by (Dr) Doug Ogilvie (9/7/10)

1. OVERVIEW. Actung! What's happening to the world? Although most of its citizens don't have a clue, give a damn or know it yet, we have begun the violent end of an era and the beginning of the, much better, one that's next; wherein nationalism, ecclesiasticism and capitalism will all be dead and gone and gnostic anarchism will be the order of the day. This envisaged metamorphosis entails an act of natural selection and global quality control that is unprecedented, as a type, in the history of the earth's, emergent, evolution which includes the evolution of generic man as the current phylum, on earth, of the deciduous tree of everlasting Life. Human beings who are unfit for survival, because of their unadaptive nature, and obsession with possessions, are already being axed along with their dependents, including those who are children and so in need of special care, as the earth is purified; which makes pregnancy and child-breeding more problematical than they have ever been. It's mainly a revolution of good, anarchic, versus bad, fascist, relationships and interactions that will rip the civilised world apart, and kill off the half of us who cannot change, appropriately; within a year or two.

During the bad-old, winter-like and child-like, era we have normally known the living God, Nature and/or Heaven, even if by other names, as our accommodating Context and/or Whole, of which/whom we are a consubstantial-knowing part. However this knowing has been imperfect, because of our hypocrisy, or mental immaturity, which includes making false assumptions and believing in
non-sequiteurs, and so we've not known her, convivially, as the Person or the Family who is our most important, and potentially helpful, relative. Hypocrisy is mankind's deadly sin or childish foolishness while our other faults, such as violence (the violation of adult self-sovereignty), theft, half-truths, bad-laws, lies and the loveless attitude that causes a billion people to go hungry-thirsty every day, because others consume more than their fair share of consumables, such as energy, are its signs, symptoms and/or logical sequiteurs.

Soon, as She becomes seasonally alive-awake, on periodic heat, the Apocalyptic Revelation will enlighten us and enable us, if we are spiritually attractive because of being spiritually meek, and not self-righteous, in terms of the life stories we compose and live, to know, and be known by, her convivially, in/as the status-quo post of dynamic peace, perfect paradise and consensual diversity. In this, radically, new regime, i.e. the universal-love economy, we'll be self-governed by the golden rule of true, agape, love and everlasting life as these ideas are defined, truthfully, in the, eclectic and holistic, Wisdom lexicon. At the same time self-righteous pricks, of both sexes, who cannot mend their, wicked, ways by ending their hypocrisy, and fear, which requires understanding, adopting, obeying and enacting, as one's everyday way of life, the golden rule of universal love, are damned to violate our basic rights and die, not worth a brass razoo or tinker's curse, during the transformative change to mankind's adult, imago, state; which already has been begun, precociously, by some.

The best preparation for living in this brave new world of selfless love is to improve one's friendship network in terms of numbers and diversity, and other qualities such as variety of interests and talents, including living a life of mutual aid and voluntary simplicity like Gandhi, Diogenes and other anti-capitalists.

The old days and ways of romantic-reproductive-sexual love (like casanova's lust) and parental-childish, including lord (like dalai-lama, krisna, yahweh, allah and lord jesus-christ) and devotee-disciple love, and love of locations, possessions and abstractions, are now dead and gone or going fast, and a new, agape, type of love for a new, anarcho-communistic, type of world has been begun, by those who are not doomed to die and become, with the rest of their self-righteously hypocritical species of corporeal life, extinct. This true, sacred and platonic sort of, love need not entail the emotions of either mundane sex, marriage or parentage, although occasionally, sometimes incestually, it can. In the new regime that follows the apocalypse for some and their doomsday for the rest, the sense of, good-quality, logic, or knowledge of the Logos, precedes the relevant action and emotion, altruism is recognised as being, paradoxically in terms of the old, dualistic, lexicons, the best means of expressing egoism and the logic of her Law (of pay-back poetic justice) is recognised to make the living System, of living systems, that we call the World and/or the Word, everlastingly sustainable, albeit seasonally changeable.

So let us now, as one global family of beloved-loving peers, deny the reality and legality of reified and deified abstractions, such as lord gods and corporate nations and their institutionalised roles, such as king, parson, treasurer and president, whereby the sinful serve the needs of hell and the devils who, in roles of managerial authority, rule that wretched regime, dictatorially as distinct from consensually, win the final battle of the good versus evil war and, by this last quantum leap, bring our, exponential, evolution, including its cerebral development, to its intended, climactic, end of neo-gnostic peace and democratic anarchy. Let's drink to this last revolution, comrades, turn our drinking glasses down and then go for broke to score a world-wide victory; while the others stew, fart and fry in their own, self-righteous, juice, because of the bad, tough-tittied, luck of their, unpredictable, genetic inheritance or parental sex-act draw.

2. THE PROPOSITION . Hi. What follows is an explanation-exposition of a revolutionary new idea combining three constituent ideas; anarchism, holism and neo-gnosticism. If the text is too hard for you to understand then you might pass it on, leave it on a bus seat or ask a friend to explain the guist of it, in four-letter words, to you.

The proposition proposes a philosophy, religion and/or ideology which resembles, more than most, that of
l'internationale, composed by eugene pottier in 1871. The similarity is because we both say; ignore the trivia, comrades-citizens, do what matters most, man the barricades, fly the, black, anarcho-communistic flag and the last fight let us, with courage, foresight and panache, fight. The main problem that we, les modern miserables, face, I say, is mankind's biggest; which is bigger even than the oil spill in the gulf  and petraeus's in the mountains of afghanistan, which makes us highly ambitious and ultra optimistic; more so than the dominants and their submissives of the normal, wicked, world of mammon and/or babylon. Like those of theirs and other, lesser ones, our problem can only be solved by being truly understood as one coherent whole. This requires logical analysis and synthesis, of both anecdotal and scientific evidence, integrated in a, new, holistic-global way; i.e. a change in human consciousness that, via an apocalypse, or mental metamorphosis, enables a better type of relationship (aka "true love") to link together all who successfully make the envisaged, higher-heavenly, grade, of gnosis and/or enlightenment, and so "can live in love, in our imago state, like anarchistic gods and angels can co-exist convivially in the state of perfect paradise; which means both in a rule-bound regime and with a meaningful-emotional feeling, both of which are good". 

This may sound over-optimistic to pessimists, such as those in the spy agencies of the nation states, who expect more-worse of the past until they die. However as a quantum leap in evolution, both cerebral and societal, to "a sustainably new manner of thinking" (
vide albert einstein), as god-men or nefilim, it is the only way to go and not become extinct, as their species soon will be; as dead as neanderthals and dinosaurs that, being unadaptive, inflexible and over-rigid in their ways, couldn't change those ways to cope with a seasonal change of their contextual whole, Nature, when this, as a challenging-testing opportunity, occurred. A problem for them is that the presence of we ambitious mystics hinders their mundane aspirations and operations because of the example we set as we serve-worship a natural Heaven, including galaxy and solar system, as our homeland-home, where we as spirits-roles began our lives, more than a manufactured nation such as those they idolise, and as a consequence of this, radical, difference of opinion-attitude-identity they feel compelled to make life, and death, tougher than it has, otherwise, to be for us. They persecuted and killed socrates, jesus and other good guys, including gals, for being different, albeit meekly non-violent, didn't they, and still feel justified in doing the same, self-righteously, today!

In them, aggressive-possessive, animal genes are dominant, whereas angelic genes, which make further evolution possible-natural, are predominant for us. This is a difference in type of person caused by chance, at sexual conception, not personal merit earned by hard work-effort later on in life. The talents needed for success in the ancient and modern worlds will not be valued much tomorrow when, following a judgment-assessment, change of season, day, nothing, on the planet, will have stayed the same and we'll live in a brave new world of universal love, eternal life and/or consensual diversity.

