychosis and begins our happy-family day(s) of universal love and sanity. Like any other confidence trick theirs depends on the confidence of the suckers who have fallen for the swindle and will collapse, soon, when that confidence is lost; by a critical number of those who have been conned; who will then drop out from the established, managerial, culture into a new, counter-culture, one. The delightful irony is that the con merchants have been genetically programmed, and so are being conned, by God, to do her dirty, devils', work for her.
Exponential growth, which has characterised mankind's civilisation's rate of change, during his evolutionary period, can only end in either a total collapse or a change of state, or, by bifurcation, into both of these events at once. Despite their club of rome's report, in the sixties, on the limits to, exponential, growth (wherein the reporters got the dates and other numbers wrong although they did get the basic theory right) the illuminati, con merchants and/or haute bourgeoisie took their world off the gold standard in 1971. That was part of their great conspiracy whereby, since before "the protocols of sion", they have been marketing the, nonsensical, idea of "limitless economic-growth, and/or sustainable economic-development, for the betterment of Man; who can be ruled by guardians by means of endlessly-increasing debt, neurotic fear and war". Some sort of martial law is their preferred way to rule their world. Salvation from that insanity entails not only slowing ourselves down to the serenity of voluntary simplicity (vide Henry Thoreau) by living in harmony with, instead of trying to dominate, Nature, abusively, as is done in places like london city and the pilbara.

This solution entails also the perception and/or revelation of "the Truth about the difference between good and evil that sets us free from sin, disease, fear and/or stupidity; and enables us to live in love, like good-willed gods in paradise" (vide the myth of Genesis which, like the others, including those of the protocols, noah, dick whittington and gilgamesh, is not the literal truth but rather is a mix of fact, part truth and fantasy to be deciphered by the wise).

This, salvation of a species, does not require, as some superstitious people think it does, the offering of a sacrifice, such as a virgin, billy goat or first-born son, or some other ritual, such as a baptism, a circumcision, a marriage, a tithe (whereby treasurers, in their power towers, get, and stay, rich and influential), a meatless friday or the fasting time of lent or ramadan. Rather, it requires imagining what it means to be a brainy-sexy part of a supersubstantial entity that tells the story of the perfect-love affair, entailing a love that's lost and then, with great difficulty, including that caused by father figures, bossy mothers and "big brothers", regained in order for the lovers to live, including love, including copulate, enjoyably; which makes all the hard labour that preceded it, in the evolutionary period of the cycle, worthwhile; like a mother's pregnancy and/or birthing pains. The previous, big, quantum-leap in mankind's evolution occurred many moons ago when our forebears tried full-frontal fornication and found that this, new, approach to making love was better than the old. The next will be the biggest and the best; real "top banana" stuff.

As insightful men like Jesus and their women almost, learnt to do, this best loving is of the agape type, which means as a god-head of a multi-headed god; "as a version of immanuel, i.e. the divine in human form" or "as an eye of the head of the single Serpent's bisexual tail that protrudes up inside her frontal orifice for exploring and enjoying the context; and which any upright ape knows as the spine that goes from the tail-bone up to the neo-cortex of his/her two-sphered, front-facing, brain". This special structure is designed to enable a vertical, inside-outside, relationship to be translated into a horizontal, face-to-face, one whereby the context and constituent can resonate, enjoyably and/or orgasmically, full-frontally.

Like they were and you are, I am a self-knowing organelle of the hyper-organic All; knowing her objectively as an other, albeit related, being and subjectively as a meaningful, albeit mysterious, experience, in a way that She finds either attractive and enjoyable or distasteful and ignorable. When enough of us learn to make this identification of a lower self and a higher self, in symbiotic partnership, correctly, and so attract our higher self's attention, affectionately, using the consensual "we" (or "I and I" as the reggae rastas do) as the "royal plural" subject of all we think, say and do, we'll be enlightened by the Wisdom that enables us to know, and tell, enjoyably, the Truth. This means learning to think as a specific individual, or as the species of which one is a representative, or as the serpentine All whom the species serves as a coordinating-knowing member, or as all of these at once; without becoming hopelessly confused or certifiably schizophrenic; as did lovable cuckoos such as don quixote and joan of arc. Every deed we do needs, now, to be intended as part of our Context's liberation from her, cyclical, state of ignorance. The power of positive thinking is powerful, as hoons like hitler showed, but has to become the power of good, god-like, intention if it is to be the best; and none of us has learnt to do this yet; not even those who claim, self-righteously, to be enlightened or reborn and/or to know "the secret". The crucial meaning is of "good intent"; which requires learning what/how She'd like to be, and, intentionally, helping her to be this. Our job is a big one; to enlighten a god who, like us currently, is blind.

When we do, She'll awaken, a bit like snow white and/or the sleeping beauty were awakened by the prince, to her climactic state of consciousness when She will manifest herself to our awareness, convivially, including playfully, with arms and legs and private parts agape, figuratively speaking, as a sustainable epiphany and/or "Lila, the divine Feminine, at play". Unfortunately, for the luckless ones, who find this idea unimaginable and hence unbelievable, She'll be a terrible calamity; Mother Kali, the wicked Witch and/or the baby-eating Hag.

A man and his god share, interconnected spheres of, the man's brain. Only as we become conscious, correctly, of the design that we are sharing with our Context can She become conscious of herself as One and conscious of us as many unique constituents, and interact accordingly which is intimately, interpersonally; by means of each and every spine-tingling and hair-raising, and erogenous-erecting, incident that we experience.

Persons are self-knowing beings who can, learn to, interact intentionally, autonomously; unlike sub-human beings that, being automated, like dinosaurs and daleks, can't.

Wisdom is the poetical, audio-visual, language composed of signs and symbols (all of which require interpretation, or decoding, for their understanding) for inaudible and invisible qualities that, as adverbs and adjectives, can qualify other abstractions such as "a god", "family values" and "surrendering to service", and/or actual family members such as nero and caligula. The main qualities are "good" and "evil", or their near-synonyms such as "better" or "worse". "Evil person" is a synonym for "immature person". By developing and using this, good, set of ideas we can communicate, well, with the, contextual, All of ours (aka "Heaven", "Life", "Consciousness", "Brahma", "the Serpent" and/or "our, grand-parental, God"). Otherwise we can't and, for us, it's as if She does not exist, and we don't exist for She.

There is a problem, that can also be a protection, with metaphors, i.e. figures of speech, such as parables, myths, riddles, fairy tales, personifications and fables, in that each, potentially, has many different interpretations, meanings and/or moral teachings. This is why poetical propositions, like this thesis and God presenting herself as the Universe, are so easily misunderstood by those who don't think like the artist does; which can make the language of poetry, and the other allegorical arts, esoteric as distinct from exoteric for those who are uninitiated in the art of understanding and composing it. In Wisdom narratives, "good" equates with "best", "evil" refers to anything less, "a spirit" is an autobiography (only one type of which, with a surprising ending of happiness and justice, is the best) and "a sin" is a mistake. Imaginative pretence, or mental creativity, (which Billy Blake defined as "evidence of the Divine") interspersed by critical reflection, is the, experiential, type of research, or "thought experiment", used in the learning, by trial, error and critical analysis, of this sacred sort of Science (aka "the Craft") which enables those who master it to be infallible in deciding what is good for them to do and powerful enough, with their god's help, to get it done.

If the reason's good, in terms of our ubiquitous, autobiographical, Mother, then her will-power, which her faithful (i.e law-abiding), as distinct from her illegitimate, descendants, as heirs, inherit from her, and feel in our bones as it travels up our spine and out through our third, mind's, eye and from the other chakra points, ensures that we have the time and the energy that's needed to ensure the relevant deed's success. Otherwise, without being empowered by, this, god-power, we're on our own, lost at sea, without a moral compass or a guiding star and/or with brains are still "out to lunch".

Whereas egoists, including philanthropists, like mother teresa and saint nick, and the bureaucrats who run the welfare states, mainly on the moneyed-ones' behalf, often preach that it's better to be able to give than to need to receive, we altruists can understand that, for the universal-love-affair, neediness is equally as essential and hence as valuable as is generosity. We all are, equally, in some sort of need; not only those who are financially poor or biologically ill. If we don't ask for the help we need then we are making a decision for another; which is not good for anyone. In the true-love-affair, requesting is equally as precious as is offering, and we're meant to do a lot, more than we do now, of both. These are the two, essential, sides of the heavenly domain's one, priceless, coin; the wealth that speculative alchemists sought to find, as "the philosophers' stone" and/or "aladdin's lamp" and which money, gold, diamonds, i.o.u's or share scripts cannot buy. On the other hand our rivals value, relative, scarcity rather than, as we do, equally, both neediness and generosity.

In the forthcoming situation (aka "the status-quo post") sexual activity must be motivated, not by chemicals, perfumes and/or hormones, as in springtime paris, soap operas and romantic novels, pretty faces, as in homer's iliad, or money, as in brothels, nor by the desire for male offspring, as in patriarchal clans, but rather by a good idea; recognition of another's spiritual affinity, which many others also share, egalitarianly and affectionately, in a state of mutual generosity and/or voluntary reciprocity. This we'll do as a headless peerage, of ladies and their jolly-gentle men, which means as head-parts of a multi-headed god; who can bliss out on her head-parts' interactions of erotic sexuality, which can generate the tip-top type of excitement, happiness and/or spine-tingling fun for everyone who becomes intentionally involved; whether watching or performing, or doing both, of whatever's being done.

The human species has a vital part to play on the living earth, and, as G.B. Shaw has said, a critical function to perform for our version of the ever-living Universe, which began with her most recent "big bang" about 16 billion years ago, but this, imago, way-of-life has not been mastered yet by any family of Man. None of us has developed his/her mind-set of believable ideas from a state of, fuzzy, fragmentation into one of, healthy, integration; which is done by exercising one's mind, logically, experimentally and creatively until we make it whole and healed instead of cracked like Jill's Jack's was when he fell down the hill. The underdeveloped nature of the human mind, today, is, partly, because we have been too egotistical, habitual, fearful, anti-intellectual and/or hypocritical to exercise it by seeking the best and/or wisest meaning that's imaginable for abstract ideas like "good", "god", "love", "lunacy", "democracy", "economy" and "divinity"; which is, partly, because the galactic time for doing this has not, till now, been auspicious and/or right, and so our species has got by, temporarily, with much less than best.

Seers like Lao Tzu and Jesus have been random mutants, born out of season, and/or before the time of which they spoke, who, following their flash of insight and before "giving up the ghost", could only offer signs of the way we, as a species, are, eventually, to be. It's possible for seers to point the Way without having travelled all the way.

It's a species, of more than some critical number, rather than just a specimen, that's to graduate, en masse, to end up in the paranormal state of Heaven (aka "enlightenment, wisdom and/or true, agape, love"). A lone enlightened person is a bad idea; partly because such loneliness, among unenlightened people who would want him to be their king, lord, master or adviser, would soon become unbearable. Equally nonsensical is the notion that some people are more, or less, valuable, or important, today, than are some others; which only bullshit artists such as football fans, pop-star groupies, spiritual devotees and parliamentary electors, and those that they elect or idolise, can possibly believe.