Our common predicament can't be ended by more violence, ruthlessness, laws, prisons, cannons or cossacks in the streets; with people knowing what, and how, we know what we know today. The animal-type of consciousness that causes the Problem, including its voluntary servitude, pandemic violence and hierarchical dominance, can't solve it, but, possibly with cosmetic changes, may help to continue, disguise or repeat it for another year or two until it is solved by other means. Although a few get close, nobody I know yet, or know about, thinks like this, and believes, like me, in the inevitability of  a fundamentally new, anarcho-gnostic, ideology for a better-new society and a better-new, angelic-type, humanity, and are working hard to bring it all about. However such seers must be out there somewhere if what I believe is true and real and not just an idle fantasy. Few, I know, even contemplate the possibility of a paranormal social-intellectual order; of Heaven here on earth and round about. Those who do, claim no credit for constructing, building or maintaining the present shit-house world, or global status-quo, called corporate civilisation, imperialism, mammon, babylon, hell, the underworld, nationalism and/or capitalism, wherein money and/or money lenders, or credit creators, including money changers, and their agents, not only talk(s) but rule(s) and regulate(s) the pecking order roosts. However while we live we do hope, before we die, to help God bring the established neo-fascist system (
vide the Sex Pistols' banned anthem-song in 77) down, like jack the giant-killer, with his little axe, in the metaphorical teaching-myth, brought down his beanstalk-tree, mainly for his poor-widowed mother's benefit, and consequently his.

Any system with a beginning has an ending and, as a political economy, capitalism began, with nationalism, scientism and protestantism, around the north atlantic, with the end of feudalism, three centuries ago, morphed from the
laissez-faire type into fascism, 80 years or so ago and is due for ending, violently, now.

Capitalism has become a whore-harlot house in which normal people work in worker roles for, or as, pimps, madams and ponces, in managerial roles, and, by doing so, prostitute their god-given talents, including, but not only, those of sex and management, for a material, money-measurable, reward. "Babylon the scarlet harlot" may be an insulting name for some, self-righteous, babylonians but it is a meaningful metaphor, depicting the, corrupt-corrupting, nature of normal, capitalist, society, for anybody who is, even a little, cluey, wise or, as an insider, in the know. Apart from charity, the users-beneficiaries should pay the cost of what they get or the transaction is uneconomical, and the supply-demand forces of the market are not free; which in international capitalism is commonly the case and a cause of that system's imminent collapse. Sex, money and power-over-others, in contrast to agape friendship-helpfulness, which is limited only by the golden rule and benefits the, heavenly, gods as well as the direct, earthly, participants, are bad motivations in all situations for everyone.

Human history, which is designed to repeat its lessons, including this one and those of folk songs, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, the 1923 hyperinflation in the weimer-german republic, picaso's guernica and hawke stabbing hayden in the back, until mankind's, final, judgment day, is at its critical turning-point (
vide Fritz Capra). The die is cast. The end has now begun. Complete revolution, not just partial-parochial reformation, will now change our customary, neo-fascist, way(s) and begin a radically new regime; of neo-gnostic anarchy, somewhat like the paris communards and others such as some basques in spain have tried, for those who can prove our fitness to survive the, violent, end of corporate managerialism and reach our adult, imago, state of universal love as high-class communalists and/or one-earth anarchists. Without this change in attitude, world peace is impossible because, in corporate civilisation, there is no, universal, justice, equal freedom or common wealth but much, increasing, decadence, injustice and discontent that causes violence. But, only, with this change it is. Without it, catastrophes already underway, both natural and artificial, will render mankind extinct, in what is already the sixth mass extinction of earth-based species, by 2013 a.d.. To judge by the exponential nature of our, two-way, progression, especially, in one way, in terms of internationalisation, or world-wide diaspora from our origins in the rift in africa, scientific-technological invention, holistic thinking-reasoning (of which James Lovelock's deep ecology, with its Gaia hypothesis, typifies the type) and narrative-language development, and, in another way, pollution, including population, erosion, industrial-garbage and carbon-gas emission growth, since the tribal days of 40,000 b.c. which, as nomadic hunters, fishermen and gatherers, we homo sapiens sapiens shared with neolithic-neanderthal man, the, predictable, split-end of evolution, as fruition for some and destruction for some others, is very nearly nigh. Those people obsessed with the good-beautiful side of life, and their good luck in being privileged to enjoy it more than most, are just as wacko, badly biased and one-eyed as those who can only see the ugly-bad-unlucky side. The past, both good and evil, has been essential for the future's imminent-immanent fruition and extinction, and we can learn from both. This two-part type of end is, and has always been, logically inevitable and explicable and hence predicable in terms of abstract types of event, season and character, by those, clear-free thinkers, who could learn to know the logic (i.e. Logos) of universal Life, albeit not in detail such as anno domino. A good theory of human nature is essential knowledge to be known for human salvation. Primitive human-nature, including its mistake-making tendency, will cause the final war of armageddon which causes bifurcation which precedes human unification-adulthood and this has already been begun.

Because of a deep desire to both witness and, actively, participate in this great, life-changing, happening, as a participant observer, I would not be dead just yet, as distinct from physically and intellectually slow and handicapped, for quids. The cleaning-up and collapsing of, man-made, society have already been begun; albeit not yet conceived in this life-changing, menopausal, way, like a natural change-of-life or mid-life crisis, or coming-out debut, by anybody I sup with and know. This great idea is being especially rejected by those political animals who still believe, and help enact, dim-wittedly, the illuminate's social-engineering, civilisation-building-and-maintaining, job and dislike being criticised, e.g. full-mooned, for this by those of us who don't and know we never will.

The problem? We don't know how to be good friends, let alone good lovers, on a big-universal, as distinct from minor-parochial, scale, which we do in our ticky-tacky boxes, both urban and suburban, including those in high rises, on small acreages and in trendy eco-villages, with locked gates, guard dogs and no-trespass signs. Moreover, most don't know that this is the main problem-predicament we all face. Our other problems are, consequential, symptoms of this, self-obsessive and atomistic, cause. Token charity, given occasionally, self-righteously and selectively, as it is by means of philanthropic hand-outs and granny-welfare states, does not disprove the point, and normal love affairs, including adolescent blow-jobs, and casual affairs, in couples, harems, cliques and corporations are a different can of worms from what we mean by saying this. Goodness in other specialities, such as motherhood, mathematics, academic scholarship and computer-rocket science, has no, significant, relationship with this unfriendliness, or love starvation, from which we all suffer, fatally; but which some of us can cure, are curing and will cure within a year or two; by adopting the golden rule as our, new-age, angelic, way-and-code of sacred sex, universal love, everlasting life and zero population change. "Golden", in Wisdom, including that of speculative alchemy, is a simile-synonym for "good", "holy" and/or "the very best" in lesser lexicons.

Goodness means living a life of consensual agreement, cooperative anarchy and/or multi-partner partnership whereby particular laws and implementations are only legitimate if they are unobjectionable for everyone who feels effected by their, implied, if-then consequences, which requires the exclusion, by excommunication or extermination of those who can't understand and live, "pure of heart", by this holy code of good relationships and so, if they live, screw things up for everybody else, as well as for themselves. In opposing us, our foes criticise our key ideas after taking them out of context and using their, different, definitions instead of using ours, for misunderstanding what we mean by what we say, and so telling part-truths, half-truths and damned-outright lies about us and our, high, ideals. They commonly misreport-misinterpret what we mean by "building straw houses" that they then, self-righteously, blow down; as if that false fantasy of theirs disproves the reality of what we have proposed. They use phrases, slack-mindedly, such as advocating "traditional values" (female circumcision?) and the virtue of "hard labour" (by galley slaves?), that can mean almost anything that suits them; to win arguments rather than solve practical problems and predicaments; all of which are, also, theoretical.

What precedes and follows in this epic-epistle is counter-conventional, not counter-intuitive; in the wise meaning of the, symbolic, words. The basic proposition is iconoclastic, messianic and eccentric; which makes the view expressed different from normal world-views, both progressive and conservative, including those of tribalism, imperialism, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, nihilism, feminism and ecclesiasticism. The postulation denies the inevitability of natural entropy (
vide Newton's second, thermodynamic, law) and, involuntary, human-death for every human being; although it does entail an apocalypse, i.e. an, unprecedented change of mind, or mental transformation, for some, who can help one another to do this as a global group in anarchistic solidarity. We must "transform or die!" as teilhardians say; to papists, proddies, politicians, pundits and the rest, who normally ignore, self-righteously, the good advice they, gratuitously, get. We've reached the optimum, population, size, of 6.6 billion, and the galactic, change of season, time, when, following a global war of armageddon, the age of aquarius dawns, for the end of evolution, the bifurcation of the human genus, into its good and evil halves, the disintegration of corporate civilisation and the dawning of the new, anarchic and post-modern, golden age; the status-quo post period for the good half of the human race. These are we who, by doing the will of God, by sheer will power, will prove our fitness for the privilege of not being slaughtered, wiped out, barbecued and/or holocausted with the, closed-minded, other lot; who cannot change their puerile, technologically-clever but spiritually-foolish, ways and so are damned-doomed to die, unenlightened, within a year or few. They are not only the six percent who own-control 60% of their world's material wealth, persuasive influence and political power today but also the rest who think, pessimistically, that this, gross, inequality is a, tolerable, reflection of a human nature that is evil and will never-ever change.

The, archetypal, window of opportunity has opened, briefly, for a year or few. Our, bipolar, options are to see, and end up in, either mud or stars. Those who are, metaphorically, ascending, enraptured emotionally, up the stairway to Heaven and/or the cyclically-living God(s) are
the spiritually meek and mystical, no matter what religious or irreligious movements we are members of or not. Our rivals' propositions, both theistic and atheistic, are part of a divine conspiracy, masterminded by the gods and enacted, dim-wittedly, by the worldly-wise illuminate, who may belong to freemasonry, rosicrucianism, the bilderbergers or some other, self-righteously elitist, brotherhood-fraternity of  hierarchical-exclusive master-men, including butch-type women such as sarah palin and julia gillard are for the puppeteers who pull their, puppet-dancing, strings. The classic con-job is designed for fooling, with a sense of self-importance, the, spiritually, unfit runts of the human litter and ending any possibilities they may have of attaining, and so ruining, for both themselves and others, the high-heavenly estate of good health, real wealth, true love and free, informed-adult, choice. This is a bit like spiders do when they use a sticky web for catching-killing bugs, while not prohibiting the breeding-multiplying of them and other pests before they have served their, reproductive-multiplication, food-chain, purpose and their elimination, as a species, has become a, logical, necessity by means of an act of natural-selection by Nature and/or God; such as can be a sea and/or global-climate change.

All, subjective, ideas and all, objective, things can be used in either of two ways, spiritually speaking, depending on the motivating reason; which can be either good, from a divine-sacred point of view, or not.

By being human we live, as role-playing characters, in a meaningful context that is both a universal narrative and a structured universe; self-composed, metaphysically and physically, in terms of universal Wisdom; which is the language of God and her, constituent, gods, including galaxies and solar systems. Each of us is entitled, and obligated, to make an informed guess (or accept another's guess) concerning the best set, dictionary or lexicon of definitions for the abstractions that we use for understanding what this, ground-figure, context-text and object-subject, situation is and for deciding what to do, and not do, while we are conscious of being constituents with and inside it. These, theoretical, assumptions can't be proven or disproven except by judging, the quality of, their practical results and nobody has yet got their gambling-gaming skills 100% correct, in an archery-roulette type of contest wherein near misses by inches are no better than are big ones by a mile. However that, colossal, mistake-ignorance of ours is due to change, in a great uprising by the world's fittest species that's, unexpectedly, surprising for the other, unfit but less miserable, species of, generic, Man, on the planet now. Are you, as your top priority, with us, helpfully as fellow-sufferers and good-helpful friends, of a transnational and/or universal family-group, committed to mass enlightenment by means of an apocalypse, or not, which would mean you are against us in the role of careless indifferent or foe, as we make our final move to get back home where we belong, and where our roles, as children of one God, began. This is to pristine Paradise, in anarchistic Love, not under the devils' spell of dominance, dominion or control as everybody is on earth today, and has been, since the pre-urban, stone-age, days of long-millennia ago when we began living in abstractions that we imagined and reified as real.

From then we've evolved, exponentially, through tribalism, imperialism, feudalism and capitalism, by ever shorter-faster cycles or statuses; until half of us are nearly ready now for a massive morph to a, climactic, time of anarcho-communism enthused by neo-gnosticism; a liberation from witch doctors and their invented abstractions, such as tribe, chief and nation.

From our neo-gnostic perspective and/or neo-pagan point of view, an unprecedented, transformational and global, change has been, unstoppably but explicably, begun, although many people, like dead mullet on the beach, don't understand what's really happening to them and why. The facts? The old-cold world, characterised by reified and deified abstractions, violence, hypocrisy and a neurotic fear of stranger-danger, i.e. xenophobia, is ending in the final solution, which includes a mental-social-ideological revolution. At the same time the new world is beginning to take shape as one characterised, instead, by the agape-universal love of God (i.e. the All, who, being omnipotent, can be whatever She may wish herself to be, including anybody's perfect-silent Partner in a two-part, man-god, subject-object, enterprise) and all one's, meek-minded, fellow men whom we are conscious of being related to as spiritual kith and kin. God is knowable by mankind as the Logos and/or Word, i.e. a static mind, logical statement or set of, meaningful-emotional, ideas, and/or as a contextual tale of, changing, materials which, as repose and movement, need to be harmonised as two complementary aspects of the omnipresent, mind and matter, One. Because of being accommodating more than travelling She is, mainly, feminine in, spiritual, gender, in her relationship with constituent, bisexual, in biological gender, Man, which makes a life of sacred-chaste sex, or holy-erotic marriage, including what normals, being wowsers, will criticise, before they die, as wantonness and kinkiness, possible, with enlightenment, for both She and we.

The human problem is being solved, immediately and logically, using state-of-the-art, holistic and high-tech., reasoning; although the solution will only benefit the, spiritually, meek and gentle souls among us, i.e. those who can learn to live and play together, self-governing, by God-and-Nature's golden rule, or natural order, of universal-platonic love and/or consensual diversity. Whether they are regimenting-regimented governmentalists, like most journal-blog-news editors, who are obsessed, when culling submissions, with marketable style, popularity and personality more than substance, truth or consistent logical principle, or lawless libertarians, or a confused-confusing mix of both, the residual-rest belong, while they still live, here in hell-purgatory, on earth; wherein we are governed by devils (aka "managerial authorities" and "control freaks") using lots of laws, norms, rules, codes, conventions, mores, protocols and precedents that are not only different from but often contradictory to, Heaven's single-simple one. The point(s) at issue is the quality, such as hindering-fearful or affectionate-helpful, of our personal relationships and the best meanings, in terms of logical quality, for the abstract ideas, which are generally adjectives, adverbs and abstract, including common-collective, nouns, telling of qualities, like "goodness", "love" and "godliness", that we use in composing-interpreting our life-stories, i.e. Spirits. The best type-set of these ideas is holy-whole, not incomplete, truncated or fractured, in terms of characters, roles and relationships, such as are corporate hierarchies, competitive anarchies, and self-deceptive hypocrites.

The human problem is less one of numbers-arithmetic and more a narrative-language one, of not understanding the, true, meaning of the, originating-autonomous "I am" Word and the endless tale it tells, authoritatively and autobiographically; as "I am God, and/or Heaven, the, cyclically-living, One and only everliving All of everyone". The other, apparent, problems, such as mankind's economic, political, criminal, financial, medical, marital, pollution, addiction, over-population, unwanted-pregnancy, fossil-fuel, injustice and religious ones, are really symptoms of one basic problem; which is our misunderstanding of the nature of the, everlasting, Truth. The truth seeking, or raja yoga, job, for those who assume this, best, occupation-role, is to compose-interpret the best, aesthetical, including ethical and logical, story as our ever-living Context, and to live, righteously, rapturously, healthily and happily, with cyclical longevity, the best role we can enact with-in, and on behalf of, this archetypal, living, tale.