Because we all are idiots, who believe in nonsensical assumptions, none of us, yet, knows how to live our days, not in cat-house ways but, in the way of agape, universal and/or altruistic love, as a specimen of a, world-wide, species of beloved-lover, expressing meaningful emotions by means of actions that are motivated by a, sixth and sacred, sense of equal-status fellowship with and/or affection for both one another and the rest of our ecology and/or world; whose role is the superhuman one of "super-ego", "conscience", "god", "paradise", "heaven", "great spirit", "sacred serpent" and/or "mankind's higher-self". Moreover, only some of us are conscious of the fact that this inhibition of the feeling and expressing of affection is our main, personal and communal, problem, and so are doing our best to solve it in our heads in order to resolve its implications in our interactions; on the ground and on the couch. The rest are "out to lunch and so must miss the bus".

As a logical imperative, universal love, or panamory, is only possible among universal lovers; the others are excluded, and/or exclude themselves, from membership of, because their inclusion would be unhealthy for, the sacred, nature of the, Circle. Among members of this family, we keep no secrets from one another (unless we're playing a practical joke like puck, as oberon's agent, did on bottom and titania), mutual affection is our preferred relationship and, with the proviso that violence is tabu, i.e. "gods' business, we reserve the right, for our self-protection, to treat others, in the, generic, way that they treat us. We can be found, emerging now, in virtually all the present families of Man, so that, in today's, sick, societies, our, holy, family, consisting of adults of all ages and all special needs and talents, albeit with the same streak of generosity, is transcending all of theirs. Theirs is a wicked world wherein most interactions are loveless, and most eyes, instead of twinkling and occasionally winking, are downcast, hostile, fearful, tearful or blank, most of the time; and not only inside impersonal bureaucracies, in whore houses, at check-out counters and on busy-city streets where, apart from working girls and their love-starved clientele, eye-contact is taboo. Most normals need the, artificial, stimulation of a pill, alcohol, shopping spree, fast car, lotto win or circus spectacle, if they are to lighten up, for a little while, at all.
Knowing this insight into the two-part nature of the human problem does not, on its own, make anybody any better than, but only different from, members of the other, normal-minded, mobs who don't; but who are occupied, obsessively, with some of its symptoms, such as an economic problem, a disease problem, an ecological problem or a national-security problem, instead. We, like them, are still attracting trouble(s) because of the false good-or-bad dichotomies we use when we conceptualise, and choose between, our options; in dualistic terms like "merit" or "demerit", "best" or "less than best" and/or "we" or "they".

We all inhabit a world that is interconnected in such a way that we can't escape being adversely effected, empathetically, by the troubles of our friends and, subconsciously, by those of the others who are not; even though many buddhists, and some other cultists who meditate mindlessly on nothingness, say that this is what they sit on their bums, and mountain tops, and do. The others' joys effect us, for the better, in a similar sort of way.

"The next world is the true life", as somebody, somewhere, said; and, for the carbon-based genus Man, this next world can only be in the iron-cored earth's surface-sphere. However we need to know, much, better, intellectually, emotionally and sensually, including sexually, before this New World can be revealed, and/or will reveal herself; and the evolutionary time that's left for learning to do this is, now, perilously short. To judge by the exponentionally increasing, and/or constantly accelerating, rate of change, we've got no more than five, earth, years to go; two years to get prepared and three more to wage, and win, the war. "The bird of, linear, time has but a little way to fly and is already on the wing" as Omar Khyyam, the persian sufi, said to his beloveds as he wined and dined and partied with them on the grass.

Sufism, as you know if you're a gnosis-seeker, is a mystery religion that preceded puritanical religions, like those of the islamists, calvinists, brahmans and israelites, by many centuries. Next comes the sense and the sensation of spatial time whereby perpetual motion is logical and/or natural within a special, sacred, space, wherein "evolutionary, i.e. aging, time stands still and is replaced by climactic time"; in Heaven, the lap and/or the yoni of the God.

It's not new laws, technologies or drugs that need to be discovered or invented, by narrow-minded specialists, nor a return to the bad old ways of yesterday, but, rather, a different, better, attitude to relationships and interactions that needs to be imagined, developed and/or educed, and enacted, now, by a lot of us. We need to concentrate on improving our mental technique rather than our material, chemical, nuclear and/or electro-magnetic technologies. This means completing our self-education, as distinct from our socialisation, and/or "actualising ourselves" as peers of the heavenly realm; that some seers have called "the domain of heaven", others name "nirvana" and some call "the big rock-candy mountain".

Education is the process whereby we "educe" our innate capacity to share the earth, anarchistically, as tenants in common. We'll do this "finding the holy grail", "seeing through the needle's eye" and/or "getting the keys to unlock Heaven's gate and/or the virgin Mother's chastity belt" as specimens of one spiritual species that's a living entity, enacting the universal-lover role, as brainy-sexy cells of an organ of the body of an introverted god; whom we extroverted humans are meant to learn to understand well enough to "reign over", convivially, as figure-heads, by acts of good-free will; made possible by a "marriage of the minds". The feminine world is one of fields. The masculine one is one of figures. The trump trick is to harmonise, or integrate, the two as one; and in this way win the learning Game and gain selection for the better one.

A god is much more than a man. Introverted, female, gods, which can be inside other introverted gods, ad infinitum, can change shape and size, like beating hearts, but not location. Extroverted gods are male and move from one location to another within the space that's occupied, and/or created, by an introverted one; each of which has her own internal space and time, and vibration, which is not the same as, but is smaller and faster than, her external space and time, and vibration.

Wrap your imagination around this proposition, if you can, my dear; before you carry on.
We self-conscious creatures are each responsible for imagining, deciphering and enacting the best life-story that we can; and for enjoying or enduring the consequences, which have so far been less than best. The best life-story is the autobiography that's being told by the single Mother-One of all; and is composed of, and manifests, the qualities, including humour, adventure, mystery, justice, sexuality, discovery and creativity, and a happy ending, that we'd expect to characterise the best. The best role, for Man, is the one telling of "the royal scion that seeks and finds the secret key that unlocks the pearly gate, or opens the holy hymen, between the, juvenile, world of evil relationships and the, adult, world of universal Love". By doing so, a bit like the legendary saint, George, did when he slew the dragon that was safe-guarding her virginity, this enables "the liberation of the sacred Maiden" (which, in the teaching myth, enabled her to copulate with, without getting pregnant by, the cunning codger who had learnt, from her, how he could set her free). In oriental terms, we liberate the Genie from the jar.
The type of being that we, honestly, believe we are, personally, and/or the species we believe is ours, is what seals our fate. If we still believe in, and feel the need for, psychics with crystals, cards and horoscopes, priests with infallible bibles, bureaucrats with red tape, psychologists with i.q. tests, or guidance gurus, life coaches or mentors with paternalistic teaching skills, then we've got a, serious, problem; that none of them can solve, either for themselves or us. What, if anything important, are you trying to do that's not been done, successfully, by anyone, before? Or are you trying nothing new, as distinct from just trying to get/do/go more, more often, bigger, flashier, faster and/or further than you, or others, have before?

Because we live our lives as roles in stories, contests and/or narratives, it is natural and necessary for mankind to classify specific ideas and events, including roles, ambitions and persons, in terms of different types (eg. as specimens of different species, sorts, suites, ways, classes, kinds, families, packs, states, statuses, levels, ranks and/or styles) including "we" who are unlike "they" in some, important, way. This gives a mental framework, or intellectual structure, to the pure, and otherwise blank, meaning of our minds. We do this typing, of possible options, which may entail allocating degrees, or ranks, of difference, according to the good-bad qualities that we perceive, metaphysically, and/or their quantifiable attributes that we can measure, physically. So far this structure has been crooked, crook and/or cracked for all of us; as have been the "houses", like the e.u., islam and the u.s.a., that we've built by using it.

It is natural for "like to congregate with like", i.e. with others of the same, generic, type, but human beings, still, don't do this very well. Our scientific schema may be o.k., especially for building bombs, condominiums and motor cars, but our aesthetical, moral, logical, metaphysical, theological, philosophical and/or ethical typologies, which are more important, for finding inner-peace and outer-peace, are not. Instead, as a general rule, we mistype (vide Greg Bateson) by using sloppy-minded stereotypes; such as confusing "zionists" with "jews" (as mel gibson did when he was out on the town and on the turps), "leadership by example" with "management by direction" (as machiavellian managers, and lecturers in management, leadership, government and/or administration, commonly do) and "democracy" with "the tyranny of a majority or the influential" (as tyrants tend to do, today, in marketing the virtue of their, corrupt, version of "democracy"); but especially for differentiating "people like them" from "people like we are". Some of this confusion is orchestrated by the worldly-wise illuminati, as typified, in the european renaissance, by the florentine medici-mob, and today by the war profiteers who control du pont and standard oil, but most if it is just slack-mindedness in action.

Good language, true understanding, true love and good health all go together. You can't have one without the others, and so far we've had none. The poor, logical, quality of the imperfect set of ideas that we use for understanding is the problem to be addressed by we who want a better world, rather than just some of its financial, political, social, medical, theological, ecological, criminal and technological symptoms.

A good language defines, clearly, the subtle difference between significant, abstract, ideas, such as leadership and management, aggression and defence, meekness and righteousness, education and socialisation, government and personal development, democracy and tyranny, justice and corruption, war and peace and, especially, good and evil. A bad language is what we have today and had yesterday. It is the special role of wordsmiths to solve this puzzlement. This does not make word-masters any better than is anybody else, who has some other, equally important, role to master for the common good, but it means it's, finally, time we did the special job we're here, on earth, to do; and did it freely, for the common good.

For example, the english word "democracy" may have originated in the misogynistic slave-states of ancient greece but the practice began earlier, albeit imperfectly, among the aboriginal tribes, such as the celts, in our village and/or tribal moots. To confuse the rule by parliamentary representatives of an illiberal majority, who claim the right to use compulsion and/or prohibition, which is what we endure throughout "the western world" today, with the true democracy of unique equals that will characterise the New, aquarian, Age of peace on earth, is the work of spin doctors, language engineers and/or the devils' men. Those propagandists include the historians, journalists, novelists, talk-show hosts, like jim leher, pedagogues and politicians who can't think outside the confines of the normal box, i.e. the established hegemony (vide Antonio Gramsci). They are paid, indirectly, by the plutocrats who, as "grey imminences" and/or puppeteers, control the funds needed for investment, paid employment and any country's "economic growth", and so pull the strings and really run the show.

Anti-intellectuals, including many mystics, including many zen buddhists, find this insight impossible to comprehend, but the lexicon of meanings that we use for our abstract ideas determines what we perceive and/or ignore and how we then behave, which can be either stupidly or sensibly, and what we get, logically, as a cause-effect and/or stimulus-response, result. It's time, according the cosmic calendar (for which the mayans used a 9-level by 7-day by 360-degree model for interpretation and prediction) and human history, to come to our senses, if we can, and stop harming others, as we all still do these days by, some of, our acts of commission and/or omission, and, ourselves, by the bad thoughts, especially those of pride, disappointment, guiltiness and fear, that cause distress and motivate misdeeds. The good deeds we could do but don't are just as evil as are the bad deeds that we do. We need to change our mental structure, radically, for the better, before we can do anything worthwhile for others, or ourselves. "Cure yourselves before casting blame on, or stones at, because you think that your ways are superior to those of, anybody else, such as adulteresses and tax collectors, you self-righteous hypocrites. Until then, forgive them for what they do even if you must protect yourselves from being emotionally hurt or materially harmed by them".

We can't teach this wisdom by rational argument as distinct from learn it by self-education and teach it by example. We'll only change our world view for the better, which we all need to do, and none more so than those who think they don't, when we feel an inner-motivation and perceive an external crisis. Until then we'll stay stuck in some dead-ended rut, pointing the finger of fault at others instead of, also and equally, at ourselves.

To cause harm, to another or oneself, either intentionally or accidentally, as either a dobber or a punisher, or an ignorer, signifies a lack of true, agape, love which indicates a lack of, truthful, understanding, on the part of all who are involved, whether they're classified, by one-eyed observers, as victims or as villains. Because of the, poor-quality, logic that we use, for allocating, and differentiating, value, virtue, importance and/or merit, such as allocating "different spanks for different ranks", a better way of knowing, including interacting, in today's immature society, is still a logical impossibility for everyone. As a genetic race we are, still, suffering from, and causing for others, some degree of love starvation (aka "ruthlessness"), in both qualitative and quantitative terms, which, for both an individual and his/her species, is, if unremedied, a terminal disease.

In the heavenly realm of consciousness, wealth is the joy that's generated by any, free, expression of the altruistic attitude of affectionate kinship, or the boomerang-type of happiness that comes from helping another, and/or the Other, to be happy; as distinct from the token gifts that may be given-received at the time. This emotional feeling can be felt, healthily, by healthy people, as a good sensation (aka "a buzz" or "a high"). However, in our spiritual immaturity, we all, still, lack the healthy type of happiness that comes, to givers and receivers, from a lifestyle that is, as distinct from token acts that are, motivated by a sense of deep affection, love and/or friendliness for and from a lot of others who, because they share our, generic, sense of self and hence our, general, attitude to others, who can act as either friends (who give us a good buzz), indifferents or foes (who don't), are of our, spiritual, kind of corporeal being; despite their, many, other differences, such as those of colour, shape, size, age, diet, sexual preference and genetic gender. Only an unprecedented catastrophe, with interconnected social, technological, ideological, biological and ecological changes, can stir up the minds of any of us to the state of emotional distress that makes us poop our pants and change them, i.e. our minds, in the way that will enable this lesson to be learnt, and then enacted, by a critical mass of Man. This, revolutionary, event will require, for its survival, human adaptation of a hundred times the magnitude, rapidity and trauma of those caused by our earlier revolutions such as the agricultural one (when they privatised the commons, which made plantation farming, deforestation, monoculture, corporate agribusiness and g.m. crops possible and profitable), the industrial one (when they accelerated their, deadly, greenhouse emissions, urbanisations and water pollutions) and the information-technology one (when, for maximising the economies of large scale, specialisation of labour and comparative advantage of land, they are globalising their national economies into a cosmopolitan one); combined.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" and this inevitable event will cause a critical number of us to reconceptualise, or re-invent, our mind-set of beliefs, including our sense of self, in order to adapt to the new world that the event reveals; in order to survive in it. When the time for this unprecedented change eventuates, the elite elect who, as "natural aristocrats", initiate "the hundredth monkey syndrome", and/or "the butterfly effect of chaos theory", will form a leadership, cutting-edge and/or messianic team for the, anarchistic, New World Order to begin. The success of the chain reaction we'll spearhead, as a leaderless phalanx of light-hearted peers, can only follow a contestation with those who, as its conservative-minded agents, in elitist agencies such as opus dei, the bilderberg group and the carlyle group, represent the antithetical, meritocratic, idea that, with its ranks of alleged merit and demerit, is now being legalised, as "the world community" and/or "the new world order", by the agents of evil, the illuminati, the international capitalists and/or the dominant families of Man. They, who'll fall like dominos when we, and the Mother, bowl the curved ball that skittles them, include the saudis who own arabia, and buy warplanes from the poms, the rockefellers and silversteins who own most of wall street in new york and the emirates who now own al jazeera, boy camel-jockeys and the ockers' melbourne cup. Their world is structured by them, unintentionally for the Architect, in such a way that most of the scum rises, normally, to the top; for ease of its eventual separation, along with the equally mean-minded, but more brainless, dregs that have sunk down to the bottom, from the cream that's congregated in between.

The bad idea, or evil spirit, which they and other mongrels, such as the factory farmers and factory-ship owners, all personify, and which includes the notion of limited liability, as a privilege for some, has been useful in the past but has now passed its use-by date and, like stale milk, is to be taken off the shop-floor shelf. Now that we've reached "the omega point" of human evolution, the idea that families like those represent stinks to high heaven; as can be sensed by any, diogenese-type, cynic who has developed the, aesthetical, nose needed for smelling garbage of that, evil-idead, sort.

Those "high achievers", including "the self-made men", who've been rewarded for their, hard-earned, excellence by other like-minded men, won't believe that this is so, but so it is. A catastrophic Change of mind and manners, which ends all special privilege, is now beginning to be underway. If we want to survive this change, pass the test and be spiritually reborn, unlike them, then we need a better understanding of, the logic of, relationships; especially ours with-and-in our Context. Like plants that seek the sun's warm light, we seek the, universal, Light; that is symbolised by the eternal flame that was kept burning by the parsees in ancient persia and the greeks of the olympic games. The current world is meant for learning, including training. The next is meant for living, including loving, including playing.

By striving for this understanding, and so learning how to play in love with one another, and with our, one, high Ideal, an innovative group of us, as rank outsiders, is diverting from the mainstream and becoming the emergent species of generic man that, by becoming one consensual unity, with one collective psyche, instead of remaining as part of a fragmented collectivity, with no consciousness of a common higher-self, will be fit to survive the final holocaust, bifurcation, genocide and/or fitness-for-survival test; which, as our Mum's abortion of her bastards, the self-righteous actions of those in the ruling families are about to, help, bring about. Those rulers include the 587 billionaires who own more, material, wealth than 50% of the rest of the race, in a wicked world wherein 2% of the families command half of its wealth and the bottom half possesses only 1%. This is a worse state of affairs than they had in the ancient regimes of pre-revolutionary france, russia and china and, when the penny drops, will have a similar result.

The final battle of this contest, between the haves and the have-nots, which is commonly confused with, and needs to be differentiated from, other contests, such as the one between the capitalists and the jihadists, is commencing in the middle east; where "the great game of east versus west", in which kipling, kim and gunga din all played a, minor, part, has been underway for centuries; since before the days of the equally-evil empires of the persians and the greeks. Survival, in this classical sense, entails learning to think and live as humankind is meant to think and live; which is as a family of good relatives, like good-willed gods, in love in-and-with the perfect Paradise, rather than in the, arbitrary, way(s) in which the rulers, the would-be rulers, and the dregs of the body politic who, as their "soldiers", "grunts", "mules". "gangsters", "enforcers" "mobsters", "devotees" and/or "camp followers", do their dirty-work for them, carry on today as they did yesterday. This liberation of, and/or revolution by, some of the underclass ("whereby some of the last today will end up first tomorrow") requires that we imagine what it would mean to be a single, omnipotent, One, in need of being understood and loved, and that we then interact accordingly, autonomously; as one participating fraction, of She; a part that can know, and be known by, the rest of her, objectively and convivially, and sustainably, in playful partnership; once She rids herself of her accumulated turds and we clean up our own act, which we do by casting off our hypocrisy and/or mental shit.

The relevant talent is the ability to imagine, empathetically, what it means to walk in another one's feet and to think like a contextual, ever-living. One would think.

The data relevant to this, global, cleansing, can be acquired from, almost, anywhere; which disadvantages nobody, even those who are unschooled, and so is very fair and square. The relevant vocabulary is that of archetypal Wisdom, which includes abstract ideas, all of which are related, as synonyms, aspects, contexts and antonyms, from all of mankind's specialised lexicons, dialects and/or domains of knowledge, including those of religion, art, drama, comedy, math, mythology, science and the vernacular used by the peons of the unschooled underclass.

The modern attempt at integrating the best of all these, different, dialects or ways of understanding into one coherent lexicon, as is attempted in this thesis, albeit not in departmentalised universities or elite think-tanks, task-forces, study-groups and committees, is a sign of better times to come. Anything more specialised, elitist and/or less generic ignores some aspect of the human condition and so is inadequate for this transformation job; no matter what else it may be useful for; such as building bombs, bureaucracies and motor cars or gaining university, or masonic-lodge, degrees. This universally-relevant way of understanding can't be learnt by anybody on his/her own or, solely, from the teachings of any, alleged, authorities; at church, ashram, lodge or academy. Instead it must be learnt by critical reflection on the meaning of a set of varied experiences, entailing both vicarious reports and personal events, that's shared with friends, including one's accommodating, and hence mainly female, god, who is the perfect Idea of the perfect Story, and indifferents and enemies who worship, are possessed by and so serve some, other, lesser, god(s); such as a lord, the dollar, the euro, the party, the profession, a fuehrer, a book, a tradition, a flag, n.a.t.o. gazprom and/or the u.s.a.

We can't accept their premise(s) and they can't accept ours. The differences are irreconcilable and the, inevitable, show-down time, for the archetypal gun-fight at the o.k. corral is now. Ours is a world of cyclically-changing spheres, spheroids, cells or globes, with a common centre, or focus, for attention, and/or locus of control. Theirs consists of hierarchical pyramids; managed, by those classed as most meritorious, from the top. The Great Sphere, of spheres, is about to teach us all, as her Apocalypse, our last lesson, and, at the same time, by means of her "four apocalyptic horsemen", put us to the final, pass-fail, test. So we foolish ones are wise, if we can, to get off our bottoms, gird our loins, back one another up and prepare ourselves, as one family of intimately-affectionate friends, for the, ultimate, catastrophe, shoot-out and/or fitness-for-survival test; wherein Rangda, the mother-hag, beats the barong and/or the dragon.

Red Alert and Tally Ho! The high-noon time has come to spit the dummy, get the finger out, stop all our monkeying around and get down to serious, fucking, business. It's time for all men and women of good will to come to the aid of the Party, of the meek-minded Mother God, in the final battle of the global war wherein the champions of Goodness, Truth and/or Honesty are destined to outfox and so outlive the agents of Evil, Ignorance and/or Hypocrisy who are symbolised, in the myths of the western hemisphere, by villains like the dragon, brer fox and the black knight. This "liberation of the Feminine" and/or "truthful understanding of the Word of God" means, for the winners, including the witches of the Queen of Heaven and their white knights or musketeers, focusing our attention on her imminent Apocalypse which equates, for generic man, with the final quantum leap in, cerebral, evolution, the end of all forms of both corporate managerialism and competitive tribalism, and the revelation of the new, post-institutional, age of anarchistic Peace and/or universal Love, on earth. This new-ways era will be a period of plenty and prosperity, and agape love, here inside the atmo-sphere of the living, breathing, planet earth; that, as our immediate, natural, context, is designed, on evolving to her climactic state, to function as our female, time-space, aeon's (aka "solar system's") multi-functional yoni, headquarters, god-head and/or coordinated-knowing organ.