In order to do this successfully we all need to change, radically, by ending our addiction to hypocrisy, which is the fatal human sin, and so beginning to be self-governing, instead, by the golden rule of universal love, which hypocrites don't do because, while they're hypocrites, or faulty reasoners, they, being ill-equipped for this all-important problem-solving job, can't even understand the true meaning of the words, let alone enact them as a way of being alive. This, mental purification-clarification, will enable us to join in, fully fledged, the perfect-playful Partnership of the one true God and Man. What a wonderful way this will be to live, including love and otherwise play, self-responsibly, one day, between times for resting, at a time! The more helpful we can be, including the more-and-better can be the meaningful coincidences we perceive and acts of random kindness we enact, and get, the better off, as a species or family, we increasingly kind and generous individuals will be. Paradoxically, if we ignore our interconnectedness, the more we help the Other the more we help ourselves. Morality derives from logicality. Mammon is an analogy, metaphor or parody of Heaven, and so the better we understand it as the first, womb-like, world, of regimented chaos, wherein we are passing by and through, without being attached to it, as permanent home and garden, the better we can prepare for graduating to the next and better, higher-status, one, of consensual-democracy, diversity-anarchy and/or mutually-helpful individualism; Nirvana in the hindu-wisdom lexicon.

A man is part of a contextual whole, who is his god, which is a hard, holistic, idea, needing broad experience and much critical-reflection, to grasp. From being attachments whereby God can know herself, we're designed, with enlightenment, to become conscious of being superhuman gods, or man-gods, ourselves. When we develop this best, possible, relationship with one another and with God, who is the whole of whom mankind is meant to be a consubstantial, coordinating-knowing, including thinking and copulating, part, we'll be like gods who are entitled to receive aid, including guidance, from and obligated to give aid, freely and unconditionally, but not parentalistically-patronisingly, like compassionate conservatives sometimes do, to other family members, but who interact differently, contractually, with outsiders-deniers who don't know of their divinity, talk a different lexicon, walk a different way and can't be trusted to be truthful, honest, helpful, accepting, forgiving and kind; living in multi-partner partnership, self-governing by the golden rule. We treat outsiders, as a general rule, carefully and non-violently but otherwise as they treat us; which is what God, being fair, square and on the level, does with everyone, including us.

There is, to be, zero tolerance of negative emotions, such as fear, anger, angst, anxiety, despondency, sadness and ruthlessness, which exude-absorb negative-bad vibes from, like positive-good vibes are also expressed-felt by, the hearts-or-nuclei of living cells, discs, orbs, beings, happenings and spheres, in this, heavenly type of, multi-partner Partnership, which is the
telos of the earth's, and her solar-system's, evolution to her season of flowering-fruition, or cyclical completion. This developmental process is both natural and divine; a teleological-intentional process, in case you didn't know and think Life's meaningless; a miraculous-purposeless accident, beginning with a big bang by dead matter forming into cells that, magically, as if in a mandrake comic  or a fakir's fake-illusion tent, become energetically alive, until ended by the decadence of newtonian, closed-system, entropy. This strict naturalisation requirement, or immigration policy, excludes, at the border-line, most families of potential immigrants, including the ruthless-atheistic "communists", whose falsely-named and permanently-failed regimes, in the past century, left 150 million, commies and anti-commies, dead, and all other sorts of, self-righteous, social engineer or rip-off merchant, including those who, because of their cunning use of clever cons like vote buying, judicial appointments, cheap labour, free donations, to salve guilty consciences, intimidations, subsidies and bail-outs for the influential-powerful, including those who manage scams like hedge funds, priestly sin-forgiveness, in return for donations and hail marys, and saudi oil and so become, damned-rich, palatial-living, millionaires. Those smart operators, con merchants and wheeler dealers include those who lie about there being a, voluntary, social contract agreed to by the people, and who persuade others, self-righteously, by promising rewards as bribes, such as rhodes and nobel prizes, and threatening pain, eg. in hell, lockout or jail, as penalty rather than influence, and be influenced, meekly, by the logic of good reasoning and personal example. The fault to be addressed is in the, hypocritical, art of politics, i.e. social, including moral, mechanical, theological and financial, planning-persuading-engineering, rather than in any particular politicians, such as suffragettes, feminists, greenies, parties, programmes, plans, procedures, products or policies, all of which/whom are evil because of being unprincipled-hypocritical; unlike, true, anarchists who rule ourselves by the golden rule of Nature, Heaven and/or God. The human problem can't be understood and solved by political animals, even when aided by others who are badly-biased specialists, including lobbyists, like millionaires michael moor and henry kissinger, in think-tanks, austar-documentaries, judicial-enquiries or, expensive, summit-meetings. Peaceful remedial action, to solve this mega-problem, has always been unsuccessful-impossible; because peace activists, such as mother teresa in the calcutta landlords' slums, have lacked the, mental, tools to do the job. Given the nature of Nature, including primitive human-nature and normal human-nurture, warfare, armed conflict and suffering have been inescapable-inevitable; even by buddhist monks and nuns in sanctuaries and bored housewives on pilates in the gym. A final, big-bloody, war of armageddon, with massive collateral damage, waged between evil empires, probably the republics of china and the u.s.a., in the tit-for-tat roles of tom and gerry, and their economic colonies and subsidiaries, such as israel and iran, is, and has always been, inevitable. It is all logical and hence predictable but not preventable; in major pattern as distinct from minor details, such as date and place. We don't need a crystal ball, or high i.q. like top psychologists clam they have, but rather a reasonably reliable set of brains and memories, to foresee mankind's, divided, destiny. Meanwhile the good versus evil war, which we meek people are, at last, able and about to understand and win, is a religious, class and civil one; with all the violence and ruthlessness, such as those of gaza rockets, killings in custody and piracy-enforced blockades, all enacted by one, the wicked, many-sided, side. Given their, unchangeable, nature-attitude, the dominants, including war lords and battle chiefs, who dominate everything from big pools to little puddles, will never give up and share their lurks, perks, possessions and privileges, such as homelands, spouses, palaces and occupied territories, voluntarily; and only the, politically, naive believe, as, gullible, suckers, in the possibility of that particular, mind-changing, miracle. The beginning of the winning of the final battle of this war will be in a court of natural justice, common law and if-then logic, that some self-righteous grunt initiates against a few of us, while his boss, who prefers a quiet life, is sound, even if snoringly, asleep. During the grand-final contest that eventuates, globally and unstoppably, because of this free publicity (of we good old-little guys being bullied-brutalised, as underdogs, by big-bossy brutes with bad laws, big wigs, big bucks, body armour and big guns on their side) everybody will be compelled to decide publicly, by default if necessary, if we are fighting for the good side of mankind or not; and cop the logical consequence, either spiritual rebirth or everlasting death, of the option we each select as being appropriate for us as self-responsible individuals.

The details of this, global, contest, that ends the millennia-long status-quo and begins the long-time status-quo post, are debatable but what we need to know beforehand is that the winning team will win because of preparing for and sharing in the, good, relationship of mutual aid and/or equal-status love; "all for one and one for all", but on a grander, less parochial, scale than even Alexander Dumas visualised, conceptualised and said,
via his queen's musketeers. This species' liberation includes using, paranormal, understandings and talents that only, enlightening, Wisdom can provide, in a corporeal reality that has become real rather than virtual, as it is with-in corporate bodies such as man-made nations, theological churches and commercial companies; all of which, like the indian rope trick and the shaman's astral travelling, are optical illusions, legalised fictions or reified abstractions-and-conspiracies.

The best gift to give, get, pass on or share is Wisdom, or the Word; knowledge of which enables us to know and be known by God-Heaven intimately, including sexually and affectionately, in person-to-person partnership, as the angels, who act as surrogates for, representing, God, and her, representative, gods, in heaven, at a higher, spiritual, level, do.

3. THE WORD. We change artists and/or change advocates of the new-next, heavenly, regime, on earth, believe more than most in "family values" but value most a special type of family, with relationships of a very special, beloved-loving and consensually-diverse, sort that is self-governing, anarchistically, by God's golden rule of true, agape, love. "My roof, my rule, although the outhouse is under rafferty's" our patroness says, maternalistically and with a wicked-wiley grin. This, extended-extensive, family of ours is due to inherit, freely, as the common property of a family of tenants-in-common, the earth and all that dwells-grows thereon-therein, as our family home and our, contextual, god's co-ordinated knowing organ, by 2013 a.d.; so we're wise to get up, erect, off our knees and butts, open up our hearts and minds to as many friends, of different sub-types, as possible and prepare ourselves, cooperatively and self-responsibly, for the innovative changeover, transformation or metamorphosis to this new-high-real, and democratically shared, estate. Other families who exclude us, self-righteously, from their possessions, publications, properties, assistance and acts of privileged affection, can now get well and truly stuffed; if you'll excuse the vulgar nature of the descriptor-metaphor. But you can get stuffed yourself if, self-righteously, you feel you can't "forgive us our sins like we forgive you yours, which we know are just as bad as, even if somewhat different from, ours".