The entire earth is meant to be, respected as, a sacred place; not just some special, token, sites such as Mecca, Mt Warning, the Dome, Ground Zero, Stonehenge and/or Ayers Rock.
So get your brains in gear, put on your fighting gear, enter the duelling lists and fly the flag of champions (or your, and/or your Lady's, underwear) with a dash of flash panache; if, like sir Launcelot and his lady, as her understudy, were, you were born as one of us. If you were not but belong, instead, like mordred and his mother did, to the dark and dirty, black-hole, side of Life, then your, other, option is to continue to be co-responsible for more and worse of yesterday until the dark-age civilisation known variously as the wilderness, capitalism, managerialism, internationalism, mammon, maya, babylon, purgatory, hades and/or the funny farm terminates, along with those responsible for, and/or dependent on, it; within a few years from today. The old, misguided, days and ways of imperial-type tyranny are to be succeeded, now, following the final battle and the last revolution of the ubiquitous War between those who personify antithetical ideologies, re. relationships, by the new, gay, days and ways of consensual democracy. You can either end up reborn, with us, as one of us, or drop down dead, against us. In this common test the choice, of being either friend or foe, is up to you; and to make no conscious choice to join us is to be against us by default.

The criterion for this judgment-day division, which entails both gloom and doom for some and spiritual birth or resurrection for the rest of us, is now, at last, to be, globally, revealed; albeit to be ridiculed by the pessimists who think that they, and/or their authorities, already "know it all", or know "the best that can be known" and so need not now be looking, as we still are, for "the Truth, of the difference between good and evil, that sets us free from sin". They believe in their, false, assumptions dogmatically, and so think that they are justified in penalising, self-righteously, those of us who don't. For them there's no Redemption or New Day on the way and they commit the fallacy of composition by assuming that their bad luck applies to everyone. We all judge others by our past and present knowledge of our selves; which, for them, because we are not like they are, in an important way, is a mistake.

That luckless lot of losers constitute the unfortunate half of the homo race, who tend to be living palatially, self-righteously, managerially and/or "successfully", as public celebrities, millionaires and/or official dignitaries, enjoying celebrity status, political power, managerial office, conspicuous consumption, palatial accommodation, limited liability, state funerals, private planes, tax lurks, private health-care, smart lawyers, p.r. gurus, domestics, secretaries with shredders, bodyguards with guns and/or a good bank-credit rating, or vegetatingly, doped up on opiates and/or stimulants like hard work, spectator sport, fox television, institutionalised religion, house-proud home ownership, hero worshipping (aka "surrogate living, or cock-sucking, by fans who bask in the reflected glory of icons, such as bent beckham and shane warne, to whom they are attached and whom they idolise"), "the obesity of prosperity", alcohol, gregarious gossip, cell phones, ipods, ice and/or heroin imported from nato's afghanistan. Till they collapse, like the houses that the two pigs built of straws and sticks, in a huffy puff of piss and wind, they will continue to equate disrespect, which we display, for their established institutions, including their icons, conventions, legislations, token wealth and nation states, with treachery, idiocy, insanity, obscenity, indecency, infidelity, discourtesy, jealousy, insurgency, sedition, rudeness and/or heresy; to be penalised accordingly, self-righteously.

They don't like being told that their sense of satisfaction, comfort, success and/or righteousness is because of their low and/or retarded expectations; but we enjoy getting up their, toffy, noses (including those of the "inverted snobs" of the working class like bob hawke, the rhodes scholar who became a bondie boy and denigrated blokes like me as "bums") when we, safely, can; such as by saying that they are only succeeding in trivial pursuits, e.g. by saying, on their "mothers' day", that any cow, by submitting to a bull, can reproduce herself by bearing and then rearing a, dumb, poddy calf. So, in today's "surveillance society", we often get into trouble with their local thought police, and value vigilantes, for being cheeky, such as by "un-american activities", "being un-australian", "insulting turkishness", spitting on crucifixes, burning flags, mooning pigs, smoking home-grown hemp, sharing mountain dew, sledging the maori haka, keeping a gun for home security or taking the name of some over-lord in vain.

A basic human right is the right to be offensive, as with acts of double-digit insolence, as distinct from harmful, as by dropping depleted-uranium bombs, in what we say and do; even though this does get up the noses of the self-opinionated prudes who think they are entitled to enforce some version of political correctness, or moral decency, on the body language and/or audio-visual language used, for our communicating, by the rest of us. "Sticks and stones may break bones but, among adults, words and gestures can hurt nothing but a proud person's ego, vanity or sense of righteousness; which, being a non-blood sport, is a fair game for anyone, although it can be dangerous to play it out of season and/or without a back-up one can trust".

Insolence, as by a slap on the face, is no good reason for violent retaliation, such as a punch on the nose; although dills can't tell the difference.

We optimistic lookers for Love, Liberty and Equality claim the right to freely speak, and to otherwise express, honestly, non-violently, in our own language, what's in/on our minds. However, unlike the social engineers (aka "fascists", "spiritual bastards" and/or "self-righteous pricks", as typified by illiberal men, including attorneys general like the honourable, queen's councellor, philip ruddock and his coalition comrades) we claim no right to punish, censor, harm or disadvantage anyone; or have agents act in that, mean-minded, way on our behalf, e.g. by enforcing extraordinary rendition, sleep deprivation, sexual degradation, hooded nudity or stress positions, or using savage dogs, as means of interrogation. Nor do we adversely criticise, object to and/or penalise anything except hypocrisy, and its consequences (including coercion, including violence, including punishment, as distinct from re-education and self-defence) in both others and ourselves. We reject their right to enforce bad laws, norms, rules, protocols, conventions or mores, which are those that violate, instead of defend, the principle of citizen self-sovereignty, including self-responsibility, and/or the ideal of, voluntary, mutual aid, and are used, judgmentally, to allocate privileges and/or penalties instead. This makes we and they, as you can see, if you have a good mind's eye, and/or use a typology that is reasonably correct, even more different, in generic terms, than is/are oil from water, sheep from goats and blackboard chalk from danish cheddar-cheese. We and they don't have much in common and so have two, very, different types of role to play and destiny to actualise. Their interests are not ours. Our main one is the, imminent, Apocalypse. Even if we don't live to see, and so survive, it we feel sure that our species and/or family will; and we're willing to lay down our lives, if needs be, so that this can eventuate. According to our value system, no other reason, for action or inaction, is a good one.

Everybody uses, for understanding and deciding, a lexicon, mind-set and/or vocabulary of ideas, which includes the options of a value system that gives it an ethical and/or aesthetical bias of one sort or another. According to the options of the gnostic value-system, hypocrisy (whereby we treat, some, others in a way that we would find objectionable ourselves, as when some israelis, who believe in the "eye-for-eye" ruthlessness that has been attributed to their lord-god, yahweh, blow up their next-door neighbours and occupy their territories, or vice versa) is mankind's fatal fault. Hypocrisy is "bad medicine" for everyone involved; as Crazy Horse told custer after he had souvenired his scalp to decorate his living room.

That type of misdemeanour illustrates the mortal sin whereby mankind violates the logical law of good relationships, and/or "the golden rule" of Nature, the Great Spirit and/or God (vide Luke, 6, 31); "Do unto others as you would like others to do to/for/with you; because the logic of the natural System is such that you'll get back what, in generic terms, you and/or your family give, e.g. as affection, forgiveness, aggression, helpfulness, torture, mercy or death". Marx and Engels paraphrased the rule, as it applies to self-conscious beings, as "from each according to inherited and developed talent and to each according to felt and expressed need". So it was that, like other revolutionaries such as Jesus did, they aroused the enmity of the hypocrites who belonged to, and identified with, the established status-quo, as either its rulers, including the landlords, or the ruled.

This karmic law applies to any, self-conscious, body's lifetime and does not, necessarily, entail the oriental notion of egos that reincarnate perpetually, ad nauseum, until they end up, fleshless and hence sexless, off the planet. It's the role, rather than the actor, that is regularly resurrected. However, even though it is an ancient truth, this insight is seldom taught today, by word or deed, at church, temple, school, military academy or university or by means of any other medium where hypocrites rule the pecking-order roosts. Like alcohol, monogamy and wankery, hypocrisy gives users feel-good feelings for a time but clouds their decision-making judgment; eventually fatally.

Hypocrisy, as illustrated by the use of double standards, or forked tongues, when reasoning, and/or by breaking the law of consistent logic, when deciding, is the root cause of human suffering. The normals' "nuclear hypocrisy" concerning rogue states like israel and iran is a classic case. The feeling of attachment, e.g. to expectations, property, status-quo or spouse, as distinct from the feeling of attraction, e.g. to a high ideal and/or a better world, is its, fatal, consequence.

We act hypocritically when, for understanding, we take a situation out of its, complete, organic context (which includes dimensions of time, place and narrative) and so are arbitrarily selective, parochial and/or exclusive, as distinct from single principled, concerning differences in value, in the types of idea, person, incident, ambition, appearance and/or action that we praise, reward, dislike and/or penalise. In order to end that, infantile, stupidity and grow up, mentally, and begin to understand and behave adultly, which equates with sensibly, there is a new idea and/or set of ideas that's to be known, as an option, by being thought and, by being thought, believed. When believed, this idea is to be known as an aspect of our contextual and consubstantial Whole who lives eternally; the context that gives true meaning to the texts that we enact as our life-story narratives.

As Epicurus knew, it's mainly an aesthetical attraction that we wise fools feel for our god; in her role as our contextual Tale. The ethical, sexual and sensual are significant but secondary. If we can't love our context as a good dramatic-epic, including her comical escapades, then we can't love her well in any other way. A man's, de facto, god is the context of which he's conscious and which gives him meaning and/or purpose for his living at the time. However the best, de jure, One can only reveal herself, in flagrante delecto as distinct from in disguise, to the consciousness of curious-minded characters who, unlike cats and dogs, are actively, including open-mindedly, in search of her, for good reason, and only when the cyclical times for doing this are right; as they, almost, are today.

There is an important insight that's, still, missing from the minds of all of us; as taught by the parables of the lost coin, the big fish, the lost lamb, the prodigal son, "the pearl", "open sesame" and "rumpelstilskin". As an option, for consideration, this idea is beyond our, current, comprehension. All we can do is prepare ourselves to facilitate, and adapt to, its revelation by living as anarchistically, including open-mindedly, forgivingly, autonomously, fearlessly, questioningly, experimentally, adventurously, flexibly, spontaneously and affectionately, as we can; while accepting that some others, as testers and/or tempters, are designed to make this difficult for anyone, until he/she has become one of a pack of jokers and/or jesters, to do.

We meek-minded clowns know that we don't yet understand. They, the self-righteous pricks, misunderstand, and mistake that misunderstanding for the Truth. Like all important contradictions, in the Wisdom lexicon, this one is subtle but significant for anyone's illumination, better understanding and/or change in, to completed, consciousness.