Bon jour. As predicted in someone's gnostic gospel, this author is like "a thief in the night"; an, uncelebrated, plagiarist (which will turn off those readers who need charismatic celebrities in bossy roles and bossy boots, preferably with authoritative and/or holy books, to charm, decide for, dictate to and govern, them) who is also "an open-minded codger of, broad, experience and, uncommon, understanding" (as predicted, as a collective noun, in the gospel of judas-didymous thomas from the nag hammadi library, and called the comforter elsewhere). He, on behalf of his, anarchic, crew of cobbers, has a neo-gnostic revelation to share with those equally-common folk who know they're sinners, like he is, as distinct from righteous, as God is and vain hypocrites believe they are, but who are also, spiritually, meek; i.e. actual or potential believers in the golden, good-behaviour, rule of true, agape, love (vide Luke, 6,31, and elsewhere in, eclectic, Wisdom literature). Belief in the imminence of this, apocalyptic, revelation will enable we, spiritually-meek, believers to talk, walk, sing, wine. dine, dance, fornicate, prick-tease and play, convivially and anarchistically, with one another and the God(s), which admittedly is nearly, but not necessarily, a psychotic proposition; beginning on what can only be their doomsday for the self-righteous sinners who will not (mainly because they cannot imagine, believably, the changes that this proposition means for them) change their ways which tend to be hypocritical, violent, selfish, secretive, exclusive, acquisitive, possessive, pyramidal and/or hierarchical, like baboons that, also, live and squabble in packs as hierarchical families. This, irreconcilable, difference of personal opinion about values and valuables will cause a sudden division-bifurcation of the human race, or rent the social fabric, into its good and evil halves; god-law abiding us on one side and god-law violating them, against us, on the other. Heaven is designed to then emerge, on earth, as the, resurrected-renaissanced, family home for the survivors of this evolutionary act of natural selection and global quality-control, and will then last for at least a thousand years of sacred, non-reproductive and erotic, sex and zero population change; until, instead of suffering post-coital malaise, we beloved lovers, including God, take time out and kip for liberty or rest-and-recreation leave; before we start again.

Although this gospel, or good news, is rarely being reported in the daily, community, blog-site, social-network or church-pulpit news, the final quantum-leap in the earth's, emergent, evolution to Nirvana has begun. Many potential pilgrims, including the territorially and sexually aggressive and possessive, are gunna miss the prime-time ferry-boat; but the rest of us can-will combine, consensually, to complete the composition of a version of the best story for anybody to be authoring and enacting, 16/7, in. We will call this final chapter, which resembles, metaphorically, the ark that noah's family built for their salvation from the flood, heaven or nirvana when we do, in less than a year or two. This new, happy ending, chapter must emerge from within the present shit, as if it has evolved, naturally-ideologically, from there, as the end-aim of evolution, if it is to be believable and liveable. In doing this creative composition-interpretation, we new-age family members know that a surprisingly unexpected ending, or sudden conclusion, with a twist of, pay-back, poetic-justice wherein everybody, surprisingly, gets their just desserts, as when a ponce slips over on a tramp's banana skin, is impossible to beat; ethically and aesthetically, including comically; as a good tale-telling incident, and so we are factoring a big event of that, best, type into our, new-age, composition. Then it's, "hats off!" as albert camus the algerian novelist might say, as he said at the beginning of his masterpiece, "the plague". We change-artists of the God, i.e. the limitless One and her limited-bounded, clone-like, brood of members-parts, i.e. the gods whom She has created of herself, as limited representatives-representations, can be identified, beforehand, by our objecting, implacably, to violence (the violation of personal autonomy and/or self-sovereignty) and ruthlessness (the refusal to be friendly-helpful), both legalised and illegalised by man-made laws (vide the texas governor-murderer rick perry and most of his death-row guardians and criminals), caused by self-righteousness, caused by hypocrisy, caused by false assumptions, which is the root reason for all evil-error-terror, and by valuing the relationship of true agape-love as the basic cause of being, spiritually, healthy, powerful and/or good; like Jesus, when almost enlightened, as an adult son of Light (vide the essene scrolls), on his two-year mission was. Good laws, protecting victims from violence and ruthlessness, we appreciate and, wholeheartedly, endorse; although punishment as distinct from compulsory reeducation is not part of the divine franchise we've inherited from God and/or our preferred cup of tea.

But it is not enough to think and talk about new, untried, ways, using deductive-inferential reasoning for the if-then logic of the conditional tense we use for imagining and understanding, and deciding. We must, also, actually enact our part in the Story we're updating-upgrading, i.e. enact our version of the messianic role; like Socrates, Jesus and the other, truth-seeking, martyrs did. If our ideology doesn't, and our criticisms don't, include an active role for us to enact as individuals then we are whingers-blamers who can safely, with our whinges, be ignored. This means we need to treat, and communicate wih, our context, the Other, with whom one is omnipresently-transpersonally in contact, as one's living, superhuman, god, which self-righteous sinners, like man-eating sharks and tigers, make difficult, but not impossible, for us, as it is for them, to, mentally, believe and, actually, do.

Membership of a formal group-family-or-organisation, such as profession, faculty, discipline, church, empire or nation-state (each of which is, partly, "a conspiracy against a laity"), is optional for, but irrelevant to, all versions of the, self-righteous, role; wherein the devils, i.e. the evil ones, such as the governor and the high priest in that man's autobiography were, don't give a damn about the well-being of anybody else, whom they class as being different from, less knowledgeable than and inferior, status-wise, to them and those they class as being like them; of their, allegedly, more righteous tribe, cult, ilk, party, class, family, role and/or pack. In fact, membership of either the meek Family or our unmeek-unhelpful opposition, on the dark side of Life, cannot be determined by anybody's other memberships; whatever those may be. Even quakers begat nixon, henry 8 was an anglican, the hillsong millionaires are christians, the teutonic knights were christians and millionaire obama claims he is a, chicago, democrat. There's not much meaning in a, normal, name, even "rose" as the bard said, as distinct from in the idea the symbol is used, by the believer-user, to signify-identify.

The gestation and/or education of humankind and the pregnancy of our parental Spirit and/or maternal elohim, i.e. the local, cyclically-living and currently-evolving, organic, solar-system, who, clone-like, represents the God, the El and/or the whole-holy Hologram, to us, are due to end together, in a new beginning, within one year or two from now. The truth about the mystery hidden behind the veil of death is due to be revealed, to open-minded seekers, as a logical imperative, by the mind-changing, change-of-consciousness, apocalypse; of which this epistle is a minor, torch-lamp, contributing, part. Knowing the Truth, or Wisdom, which is not significantly related to intelligence as intelligent psychologists and intelligence agents define and measure the abstract term, entails ending one's addiction to hypocrisy, with its false assumptions, stereotypes, neuroses, false dichotomies,
non-sequiturs, misinterpretations, lovelessness, self-righteousness and violence; like cleaning the trash out from between the teeth or from inside the cup or garbage can or the ash out of the tray or whatever blocks the blood from flowing freely through unhealthy arteries, veins and lungs. Addiction to false assumptions-theories, like christianity and nationalism, is worse than is addiction to any substance, like tobacco, or entertainment, like world-cup soccer, poker playing, marlin fishing or the ponies that are flogged at flemington. Past failure means future failure is one of their, the hypocrites', popular non-sequiturs.