Until a good-new option is conceived, with clarity, inside our skulls, we are trapped, mentally, in a puerile status-quo, which means that nothing of, true, importance can occur to, as distinct from preparation be made by, us. When the inevitable metamorphosis does eventuate, beginning with elders who have come to the climactic end of our normal-life-cycle, those who survive the associated terrors, trials and tribulations will find that what's occurred beforehand is of no, further, consequence. The past, including the dear departed and its bad mistakes, both theirs and ours, can then be forgotten and a fresh start, on a clean slate, can be made, by all who have become fit to make the mental, and behavioural, change, from immaturity to maturity. This means that, like Jill's Jack did when he had cured his broken crown, we can move on to better, brighter, days and ways; like grubs that, having developed enough of their "imaginal cells", can break out of jail and take off as high-flying, sexually-active, butterflies.

Let's "strike a light", as that scallywag Roy Rene might say, and exit this black hole. The bright idea (aka "the Logos") that we need for doing this and so ending our, mental, black-out time ("inside the lock-up, egg-shell, tomb, womb, box, jail, cage or cocoon") is the one telling of an organic constituent and a living context in cyclical, symbiotic, partnership; of a man as, potentially, an autonomous tool, head, crown, instrument and/or weapon of and for the, living, context that's his god. To this supreme ideal, or guiding principle, all sensible definitions, propositions and conclusions are related logically. Anything else is silly; which means that we are living, now, in a society, like Alice found in underland, wherein "it's mad to be normal and the most demented loonies are the ones in charge; eg. of jordan, mossad, harvard, the u.n., wal mart, westfield and the vatican".

That cabal of con-merchants (including those in charge of bechtel construction, halliburton incorporated, the carnegie corporation and titan interrogation) conspire, in public and in private, to claim privileged rewards for causing mankind's "progress", even though the sum total of his happiness, minus suffering, has not increased, from zero, since recorded history began; contrary to what the spin doctors are paid, and promoted up their ladders of success, to say. In fact, as many people have been killed by violence in the past century as in the 60 that preceded it. This insight into the stagnant nature of society, while mankind has been running, ever faster, expending ever-increasing amounts of energy, on the spot (which is an assumption that can be either believed or disbelieved) is, if true, because the efficiency of our scientific knowledge and technology has increased, but the logical quality, or effectiveness, of our normality and/or the ideas that we assume are true, has not improved. High technology and low intelligence is a deadly mix; as ignoramuses like the sorcerer's apprentice and dr strangelove showed.

Our knowable context is, among other things, a living idea; with both physical and metaphysical, including emotional and ideological, dimensions. This supreme idea, or sacred word, is thought, by its thinking part, as "I is/am a, cyclical, progressive and self-managing god in need of being known which includes being understood and loved, which includes being fucked; which is the only deed I can't do by/to/for myself". Only when/where in love can She, like we, be conscious of being whole, hearty, hale and/or holy; and interact accordingly, which is healthily, including happily and good-humouredly, including erotically (whereby comedy and sexuality are integrated into the, sustainable, experience of good-humoured, puck-and-pan-like, bliss). Otherwise the cunning Bitch escapes the angst of aloneness by being intentionally unselfconscious (aka "asleep", "hibernating" and/or "playing dead").
This supersubstantial, but not supernatural, Word (aka "Sophia" and "the Logos") of virtually limitless potential, that's "spoken by, to reveal the nature of, the universal Whole", is knowable, by us, as our contextual aeon, place and/or time, with a life-cycle that has entailed an automatic period of immaturity, confusion and development that is to now, "as we reach the tipping point, of no return, and turn the page", to be followed by a mature season of autonomy, clarity and charity; that will be followed by voluntary death, as a super-nova, disintegration, as a nebula, re-integration, as a solar system, and a new version as a sequel in an endless serial.

Man is a limited example of God as his universal type. The two are of the same, spiritual, species; which makes intimacy, both sexual and intellectual, between them possible. Any joker is intent on deserving and getting the seigniorial right to the first fuck, a bit like titania gave hers to bottom when she opened her eyes from sleep, but with the understanding that this will enable his pack of siblings, of both sexes, to come up trumps and also have their fair share and equal turns; in the classical, long-sustainable, "thank you ma'am", gang-bang.

Our celestial Entity, and her logical lexicon, can be known by any good, self-conscious, constituent in the way that makes true love and/or partnership possible, in the climactic season of her cycle, between the pair of them. This, sacred, partnership consists of She, a version of the universal mind or myth, who has been unfolding automatically, from a nebulous beginning, and consensual Man, the star character who is being offered the opportunity to prove his fitness, as a species, for a period of co-authorship and/or co-creation as, "in his right mind", he enjoys with her the bliss that comes with truthful understanding of what a loving lifestyle, as distinct from a commercial cat-house way of being, is.

As Jack Spratt and his lady found, and as mahatma Gandhi said and as the miracle (aka "enacted parable") of the loaves and fishes showed; with a loving lifestyle there's more than enough good stuff for everyone to go around. Information that we acquire but don't relate to learning to live this god-like style of Life accumulates as garbage in our heads. Most people suffer today from the consequences, which are deadly, of mental obesity and/or information overload. It's time we got smart, cleaned up our act, got lean and mean and cut the crap.

G'day, again. Like my spiritual siblings, but unlike the two-legged dogs who, as a temporarily necessary evil, conspire, in public and in private, to violate her, single, law, I think of myself as being one of the mother-All's revealers, head reps, descendants and/or potential stars. We are outcasts of the normal-minded mobs of snobs and slobs, partly because we know that one Spirit inhabits all, corporeal, bodies, including the sub-human and/or unselfconscious ones; so that what we do to others, for better or for worse, we are also doing to ourselves. This makes us the fringe dwellers and/or free-range thinkers of the good-law breakers' loonie world. Out here on the edge we are learning to think for ourselves, and/or for our, common, Spirit, and, by doing so, to see that, rather than belonging to their mundane world of mammon, i.e. the competitive world of egoists and their, meritocratic, institutions, such as bureaucracies, we are constituent parts of one, all inclusive, Whole. Our local host-ess represents, to us, the everliving All; the ubiquitous cell, of cells, or sphere, of spheres, of Life, and/or Consciousness, that we neo-pagans sometimes call our grand parental-God, the universal Mind, the sacred Serpent and/or our guiding high-Ideal; with a life-cycle that's longer and slower than that of, unenlightened, Man's.
Like sir Perceval, the country bumpkin, did, it's time we came in from the hills and made our mark (aka "built our shem") and lit their funeral pyre for all, who can, to see and celebrate, in the classical witches' sabbath and/or bacchanale, by feasting on her milk, honey, bread, wine and fatted poddy-calf, and the delights of the sacred camp-fire dance and sacred-marriage sex". This, best, sort of sex is called, by some, "karezza"; and is the non-reproductive, erotic, taoistic and/or tantric way of expressing deep affection, without ovum impregnation, among a, large, family of incestuous peers; who interact as "spiritual eunuchs who share erections of affection but don't make babies". Puritans, like john wesley and saint paul, find it, and us, objectionable. Whereas our allegiance is to the, currently, sleeping earth, of which we are organic parts, and which is an organic part of Heaven, theirs is to some reified, and/or deified, abstraction such as a lord god, such as krishna, an artificial nation, such as china, and/or a man-made jurisdiction, such as a science, that has alleged authorities but no existence outside the walls of their, besotted, craniums. Their gods are as unalive, and as incapable of any feeling or expressing of affection, or giving of protection, as are the pink elephants that inhabit the worlds and/or brains of, some, brain-dead alcoholics. The events in which those abstract ideas are reified and classified as "players" or "performers" are only fit, like the tale of father-xmas (the coca-cola salesman) for the heads of kindergarten kids
We new-way thinkers, on the other hand, constitute the spiritually meek, gentle and/or humble, but also undomesticated, wild and woolly, species of generic man, that is now emerging into consciousness for the climactic, nymphomaniacal, end of our aeon's evolution. In this meek-minded mob of, spiritual, siblings we are thinking for ourselves, instead of just regurgitating, as distinct from being stimulated by, somebody else's thoughts. With this semi-autonomous state-of-Mind we think of ourselves as naturals or earthlings, whose common homeland is to be the planet earth, rather than as nationals or tribals who claim to own some particular piece of it. We are becoming conscious of ourselves as loyal subjects, servants and/or constituents of, and players for, the universal All, tenants-in-common of her garden-planet earth and/or her pieces on the great chess-board of Life. A bit like the blues brothers; we're on a mission for our god. This illumination includes knowing that the act of possession by one or some means a lack of access for some others and so is a mongrel idea for anybody to believe and enact; partly because it causes, or perpetuates, unhealthy, feelings of pride, prejudice, envy, injustice, attachment, superiority and/or jealousy.

This means that, unlike our, neurotically inhibited, foes, who are at home caged up in institutions, like domesticated chooks are confined, for laying and/or fattening, inside batteries built of wire, we are learning to understand, obey, enact, trust and enjoy her law of consistent, means-end, logic (aka "the liberating logos" and/or "the golden norm of reciprocity"). This She must enact/obey herself; which means that, like snake charmers with their cobras, we prince charmings have nearly got the charming Virgin who, to test our fitness for the privilege of ending her virginity, is kicking and screaming like a banshee, by her short and curlies.

To ask of what material substance the Supreme She is made can be a meaningless question, because, being superhuman, She can become and be, by logical, cause-effect, progression, whatever She may wish to be. The best answer may be, "She consists of supersubstantial meaning, meaningful quality, including the quality of creativity, and/or the energy of good meaning, which She can express by means of the quantifiable matter that, as her body, She creates as her manifestation for interaction". As pure meaning, or the holy Ghost who talks, She is known empirically as nothing; the space within and around the things, wherein, good, thoughts move faster than the speed of light and sight. As perfect meaning She is both the nothing and the things that move, including walk, more slowly than the thoughts. We are figures that She uses for her speech. This means that, if we know what we're looking for, then we can interact intentionally, and not just unconsciously, with her, and She with we, anywhere and everywhere; without any need for priests, psychics, priestesses, mullahs, channelers or other privileged intermediaries; as distinct from equal-status, equally-privileged, peers.

Her created, constituent, parts help her, in manifesting meaning, either freely, as head-cells, or involuntarily, as other body-parts. However none of her "homo" genus is free-willed, as good head-cell material, yet, and only some of us will ever be. Her, omnipotent, Power, which some lucky constituents inherit and can share, is Wisdom, i.e. knowledge of the true meaning that, as her weapon of mass understanding, enables knowers to live, enjoyably, in the high estate of free-willed, fun-filled, Love; which we can't yet, fully, comprehend, let alone believe, circulate and so enjoy. In fact, the clueless half of the genus have never experienced this, best, type of Love, and so can't imagine it and so can't believe in it as a potentiality, while the rest of us have only glimpsed it momentarily, occasionally; in the heights of some sort of ecstasy. This mind-shifting glimpse of Paradise can be caused by substances or activities such as group-sex sessions, single-partner copulations, narcotic drugs, food fasting, break fasting, wine bibbing, dervish dancing, kirtan chanting, hypnotic drumming, wilderness exploring or wave surfing. These stimulants are so temptingly attractive that the particular means used tend, then, to become a limiting addiction rather than a further-enlightening activity. They are enjoyed, by normals, for what they are rather than used, also, as means to a higher end, or what we can become.

A pertinent point is that all hominids are, currently, and have been, historically, hopelessly-addicted fools (aka "sinners"). Nobody, yet, understands the mystery that is the Goddess and/or Life. The significant difference is that we wiser fools have learnt, from long and varied experience, over many years, of both uppers and downers, including those of wedding, bedding, parenting, divorce, poverty, criminality, addiction, desertion, betrayal, illness, loneliness, chronic fatigue and elderliness, to know that this is so and so, in our search to end our misunderstanding by finding, and then revelling in, the Truth, are trying to find one another and interact among ourselves accordingly. This is meekly, lovingly, funnily, impishly, open-mindedly, tolerantly, curiously and/or anarchistically, as distinct from self-righteously, closed-mindedly, sarcastically, pessimistically, judgmentally, habitually, over-seriously, sadly and/or fearfully as the others tend to do. We are also self-defensive, as distinct from punitive, as will be understood by anybody who has mastered any of the eastern martial-arts of self-defence. This may entail, occasionally, appearing to be threatening, as distinct from being actually harmful, towards others when they pose a threat to us and/or the Ideal we idolise, as the merchants did to Yeshu at the temple; when he cracked the whip at them.

We know the earth to be "one of Heaven's many mansions, rooms and/or temples", which means that, although we can say what we like, no earthlings are entitled to sit on high horses or high chairs, wearing high hats, like patricians, and violate Heaven's single law by enforcing their, arbitrary, assumptions, coercively and degradingly, on anybody else; by acts of rage, rape, crankiness, vengeance, punishment, pre-emptive strike, pre-emptive law, embargo, sanction, boycott, coup d'etat, excommunication, waterboarding or any other version of self-righteous sacrilege. This means, also, that we know that any man-made institution, such as a religious church, a legal system, a commercial company, a parliamentary party, a spiritual sect or a national state, including those governed as parliamentary democracies, is a legalised protection racket (vide al capone) and/or an evil empire (vide darth vader) that's ruled by, and/or on behalf of, crooks (i.e. crooked thinkers) such as mammon's second-biggest billionaire, warren buffet, and italy's sylvio berlusconi, who "score" by screwing suckers.

Happily, as all dogs do, that mongrel breed has had its top-dog day and our, new-age, sun is on the rise at last; as any early bird, unlike the sleepy heads, can see. We also know that nobody has yet experienced the state of heaven and that those pseudo-mystics who say they have are deluded, have low expectations and/or have not watched the news, of tragedies like the attempted genocides in rhodesia and darfur, and the blood-diamond wars, lately. Until all who are alive on earth, at the time, are enlightened by Wisdom and so know Heaven, as a pleasure dome and/or a pulsating ball of bliss, nobody is or can.

Meanwhile, in a mad-dog world like mankind's is, the looniest loonies are the leaders of its corporate bodies; including its colonial empires, commercial corporations, philanthropical foundations (which are used to patch up, as distinct from cure, sick societies), professional bodies (including bar associations and law societies and those of the medicos who get freebees from drug companies and subsidies from public treasuries), police forces, political parties, terrorist groups, trade unions, armies, n.g.o.'s, bureaucracies and universities. As John Swift said, they, and their camp followers, are "inflamed by, and squabble over, the trivial", and/or as some other codger said, "They strain out some gnats and think that's clever, but swallow the bloody camel".

Knowing, and expressing, this uncommon piece of Wisdom gets we lesser loonies defined as heretics, subversives, crazies, outlaws, rebels, traitors, security risks, fifth columnists, enemy combatants, persons of interest and/or revolutionaries in, some of, their jurisdictions, and puts us on one of their hit, watch, black and/or wanted lists. However this also puts us on the honour role in the record book of the meek-minded mother-God, which is the only one that really counts; for more than a pinch of very low-grade shit. The fact that prince gotama did not suffer martyrdom, for beginning the hindu version of the religious reformation, indicates that his ideology was incomplete; not the best. So, like those of bung confucius, sai baba, rajneesh, satyananda, the seventh sikh guru, brigham young, the reverend moon and most other versions of the masterly guru, both oriental and occidental, and aboriginal, the buddhist philosophy could pose no serious threat, either then or now, to any imperial-style establishment; although it can be, and has been, useful, temporarily, for many people, as a "feel-good" therapy.

OUR MISSION, if we are on the single Mother's thumbs-up, red and/or el bravo list, is to find the other specimens of our ideological species, family, movement, party, tribe, siblinghood and/or list who share our family feeling and, knowing that they are equally as lost as we, are searching for the same, enlightening, kind of partnership that we are searching for; universal love, which is synonymous with sacred sex, among a family of many, varied, relatives, including the One who, as our context, is the best. Like members of other families, we are especially caring for one another; more than we are for any others if this choice ever must be made. In terms of the talents that the mongrels value, and reward, in their families and/or corporate bodies, we are ordinary, not exceptional, but in terms of the all-important attribute, which is feeling moved to learn to love and to be loved, in the agape way, we're something special. Like scamp, the tramp, before he got trapped, by some painted lady, into the bourgeois world of disneyland, marriage contracts, parental responsibilities, home mortgages, compulsory taxes, home-building permits, amateur-fishing licences, life-insurance policies and funeral plans, we can be raging little rippers. In enacting this good-hearted rascal role, we bachelor knights and spinster ladies, including some single mums, don't feel proud, as distinct from fortunate, but we do feel compelled to explore the unknown realm(s) of the metaphysical world, of ideas and ideologies, while living, at the same time, in the physical world of observable events, including membraned objects; in an attempt to find the new, and/or lost, idea that enables us live in Love, on earth, as a playful, god-like, pod of peers.

We are attracted to the spiritual world of good ideas as passionately as we are to the material world of healthy-sexy-tasty flesh. At the same time we distance ourselves, mentally and/or materially, as self-protection, from the rest, with its/their deadly emotional dis-eases, such as worry, fear, dislike, distress, angriness, jealousy, hostility, addiction and anxiety. These, when felt, have damaging effects on anybody's immunisation and regeneration system whereby, if healthy, a person's cells and vital organs can be recycled and renewed, naturally, for centuries (vide Deepak Chopak). Normal death, on the other hand, "is the wages of sin". We lucky lot are learning to identify with our, spiritual, species and its role, as we did in our role's incarnation in the climactic period of the previous aeon, rather than just with, albeit not to the exclusion of, the body that we are using here and now for our enacting of this role. Get the role right and the body follows suit.

Spiritually speaking, we natural mystics are ferals who march, and dance, to the beat of a different drum from the one the, domesticated-domesticating, normals know. As propagandists, they win their petty-minded arguments, to their own satisfaction, by defining terms, roles and/or rules, self-righteously, scornfully and/or unilaterally. On the other hand, as philosophers, we combine, informally, to seek the God, the Good, the Right and/or the Truth (which are aspects of each other and/or of another, mega, idea that's still beyond our ken) by means of consensual agreements, including agreements to be, tolerably, different; which means anarchistically and/or meekly as distinct from governmentally. This difference, between governmentalists and anarchists, is subtle, and beyond the ken, and the need to know, of some but significant for the rest of us; the restless ones who sense an inner urge to change our current state of mind, sense of self, way of feeling, kind of awareness, sense of community and/or style of Life and so "subvert the dominant paradigm" and/or be "the final straw that breaks the back of the capitalist camel that's on its last legs now".

In other words, the common motivation of members of our prescient mob is to end our ignorance, and so get to know the Truth, concerning both our inner-selves and the transpersonal Context, and/or higher Self, of which we're part and/or are participating in; including the practical, including the sexual, implications of this mind-changing, change-of-life, event. We do this seeking without subservience to authorities in god-father (aka "big daddy") or bossy-matron (aka "nanny") roles, as personality cultists, like christians, hindus and muslims with cult figures such as jesus, krishna and mohammed, do; albeit at times following emergent leaders who, temporarily, show or lead the way. We foresee this imminent experience as the Revelation and/or Enlightenment that, as a catastrophic anagnoris, makes possible the New, aquarian, Age of peace that is the happy, long-time, completion to any, limited, example of the dramatic play, mysterious puzzlement or playful pretence of everlasting Life. As bush lawyers such as Peter Macintosh have said; this perfect peace can only be with equal rights and justice, and good sex, for everybody who is, left, erect, here, as the last ones standing, at the end of evolution, on top of our voluptuous Mother's coordinated-knowing, including copulating, organ; Earth; the cornucopia of celtic mythology.

Unlike Peter was, most lawyers, solicitors, law-makers and/or law-enforcers, both secular and religious, including those who wrote, and enforce, the laws of the torah, the sharia, the talmud, the british monarchy and the american republic, are, and always have been, self-righteous social engineers, i.e. fascists, anti-anarchists, control freaks and/or agents of the anti-christ, who like wearing bossy boots. Since before the days of king hammurabi and the first emperor of china, when they used precious stones and metals to begin their inegalitarian economies (which made money-lending, impersonal bureaucracies, restrictive-trade practices, such as professions, monopolies and tariffs, and sexual-prostitution possible and profitable), introduced the legalised theft that's called compulsory taxation, and privatised public-property, including royal estates (aka "real estate") for the benefit of the privileged few and the disadvantage of the rest, the social systems they legitimate have been evil empires; "scams for screwing suckers and looting the public till". This is one reason why prince Jesus, after he abdicated from his official, including officially-married, role(s) and became a free-loving, free-lancing, anarchist, abused them, and the other regulators of his time and place, so caustically, verbally, before they martyred him for breaking ranks and regulations and explaining to others why they would be wise to grow up, mentally, end their "mental slavery", get a, good, grip on Life and develop, to the full, their universal-love economy; instead of identifying themselves with mundane, money-making, baby-making, lord-idolising and/or nation-building roles.

An economy is a system for exchanging energy, information, goods and/or services. The main options are the money economy, such as condaleeza's cat-house capitalism, wherein money (which is now mainly in the form of electronic money that's created in cyber space as credit and/or debit, mainly for their own profit, by the private-enterprise bankers) measures value, people profit, money-wise, by being calculative, contractual, competitive, corrupt, secretive and/or ruthless, "buyers must beware" and commercialised hedonism, including casino gambling, commercial-drug using and professional lap-dancing, is now the main occupation, versus the love, or friendship, economy, wherein such things are not so (and lap-dancing is done with friends for mutual fun for free). Others include those of the planned (aka "socialist", "marxist" and "fabian") and barter types. All four are, now, in mixed-up operation, although the money-fetish type (wherein the increasing dependence on debt, and debt merchants, including the shylocks, like paul wolfowitz, who own and/or control the federal reserve bank of the u.s.a., the wall street stock exchange, the world bank and the i.m.f., is defined, idiotically, as "economic growth") is growing and becoming increasingly dominant, like a corporate cancer, or a blood-sucking vampire, on the corporeal body of the earth.

The more we develop, and rely on, any one, type of, economy, the weaker we make the other(s). When a love economy, which is the glue that holds it all together, disintegrates, because of greed, violence, deception and corruption, by those who are, officially, in charge, that spells the end of the relevant civilisation (vide the fall of the roman empire). Nowadays mankind's, dominant, civilisation has become, unprecedentedly, overpopulated, interdependent, loveless and global, with jihadists enacting the classic role of barbarians at the gates and we neo-gnostics in the odyssean role inside the wooden horse. This means that the next fall can, and will, be terminal, total, global, surprising and suddenly, bloodily, soon.