Unrelated, other, knowledge, whether disciplined, scholarly, specialist, artistic or professional, even most mayan calendar-clock stuff these days, is not related, positively-significantly, to Wisdom and so is now ignorable, by any fool who's, even a little, wise. Both, natural, processes, infantile gestation and parental pregnancy, will end with the dawning of aquarius, in a massive gestalt-change that's real, including corporeal, in less than a year or two from now. Anybody who thinks his species has decades-centuries left to get its way of living right is like a cabbage or potato plant in that he just doesn't have a clue concerning what he thinks and talks about. In this thesis, and elsewhere, we gnostic-anarchists hypothesise the imminent inevitability of this unprecedented, sea-change, sort of happening. As the classical birth event, with its child-birth pains, birthing screams (
vide edvard munch) and infant deaths, the event we are imagining does not conform to any established mind-set of beliefs and disbeliefs, either secular-scientific-technical, spiritual-religious-metaphysical or transdisciplinary-catholic-eclectic (although it does include bits and pieces to be found in each and every one of them); as distinct from the new-age Wisdom lexicon, which is paranormally powerful as a means of understanding, acting, protecting and persuading. Yet some dirty-minded drongoes accuse us of being brainwashed-indoctrinated because, of our own volition, we have learnt to believe in, and serve, an unconventional type of God, the ever-cyclically-living All; which is typical of their, unwitting, use of false assumptions and, hypocritical, non-sequiturs whereby they get their conclusions and decisions arse-over-teat; completely wrong, and so end up dead as butchers' bacon.

The event that we are forecasting, as inevitable, will be a day of, automatic, assessment, judgment and division, with a declaration of species' independence by the meek, that will affect us all, for better, by being redeemed-liberated, by enlightenment, or for worse, because of dropping dead. Other interests, such as commerce, certification, politics, car prices, cricket scores, hit lists, reality t.v. and government elections can now safely be ignored, as the old world breaks up and crashes down, but will still be taken seriously, albeit stupidly-expensively, by hypocrites of the self-righteous sort who are damned to not survive; which will be done by understanding and adapting to the, change(s), both natural and artificial, taking place. Instead of rebirthing they will die, redundant, as they are living now, within a year or two from now. "Come sweet death, come gentle rest," said Bach as some of them, as they quit the Game by going up the spout or down around the gurgler to oblivion, will also say. Good riddance to rotten rubbish, God's transformation agents say; as we take off and go the other way; from hell into the hallowed halls of Peace and Paradise, on earth.

Mayday! In the Wisdom language, the archetypal-classical
mayday sign-signal-symbol is used to signify news that's both good and bad, of new life, via an apocalyptic revelation for the meek, and desired or undesired death, via their doomsday (vide michelangelo) for the rest! We face humankind's initiation, graduation, accreditation, induction and/or rite of, adult, passage test. This is a pass-fail, examination; which the self-righteous half of us, being unprepared, unlike the meek who'll pass, will fail; and by failing will, by commission or omission-negligence, kill themselves and one another of their, sub-human, species off; kaput! By the power of our, truthful-logical, imagination-understanding of our, contextual-constituent situation, because of the meaningful ideas of Wisdom that we have learnt to understand and use for this, we, the meek hypocrites, will help to bring about the, good-versus-evil, bifurcation; and make the dirty-rotten whore-house of the dirty-rotten scoundrels come tumbling down, like london bridge, tower 7 and the homes of the first and second little piggies in the teaching legend did. We need ten percent of the people to stop borrowing and so drop out of the money-debt economy, which is already on the brink of ungovernable-terminal bankruptcy and is being governed till it collapses by the, unelected, boffins-buffoons, in suits, polished shoes and ties, of the world bank, the federal reserve and the i.m.f., who have a monopoly-license from national governments to make-print money, for lending for profit, out of thin air, into the love economy, which is governed by the golden rule of true, agape, love, between corporeal individuals. When they do, capitalism, which preserves-conserves the worst of earlier isms, and not just some corporate bodies that also do, like b.p. oil, the w.h.o., union carbide and exxon, will collapse, completely, like a house of playing cards hit by a sudden gust of wind or humpty dumpty, who never became a chicken or a feather duster, falling into pieces after sitting, meditating-masturbating, up on the garden wall.

4. CATASTROPHE. Although not a loser, like that bad egg was, I am a loner; one of the first of my, apocalyptic, tribe on earth. Apart from a lot of, relatively, minor matters, such as feeling a fondness for oysters, lobsters and king-garlic prawns, nobody I yet know, or know about, thinks like this like me, which is a sad and solitary way to be; a bit like being a bohemian-vegetarian, passing through from out of town, at a butchers' picnic-barbecue in a waspish suburb in mid-western idaho. However, at eighty years of age, I can sense (including feel and fore-see) that this aloneness is about to change; as the old world is made to end and the new world-order age of anarcho-gnosticism, and/or universal love, begins. Like a post-modern version of the mercutio character, in "romeo and juliet", I predict a fatal, prickly, pubic-pox on everyone who cannot change their, self-righteously ruthless, ways, immediately and fundamentally; especially those, of the ayn rand, president chavez and richard dawkins type, who, self-deludedly, think that they're already right in a way that entitles them to overrule, ignore, abuse and otherwise screw we others whom they think, self-righteously, are not. In attacking-criticising us, such as by censoring-arresting us, e.g. for slanderous defamation or any of the other many bad reasons they employ for getting their own way, and insulting our, holistic-anarchistic, ideology, they are also declaring war on the parental God whom we worship, trust, love, serve and represent which will raise this sleeping mother-Dragon, huffing, puffing and flaming, to resist them and protect us, from her skull and cross-bones, winter-hibernation, cave. She will do what clucky matriarchs, like boadicea, have always done in this, life-threatening, sort of situation, but better-worse than most; even post-pregnant cows, hens, queens and multi-teated sows.

In fact, in the marrow of my old and weary bones I feel that the times, the aeon and the world are changing, radically and unstoppably; with exponentially increasing violence and rapidity. By this quickening of her unfolding She is finally becoming what She wants herself, including us, this current Time around, to be. Everything feels different, as the world comes counting down to another primordial bang and ground-zero year. Without a miracle we'll all be, as a species, extinct by 2013 a.d..This simple truth is misunderstood and/or disbelieved by those who, in the role of self-righteous sinner, think "she'll be right because she's always been right in the, recorded, past" which is both bad logic and bad history. That mistake means that they are doomed to not survive the, transformative, change that, as human adaptation-salvation-redemption, by means of gnosis or illumination (aka "the learning of, spiritual, Wisdom which equates with our final quantum-leap in cerebral evolution, and enables miraculous-paranormal talents like clairvoyance, influence-at-a-distance and prediction, of types, of event and character, to be effortlessly normal") is already underway. Most ning-nongs either ignore-deny the magnitude and humanity of God, the universal One of whom her creatures all are knowing, and some are self-knowing, parts, and of what is happening today or just "don't know what the world is coming to". So they will die as they have lived; which is slack-minded, pig-headed and pig-ignorant, but self-righteously blaming, and penalising, others, past or present, for what's bad and happening to them. Although many think they're smart, especially if they've been doctored by some dons, published by a publisher, adored by devotees, elected by a majority, appointed by other, red-tape,  bureaucrats or worth a million pounds, they've all got their context(s) and hence their meaning(s) and hence their way(s) of understanding, and behaving, wrong; buttocks over breakfast time. That mental-based disorder puts them, consequently, clutching at straws but drowning in deep, spiritual, quicksand-shit, where they'll disbelieve and disregard this, good-news, gospel as the verbiage of an old, demented, fool; not to be taken, seriously, like stock exchange, bank interest, parliamentary election, school test, car mileage, commercial kick-back, real estate, national income, agistment costs and home mortgage figures are. 