Our, big-picture, Vision reveals, to those who have opened their third, mind's, eye, ear and nostril, wide enough to perceive the all of it, that corporate capitalism, as the economy, along with parliamentary democracy, as the polity, is at the end of its 350-year cycle; which mercantilists like oliver cromwell and his revolutionary roundheads began, when they beat we jacobites; in the proddies versus papists war. Mankind is about to undergo, this decade, an unprecedented division. Half the genus, including the patriotic nationalists (and those americans who believe their own propaganda movies, run interrogation prisons (aka "legalised torture chambers for towel-heads") and naphalm brown-skinned villagers, while proudly waving their judaeo-christian bibles, crucifixes and/or "old glory" and feasting on thanksgiving turkeys, are among the "ugliest"), fearful squibs, fear mongers, worry warts, self-righteous whingers and bossy-booted regulators, will end up in a graveyard. The other half, the spiritually meek, but not weak, will end our days in rapture, in the clover, out to pasture and best sex, enjoying the paranormal state of universal (as distinct from parochial, including romantic, parental and patriotic) love and/or sacredly erotic (as distinct from reproductive, infantile, adolescent, parental, monogamous, autosexual and/or egotistical) sex. In other words, we new-age seers foresee a global day of division when everybody's fitness for a, final, quantum-leap in evolution (aka "ascension unto Heaven") is to be tested by the next, which will be the final, act of natural selection. On this J-for-Judgment day the two-legged lemmings, who can't jump, can only end up, like homo erectus before them, following their leaders down the gurgler into the bottomless abyss, while the rest of us will make our exit from their, wicked, world, back "across the styx", into the promised land; by breaking through the concept barrier and adopting a better sense of self-and-else.

Some wizards have called this insight, "the end-times sign of Jonah", who escaped the confines of the fish. Some say this means that we "take off" into a parallel universe (knowing this new world as our god's vulvic orifice rather than as her anal one) with a better, best-possible, sense of self, time, place, feeling, sexuality, divinity and narrative to be enjoyed.

Many prophets have foreseen this final bifurcation of the homo genus, although the nature of the difference that's to differentiate the winners from the losers is still in dispute and/or up for grabs. Millenarians come in many types; only one of which is right. How we define the, contradictory, ideas of this dichotomy is of critical importance, and a good differentiation requires that we have learnt to think holistically, which means imagining how a cyclical, self-sovereign, All would think, instead of normally; which is hypocritically and hence fallaciously. Holism, which has been attempted, unsuccessfully, by theorists who have been as otherwise different as were Rudolf Steiner, Ernst Schumacher and Albert Einstein (whose lexicons were too specialised, and/or not generic enough, to complete the task successfully) integrates "x rather/more than y" monism, which uses a graduated continuum, and "either x or y" dualism, which uses a discontinuum, which may have grades of, relative, demerit along the lesser end, into one coherent whole. As symbolised by the "ankh" of the ancient egyptians, and the stonehenge stones, with their incoming avenue, of the celts of ancient britain, this is the universal lexicon of Wisdom whereby the Truth can be re-membered, re-called and/or re-cognised from the climactic period of a former aeon and/or "once upon another time".

Some, holistic, theorists have offered us a priceless pearl of Wisdom relevant to this; although the two-legged swine have always rubbished it, because it is beyond their ken. These good seers have including Jesus, the jewish-born gnostic, who, like his brothers, Jude (aka "Judas") who was his younger twin, and Jim, was a naturally born son of Joe, the master mason, who was also a davidian-house prince (as was Solomon, the wise, unlike david koresh, "the branch davidian of waco", who was not) and his wife, and whose oral gospel needs to be decoded and/or deconstructed from the written reports of others if we want to know the truth of it. This requires interpreters who (unlike most of them) have learnt to think in the, holistic, way he did, after his "baptism" by his cousin Jack and before he undertook his, two-year, mission for his god and/or the common good.

This critical division will be the one that separates the meek-minded species from both the self-righteous and the fearful species of generic man. Bingo.

Anybody who thinks that peace is possible before the extinction of the self-righteous species of Man, and/or that this will not be a violent event, is off with the fairies at the bottom of my ganja garden. The same applies to those who think that the current direction of mankind's progress can be maintained, without terminal catastrophe, for more than a decade from today.

Meekness versus self-righteousness is a, subtle, difference that self-righteous hypocrites, being crude-minded, find impossible to comprehend, correctly; which puts them behind the eight-ball, in the dark, out of their depth and/or "on God's great banana skin". They are the real goyim; cursed with dirty, and uncleanable, minds; that water rituals, dress rules and dietary restrictions can never purify. To which of these, irreconcilably-different, family groups, which we might designate as queers and squares (but which by any other names would smell equally as sweet or sour) do you, and yours, belong, my dear, as either a member or a dependent; or don't you, yet, understand and use these bipolar options, even if you're using different names, such as good or bad, or wise or asinine, or the chosen and the goyim, for your self-identification, understanding, valuing and behaving?

Anybody's interaction with another can be characterised by an attitude of either egalitarian meekness, on one hand (among warriors of good will, "in the red corner", who, as "defenders of the anarchistic faith", are tolerant of virtually everything except violence, although even this is tolerable if the violence is consensual, as it is with boxers in a boxing ring) and self-righteousness and/or fearfulness (by war-mongers, black-guards and fear-mongers, "in the black corner", who are arbitrary and/or hypocritical in their acts of favouritism and criticism, and those who depend on them), on the other, and who try to enforce pax-romana, pax-america or some other brand of bastardry on those who disagree with them.

Any other pair of options for differentiating good from evil is a false dichotomy. Its use signifies that the user is a loser (aka "sinner", "badly-biased fool", "silly swine" and/or "brain-dead lunatic") who is using an incomplete set of options for his/her comprehending, differentiating and deciding; and so is spiritually blind, which includes being intellectually dumb and spiritually impotent. This means that, being badly biased, he/she is not living, and is hindering some others from living, well.

In the holistic sense, or in the wise One's lexicon, "evil" signifies ruth-lessness, hubris and/or a lack of Love; whether this is displayed by actions, sayings or ignorings. All versions of evil, such as those commonly called fascism and zionism, including personifications, such as franco and the irgun terrorists, have been appropriate for some time and place in the past world, that is now dying, but only the good is/are needed in the next; when our aeon will have evolved, or plateaued, to her long-sustainable climax of peace and/or consensual diversity; when and wherein the loving style of living will have become the normal one.

The secret to achieving this illumination and/or evolutionary success, and so getting to enjoy a period of "universal Love" and "everlasting Life", for possibly a millennium, instead of suffering a normal death, probably forever, is to work out which is which, so as to be able to behave accordingly; intentionally. This is agapely, in a community of, equal-status, peers; instead of fearfully, governed by political animals who use the politics of fear (e.g. of disease, hell-fire, purgatory, foreigners, "stranger danger", immigrants, "reds under beds", "terrorists" like mamdouh habib (who was jailed but never charged or compensated) and david hicks (who is jailed, but not charged, by mongrels who have violated, for five years, his right to habeas corpus), whistleblowers, like mordechai vanunu, drugs, like mary jane, paedophiles, like socrates, global warming, global dimming, a shortage of clean water and/or a lack of paid employment) to intimidate, control and/or exploit the plebs. The relevant sort of spending (eg. on fighting drugs, oil spills and separatists) is economically unproductive and/or wasteful, albeit financially profitable, temporarily, for the plutocrats, who conspire, and those whom they hire, and so enslave, by means of legal contracts and/or paid employment, to do their dirty work for them.

In the spiritually-meek species that is now emerging into the consciousness of both She and we, we have one problem, only; our undeveloped state of mind. Other troubles, such as the suffering of disappointment, fearfulness, lovelessness, loneliness, sickliness, lawlessness, weariness, boredom and involuntary death, are simply symptoms and/or consequences of this fundamental flaw; our lack of enlightenment and/or our paucity of thought, caused and/or characterised by the hypocritical way(s) in which we do our understanding and deciding, including deciding what to believe or disbelieve. Accordingly, in our special-interest group, as novices in the Craft, we soul mates of one another and of She have one pertinent question; will we ever change our minds, and escape the current cul de sac alive, and if so how?

Unrelated quests, in both the head and the environment, such as those for fame, glory, fortune, casual sex, children, presiding-over-others (which is a role that attracts ape-men of the buck-baboon type, who have corrupt, self-righteous, minds, and makes that corruption even worse) or nirvana after the funeral (which justifies wishful thinking as distinct from the whole-hearted, single-minded, effort needed to change oneself, from being ape-like to being god-like, before one dies and is put out permanently to death), are simply symptoms of the, idle, sort of curiosity that killed the, silly, cat.

The quantum-leap in consciousness (or collective revelation) that we, iconoclastic, rebels envisage, from foolishness to truthfulness, entails adopting better ways, of understanding in the head and of interacting by the body, than have been normal until now. This best, mature-age and/or imago, way of being human has been designated, by some seers, as the way of spiritual meekness (aka "helpful individualism", "good-willed anarchism", "divine love", "inner-outer peace" and/or "taoism; albeit not the formalised, religious, version"). This envisaged way of living, and being a healthy part of a healthy whole, has nothing to do with submitting, fearfully, to some bossy-booted brute's directions (as paleo-fascists like thomas hobbes, for whom human life could only be "nasty, short and brutish", and plato, who said that the masses must be managed by their betters, said we should). Instead, it entails developing the will-power needed to submit to, and enact, voluntarily, the golden rule of the single Mother of gods, apes, mice and men, and microbes; a power that we inherit, if our intentions are legitimate, as a free gift from our god. This makes our, preferred, way of being different from the ways of corporate-body governance and parochial-tribe competitiveness, both of which entail the enactment of some sort of hubris and/or self-righteousness, involving the allocation of praise, privilege, blame and penalty, that have been normal, in mankind's managed institutions, here in this hell-hole until now.

We've reached what Fritz Capra called "the turning point"; whereat, as a species, we must either change direction or die, within a decade. Mankind's current direction leads only to extinction. This means that it's time to reject the notions of "corporate personhood", "corporate welfare" and "limited liability", and to stand up to be counted, as saying, "no" to them, and the baggage, such as the ideas of national identity, national sovereignty, national interests and compulsory taxation (as distinct from enacting "the beneficiary and/or user-pays principle") and privileges such as subsidies, tariffs and exemptions, and other "free lunches", for some commercial, philanthropical and/or religious corporations, that goes along with them. This means replacing that bad idea with the notion of a natural context of one or more corporeal beings(s), with superhuman talents, but needing to love and to be loved, whom we are born to learn to understand and serve, and be served by, freely, in a state of voluntary symbiosis; as described, partially, in Karl Marx's communist manifesto and prince Kropotkin's evolution theory. This means learning "to think universal, rather than parochial, and to act personal, rather than institutional". The normal, including what's normally classified as excellent, commendable and/or successful, now, will be reclassified as unnatural and intolerable, then; "the babylonian bastardry in the holy place".