Being spiritually blind, and/or wet behind the ears, the self-righteous, all of whom are hypocrites, i.e. sinners, cannot imagine-perceive that in our imago state, following the apocalyptic revelation that ends our emergent evolution, including language-lexicon development, in a year or two from now, the human race is meant to end our millennia-long dark-age and see, no longer "through a glass, or chrism, darkly" but, with crystal-clear clarity, the reason why enlightened anarcho-gnosticism, i.e. "the social order with gods but without men in ruling roles" (
vide the greek "anarchos" and "gnosis" and the russian, Peter Kropotkin, who was the bÍte noire of karl marx and his, socialistic, crew of governmentalists), as distinct from the corporate-competitive managerialism of present and past millennia, is the only way to go. The rest we need to know for doing this; i.e. thinking beyond the square, being born again, cutting the governmentalists' achiles heel, leaving the shallows, crossing the jordan, finding the philosophers' stone, discovering the holy grail, stealing the golden goose, shedding the seventh veil, becoming liberated from the consequences of normality-immaturity-stupidity (aka "sin"), experiencing the classical change of life (which may be a near-death, including the death of a close relative) experience and so living lovingly, paranormally, "like God(s) in heaven instead of ruthlessly, normally, like greedy-dirty hogs in family sties with family ties that stink", is commentary; if we've got our language for if-then reasoning and as-is understanding right instead of garbled, as continues to be commonly the case. We gnosis-seekers, and our exegesis-explanation of Reality, will then be understood, and agreed with, by the reawakening God(s) albeit not by the self-righteous pricks, both dicks and clits, who, till they're killed off, selectively, by one another or by acts of God, will continue to be our, and their/her, mortal enemies; talking and enacting versions of, unprincipled, gobbledegook like silly geese.

The present world is only important, like a straining-sieve, climbing-ladder or stepping-stone, for the teaching-testing-selecting entry of an elite-elect into the next one which will be a, quantum, reunion of the past, as distinct from simply a, linear, continuation of the present, which is ending, by climaxing, a set of wave-like cycles in a, conical, sequence that proceeds, with intermission stops,
ad infinitum. The womb-role of the earth has been to create the man-god characters for starring, as starhumanity, in the prime-time period of, a version of, her sacred, autobiographical, narrative. Life is not meant to be easy now, in these learning-training-preparation days, but will be free and easy, for the graduating class, when we become governed by the, good, cooperative-play ethic, soon. Capitalism, the final version of corporate managerialism-cum-competition, which has extended from chief-led tribalism to taxpayer-and-banker-funded production, with its, calvinist-protestant, work ethic, acquisition-possession-greed-consumption as inspiration-motivation, and inbuilt-obsolescence, over-urbanisation, over-population, over-consumption, information-overload, deforestation, over-fishing and violence that's endemic, has lasted for more than 300 years, since the, violent, overthrow of european feudalism, around the north atlantic, the invention of the printing press and the breaking of the latin-lingo monopoly of the roman catholic priests, but is quickening-ending now; after building up, like a balloon full of hot-air, carbon-gas, piss and wind, from an expanding boom to a big and bloody bust. We gnostic millenarians perceive and believe that this termination is to be in preparation for at least a millennium of anarcho-communism enthused by neo-gnosticism; for the, meek-minded, survivors of the, catastrophic and truth-revealing, purge; which, as it happens, will affect, and is already affecting, adversely and testingly, each and every one of us; although the likes of  low-taxed billionaires like bill gates, the big-dirt mining moguls and their high-priced machine-minding men (who, because of their bad attitude to the Other(s), including the natural ecology, have less hope of entering heaven than a camel has of passing through a sewing needle's eye) may do so less than most until tomorrow when, because they can't change, they die.

The Apocalyptic Family, who think-talk like I am thinking-talking here, like the first swallow of a summer, is not one of the old-normal ones, as are the ogilvie clan, the k-k klan, the capulets and montagues, rev. joe coe's family of religious fundamentalists, the mad monk's opus dei, the tea-party people, the marist brothers, the bloody romanovs, the sicilian mafia, the chinese triads and the japanese yakusi or the other hollow-headed men of political government, but instead consists of everybody who is trying, wholeheartedly, to interact with one another, self-consciously, affectionately, helpfully, hopefully and self-responsibly, as anarcho-communists. These include, as helpers more than as saviours of we who help ourselves, the angels, anunnaki, lucifers, aliens and nefilim (vide Zacharia Sitchin), whom rael and the raelians have misnamed elohim, who have come in-down to earth, for carnal knowledge, i.e. reproductive sex, and left their signatures and fingerprints, and born-out-of-wedlock offspring, behind, before. To think that today's life on earth is the only or best type of life in the cosmos is hubris at its, small-minded, worst. What a waste of energy, space and opportunity a dead-lifeless desert like they imagine the cosmos to be would be! Partly because of their, and our, past immigrations and invasions, including colonisations, most of us, including those who class themselves as indigenous, native or aboriginal, are mixed, or half, breeds, in both mundane and mundane-celestial terms. The lucky family of the cosmos includes the spiritually meek species of generic man, on earth, who are on the verge of reaching our mature, imago, age of unity or atonement, following catastrophe-calamity, by means of the enlightening relationship of mutual aid and consensual diversity, including cultural and biological diversity (aka "anarcho-communism and/or universal love") whereby "the world will be as one". God's (aka "Heaven's") real elite, who can live happily, helpfully, simply and inexpensively, are, paradoxically, the democratic meek who, although differing in size, shape, age, colour, culture, special interests, personal preferences, such as those of food, football, drink, music, dance and mode of dress, and bodily appearance, interact as a family of equal-status, semi-autonomous, peers; with nobody, and nobody's preferences, ranked on top of, or under, those of, anybody else; unless done for a practical joke, a tease, a game or temporary fun; like puck and oberons'. All other families of Man, on earth, will be separated into their good-versus-evil halves when this, two-way identification-separation of generic types, occurs, soon. The evil ones will kill-off one another, before this end-time ends, as they did in minor massacres like the paris terror, the rape of nanking, the nazi concentration camps, the katyn killing field, the hiroshima a-bomb site, the plain of armageddon, ulster's bloody sunday and the 9/11 towers, whereat, fighting for and against different teams of self-righteous sinner, or versions of the evil empire, the warrior-reps displayed the worst of "man's inhumanity to man". Mass hysteria and paranoia will be the order of this, their final, judgment, day for them. For a time, between now and then, half of the living will, because of their pain, grief, fear and other suffering, envy all the dead; because they are, albeit not self-conscious, at least at rest in peace. The, spiritual, birth pains of the earth and humankind will be, increasingly, dreadful to bear, hear, smell and see; even though the escapism of their puerile-pathetic humour, including its sarcasm and dirty-sexy jokes, and other tittitainment-type amusements, such as vuvuzela horns and professional-spectator sport, will help the self-righteous close their eyes, block their ears or look the other way until the time comes for them to exit Lifetime's centre stage and die, having played their, necessary, part; mainly by testing our fitness for attracting and seducing God by the aesthetical quality of the life story that we each compose and offer, as temptation-presentation, to share with She; who loves good stories, for participating in, more than any other kind of gift She gets. This is why She'll help us if our story's good but ignores us if it's not. Until we win her apocalyptic-popularity contest, the devils', evil, role is just as important-valuable-necessary as is ours; for the story-play, part tragedy and part comedy, we're role-performing, unscripted-unconscripted, in.

The contextual stage of which/whom we are participating parts is one ever-living whole, of sequential-implicated scenes. She is the holy Happening-Person (in whose, complementary, image we are made) made up of, cyclically-living, Heaven(s) and/or God(s); who need our good companionship for the climax of this cycle, but not divisive and dissonant  dogma-doctrine-drama, either secular or spiritual; which is what we and they have mainly had to date on planet earth, in her past and present role of hades or the underworld, wherein bad things often happen to people who apparently are good, and good things seem to happen to the bad; all of which is very soon to end. Being, superhumanly, clever Big She can, as a privilege of divinity, enjoy both being a, autonomous, singularity, or super-person, and a, consensual, plurality, or super-family. Monotheism and polytheism are equal possibilities.

Her sacred womb, which is the earth, is evolving-morphing now into a sacred yoni for the sacred-phallus folk, of both sexes, who are graduating to the higher, spiritual, level of living, including loving, like, and on behalf of, gods; instead of living, squabbling, killing and dying like mad dogs, red-bummed baboons and unrepentant hogs. Being fit for survival and progression, despite what the, self-righteous, mongrels do against us, to hurt or hinder us, is today's good-new news for the adaptive, potentially fit-for-survival, meek and mystical.