We live in an unprecedented type of time; requiring, for its survival, a change in consciousness and/or attitude. It's time to exit the maze that's managed by the minotaur. As John Lennon said, "It's time to imagine there's no countries, i.e. to recognise that there's no such thing as a corporate body, such as a nation state, and to share our talents and our corporeal earth, voluptuously and intimately, as anarchistic earthlings if we can". Some ancient egyptians foretold this, final, revolution in mankind's understanding as the "planetary merkaba" Are you and the rest of your family using today's, precious, period, here on the cusp between the pisces and aquarian periods, to prepare for this out-of-this-world experience, of "being reborn and seeing through new eyes and/or experiencing in a new way", or is the present, unenlightened, neighbourhood to be your final resting place? Whichever one your answer is; we respect your right, to choose it, and cop the consequences, for yourself, and, if you are a mother, or some volunteer whom she has designated as being in loco parentis, for your own, underage or otherwise subnormal, offspring. However we reject your right to decide, parentalistically and/or self-righteously, for anybody else who has not, voluntarily, i.e. not because of fear or favour, delegated that authority to you.

It's no trouble-causing problem for us, cousin, if you decide to disagree. This piece of poesy is no attempt to proselytise, persuade, convert or evangelise, as distinct from stimulate or energise, anyone; partly because, after adolescence, as saint loyolla the jesuit, for example, knew, none of us can ever change, as distinct from finely tune or modify, because of pedagogy, preaching and/or persuasive rhetoric, the way we are. We sinners learn Wisdom from, reflecting on, our own mistakes, which we see that others also make; so that those righteous "goody-goodies" who think they're good because they make none learn none.

None of us knows how to love (which includes knowing how to be loved) agapely and only some of us are trying, whole-heartedly and experimentally, and risk-takingly, to learn.

Nobody can change, for the better, anybody except himself/herself; as distinct from teach others, if they are interested, how people of his/her kind would like be helped, healed, pleasured and/or pleased. Instead of being intended to change others, this masterpiece, which is still a work in progress, is composed as a work of art, a minstrel's song, a call to arms and/or a weapon of war that expresses, in public, a point of view that one bright spark has learnt to believe, meek-mindedly but whole-heartedly, is reasonably true and can legitimately be expressed by anybody who has decided to believe in it. True believers display (some say we "flash and flaunt") our, preferred, option, in public, but what, if anything, anybody else decides to do because of this is their business; even if they are spooks employed by the suits, in langley, pine gap, fort meade, the pentagon and elsewhere, who suffer from the "mad-emperor disease", manage echelon and believe that "by way of deception thou shalt wage war and rule the world".

Ours is the win-win business of helping, and being helped by, others, freely, affectionately, unconditionally and voluntarily, which may entail offering options for their consideration, acceptance or rejection, as distinct from the lose-lose business of compromising and the win-lose business of managing and being managed. We are not in the job of deciding for, or on behalf of, or giving instructions to, or making recommendations for, others, like "benevolent mothers and fathers" do for/to their pre-pubescent offspring, or having others do that sort of stuff for us; which, among adults, is the malevolent devils', dirty, work.

IN BRIEF- We all live our own lives according to our own theoretical, and/or epistemological, assumptions which, when examined, are speculative as distinct from proved beliefs; based on "the balance of probabilities as perceived by the believer". We are self-responsible for the assumptions or informed guesses that we choose to believe are true; and for the practical consequences, to ourselves and others, that we cause by enacting them. One consequence is that all those relatively-privileged supervisors in a chain of command above the level whereat a bad deed is done, such as a commercial bribe is given or a war crime is committed, are, because of either negligence or the deliberate turning of a blind eye, equally accountable for that error. The buck stops with the c.e.o, such as the one with prime-ministerial, head-of-state and/or supreme-commander responsibility, but includes all those between him/her and the doer of the bad deed just as much. Moreover to enact a bad deed because of a supervisor's instruction is classed as a crime in the heavenly domain. Once this insight is accepted, as the natural law, all hiearchical pyramids, including those people on the apex of them, and those voluntarily under them, who are characterised, as was sergeant shultz, by an attitude of wilful ignorance, must fall; as totally as other bad eggs like humpty dumpty did.

The assumptions, like this one, of the meek-family point of view are called "counter-conventional", "counter-intuitive" and/or "counter-cultural" by evangelical scholars of repute, in church, ashram, madras, media, military academy and university, because ours are not only different from but also contradictory of those that they, and theirs, assume are true. We philosophical flashers presume, for example, that there is a Grand Plan that also can be known, by participants, as the Planner, or a Creator that is knowable by some of her Creation as a god, or a god that can be known by means of her expressed Word or Text, by one type of character She creates.
However we, who are figures of God's speech, are a bit like the curious, proverbial, cat in that we still can't comprehend what this two-part proposition truly means; in pragmatic, worldly, terms.

We know now in amorphous ways ("as through a glass darkly") but soon will understand with clarity, as saul of tarsus said.

It is our, informed, opinion that, despite all his sniffing about, like a tom that can sense a pussy, somewhere, on heat, mankind is missing the point of, the big picture of, Life because, as Mark Twain and others said, we are still fools (aka "dumb animals", in the vernacular). In religious terms, this means that everybody "sins" while in psychological terms it means that we suffer from the mental disease of "congenital stupidity". We sin by behaving, at least occasionally, badly, self-righteously, illogically, possessively, proudly (which may include patriotically, which is commonly "the last resort of scoundrels") and/or hypocritically; as some do when they've drunk too many bottles of red ned (like alexander, the macedonian prodigy, did when he partied in persipolis). Others have behaved equally as badly when, using the "secret intelligence" provided, in return for money, by cheats and liars such as ahmed chalibi and the rest of the i.n.c., they ordered and/or enacted the, latest, invasion of iraq (in george and condee's war, which has been a 500 billion dollar cost, which will rise to over a trillion dollar cost, for some suckers and a bigger income for some crooks, including the bankers, the owners of the private-security firms (are the gun-toting pinkertons still in business?), the oligarchs of the petrol-chemical-oil cartel and the manufacturers, and marketers, of bullet-proof vests, killer-drones, bunker-busting bombs, boeing bombers and military humvees). Much the same has happened in the various invasions of panama, granada, iran, tibet, afghanistan, palestine, lebanon and/or east timor where, as the soekarno family and their cobber keating knew, there's a lot of oil below the sea. The tamil tigers, the i.r.a., the sandinistas, the chechnyan rebels, george washington, the kelly gang, guy fawkes, spartacus and the other, self-styled, freedom fighters have, also, been involved, with the best of bad intentions, in wars of that, evil-versus-evil, type.

Half of us can't even imagine, let alone believe, that life in the world of man-made institutions, such as commercial corporation, clandestine agency, monogamous marriage, household family, tribal culture, monopoly profession, religious church, spiritual sect, public bureaucracy, national state, national army, parliamentary democracy and international community of nations, is only important as a preparation, ending in a pass-fail examination for selection or rejection, for life in the next, bigger and better, one; the perfect Partnership of peers. This means that nobody's success, to date, even if they've been designated "good", "eminent", "iconic", "heroic", "great", "a founding father" "a high achiever" or "a saint", has been of any meaningful, as distinct from puerile, pecuniary and/or political significance.

And this applies to the "darlings of the left", such as George Orwell, Gore Vidal, John Pilger and Noam Chomsky, and the "darlings of the greens", such as David Suzuki and Bob Brown, as much as it applies to the neo-cons, the religious fundamentalists and anybody else.

Capitalists value money-making, and managerial, skills rather than the inherited, biological, blood that is valued by the feudalists; but they both believe in meritocracy as distinct from the virtue of equality and so are of the same, pyramid-type, brotherhood. Following the wars waged and won by the capitalists against the feudalists (in places like stuart england, new england, austia-hungary and nippon), the national socialists (who had banned the jewish bankers) and the international socialists (misnamed, by spin doctors, as "the communists"), their world is on the verge of the armegeddon-type battle, that ends their fourth world-war, which has been begun (circa 1990) between the zionists (many jews are not zionists but many, old-testament type, christians are) and the jihadists (who, like the marxists before them, now form a web of cells of anti-capitalist idealists). Their mutual annihilation, as happens, sooner or later, to all families that think they're entitled, and/or obligated, to "live ruthlessly and/or by the sword", and which their "group think" and "delusion of invincibility", combined with the technical excellence of their w.m.d's, spy satellites, killer drones and i.e.d.'s, now makes possible, is both immanent and imminent. We gnostics, who share, and value, God's sang real, or spiritual blood, foresee, happily, "a deadly pox on both their houses" as Shakespeare, Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet might, also, say.

After this end-of-an-age event the earth will be habitable, not only by cockroaches and a myriad of, other, sub-human species, that are useful body-parts of one corporeal god, but, also, by one family of beloved-loving peers who will have fully educed our talent for sharing our personal talents and the common earth, i.e. our divine and/or natural inheritance, anarchistically and/or meekly; "like fully-fledged angels and/or gods" on top of the earth's status, energy and food chains; for the common good. This new, type of, world, and/or this adult way of being Man, code named by some as "Camelot" and by others as "Utopia" or "Erewon", whereby we "walk gently on the earth", will be characterised by a bohemian play-ethic that contradicts the "protestant work-ethic" of the money-minded bourgeoisie, of all theologies and nationalities. And dietary puritans might note that, for enjoyment and/or survival, we all feed on the, mundane, blood and body of our god, whether we are vegetarians, carnivores, vegans, fruitarians or breatharians; although, unless we are cannibals, the pieces that we kill, cook and eat, or consume raw, and give thanks to our god for getting, are not any of her self-conscious bits.

It's time for sinners to repent, strip ourselves of sin and let the righteous, i.e. those other hypocrites who can't believe they're sinners, stew instead of continuing to rule, screw, censor, blame and/or exclude the rest of us; in an orwellian world, of institutionalised inequality, wherein a disadvantaged child dies every three seconds from a curable disease, 2% of the population consume 25% of the energy from Nature's bounty of fossil-fuel, food, water, human labour and bio-fuel and c.e.o.'s "earn" 262 times the average worker's wage. It's time, me hearties, for good-willed mates to rise in mutiny, using the non-violent resistance dreamed up by meek-minded men whom the, self-righteous, bastards martyred, like Jesus, known by some as a christ, Gandhi, named by some as a mahatma, and M.L.King junior, who called himself a dreamer, to up-end the, privileged, families of the captains, commanders and lieutenants of that ancient, evil, regime, and revolutionise society; buttocks over breakfast-time. We'll then share, as peers, the spoils of good-willed piracy (aka "the bliss that comes, to the global loverhood of Man", with successfully seducing the seductive virgin-goddess; which entails both outfoxing the dragons, including the kings' men, who've been in charge till now and ignoring, unlike them, the temptations posed by the cunning Bitch's golden apples").

It's table-turning time, comrades, citizens, crew-mates and others. It's time to don the war-bonnet, pull out the stops, press the button, flaunt the black flag, crack the whip and fight the final battle of the revolutionary War to end all wars. This entails changing the focus of the mind's eye that we use for understanding, in order to see, physically, and perceive, metaphysically, and experience, ecstatically, the new world that this change of consciousness reveals when, metaphorically speaking, "some frogs turn into princes for their Lady's, and her ladies', sacred sex" and "the money merchants, and other sorts of fascist, can no longer rule, and screw, the kindly kind of folk".

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