4. THE GNOSTIC FAMILY, or spiritual corps, of people who share this spiritual faith in the, interpersonal, relationship of anarcho-gnosticism, is my version of the cosa nostra and their history, which is now coming to its critical incident, is the big-screen, blockbuster, movie I am living, role-playing, in. (A spirit, or ghost, is an autobiographical narrative believed in by a corporeal participant, which can be true or false).We gnostics know, from broad experience of failure-sadness and joy-success, that the best happiness is caused by making others happy and being made happy by the help of others. This means helping others, and being helped by them, when we can, but never acting self-righteously, such as patronisingly, i.e. in any way that violates another's will, causes them to object otherwise or  makes them pay a price, such as rent, profit, fee or interest, above our own production-acquisition costs, for what we offer them. Our family is the species that is made up of members who are organising ourselves, consensually, as a global Anarchy, designed, as an agency of God, for promoting humankind's progression from Hell to Paradise on earth, and a good (non-quantifiable) quality of life for everyone who's fit to graduate from ugly duckling into swan. If defined as chaos, disorder and confusion, as the normals, illiterately, do, then anarchy can only be a total mess, as it would be for them, but if defined, as we do, as a people who are governing ourselves, apolitically, according to the golden rule of mutual aid and consensual diversity, then the family is unbeatable; the rootin'-tootin' best. We gnostic-anarchists believe that a belief in god, i.e. a superhuman being, is essential if anarchy is to work but we are open to the possibility of being proven wrong by good-willed atheists. Our main opponents in this, liberation, venture include those normals who, being asinine illiterates, define communism as bolshevism or atheistic socialism, and the tyranny of a majority as democracy which, as definitions go, are equally as bad as what they do with the other abstractions they imagine to be either true or unbelievable, such as god, ghost, sin, love, freedom, justice and the personal-pronouns I, we and they. They can't perceive their own faults which are much the same and just as bad as what they see and criticise in others. Those obscene-minded tossers include the oligarchs who control political, religious, commercial, financial, professional, informational, news, research, scientific, military, returned servicemen, security, criminal, artistic and charitable organisations, i.e. the super-rich, officer-class, over-lords, cult-leaders, crime-dons, masters, big-wigs, big-wheels, policy-makers, parental-figures, chief-priests, high-achievers, authorities and illuminate who, sometimes with spouses or adult children helping them, own and/or manage corporate bodies, which are really-merely illusions-delusions of the, sub-human, mind i.e. reified abstractions and/or legalised, including normalised but selfless, fictions that they imagine to be real, like inexperienced kids believe in mythological figures, taught to them by parental figures, such as tooth fairies and santa clause. These abstract ideas are artificial persons or make-believe families, believed in and controlled by, childish, egoists, that cause a virtual reality for believers to live, if we can call this living, in. Those illusions have no ego, demos or sense of self and so, unlike corporeal beings, give off no, spiritual, vibes and have no existence outside the heads of their believers, who do, including those that, as "soldiers", lapdogs, subordinates or entourage, work for, kill for or follow the directions or dictations of the leaders, dons and/or fuhrers of the fiction's ruling class. For organisation men or g-for-governmental men of that, hypocritically elitist, sort, genuine, freedom of thought, understanding and expression, including freedom of language and religion, which is a basic human right, has always been anathema; a damned-bad idea for anybody to believe, enact and publicise. However, in spite of all their rackets, both overt and covert, including the enforcement of politically-correct language, the defining of offensive-indecent language, compulsory fluoridation, immunisation, liquor-abstinence, sabbath-observance, military-service and pasteurisation, and governmental gun-control (justified by minor massacres at columbine school, by martin bryant, et al) and plans for implanting microchips in passports, identity cards and private body-parts, the New Age of anarchistic order, governed by the golden rule of universal love (vide Matthew 7,12), is unstoppable, even by a modern tribe of doctor frankensteins, artificial darleks, governor blighs and captain-king canutes. This galactic-era changeover is beginning, with our assistance, down-under here among the hoi poloi, at grass-roots level, now. The tide and times, as predicted by bob dylan, some sixties sorts in bikinis and mini-skirts, the easy riders in 1969, et al, are a-changing, exponentially, and "At last we shall overcome the wicked, fascist-faustian, world of politics, i.e. violence and ruthlessness, both formal and informal, including its damned half-truths, deceits, dirty-tricks, bad laws (eg. those prohibiting the growing and the use, by adults, of america's main cash-crop, cannabis) and lies; both intentional and hypocritical".

It's time to recognise that the good versus evil war is waged between we consensus-seeking anarchists in the centre of the field, on the high, good-logic, ground, behind the barricades, and the nihilists and social-engineers, both progressive and regressive, who, as the low form of corporeal-human life on earth, are whooping, in war paint and high bonnets, on high horses, all around.

Our, rebellious-insubordinate, attitude illustrates the good version of the tall-poppy syndrome, in the tradition of some of the french and russian revolutionaries, and irreverent aussie-larrikins, like the jolly swaggie, who liked liberty, lamb and ridiculing public figures, was. Like much of theirs, ours is based on good, if-then, logic, as distinct from the bad meaningful-emotions of envy, jealousy and/or sour grapes that often motivate the mongrels, including some high-horsed coppers and squatters, of the, other-minded, mob. This good logic follows on from that developed by liberalising philosophers, like voltaire, rousseau (whose normal followers, according to the canadian john rawston saul, turned out to be, ideological, bastards as disciples of bright-idead innovators often do) and john stuart mill, whose ideas began, imperfectly, the modern, european, age of science, reason, enlightenment, democracy, nationalism, capitalism, industrialism, liberalism, humanism, free-thinking freemasonry and protestantism that ended over a millennium of feudalism and much of roman catholicism, including conspiracies like those of relic worship, virgin births and papal indulgences. Most post-modernists, and other scientists, today, both social and physical, underestimate, however, the magnitude of both God, the super-person, and the, world-shattering, changes that, as logical imperatives, could be foreseen long ago, and were by seers like jesus-ben-joseph, aldous huxley, john steinbeck and george orwell, and whoever composed the atlantis teaching-myth and the sorcerer's-apprentice tale. Now, as corporate civilisation collapses, mainly because its innate hypocrisy is causing violence, injustice, dishonesty, ill-feeling, theft and corruption, which is causing an exponentially-increasing loss of confidence and trust to be growing rapidly, among concerned-cynical-sceptical citizens, clients, congregations, customers, consumers, producers, sub-contractors, students, readers, pensioners, patients, taxpayers, lenders and borrowers, in most places on the green-blue planet earth today; from bankrupt greece and spain to bankrupt iceland, portugal and, where god-given time is now worth bankers' money, even galway bay.

The means that we neo-gnostics are using, as a minority group of social-ideological, as distinct from political-governmental, activists, for attaining our end-aim of holiness, including peace with jolliness, justice, good-health, liberty, fraternity and equality, include mahatma gandhi's
satyagraha; i.e. non-violent resistance, including voluntary-simple living (unlike the fascist austerity enforced by managers of corporations such as the i.m.f.) and civil disobedience against bad laws, including informal norms-mores, and illegitimate authorities, with a truth-seeking intent. We'll break, for good reason, bad laws, "which are a crime", such as was the pommie law legalising the indian salt monopoly and are those illegalising the aiding, abetting and committing, of victimless crimes such as voluntary euthanasia, the compulsory wearing of seat belts and bike helmets or home-building, s.p. bookmaking or grog distilling-and-peddling without a licence, but cop it sweet if, being careless, we get caught by sneaky bureaucrats, overzealous cops, some of whom want their cut, bad neighbours or vigilante-mobs for doing what, for us, is right. Another one, of many, derives from the self-realisation fellowship of his colleagues sri yoganandra and the mother of the aurobindo-ashram clan. With an explosive bang we are about to spit the dummy, crash through the knowledge barrier, exit our, embryonic, pisces period of corporate managerialism, fearful superstition and win-lose competition and enter the, adult, aquarian age of dynamic peace, self-confidence, universal love and/or helpful individualism. Following this, archetypal, exodus, which also is an entry to a different-better type of world, with a different-better type of nature, normality and relationship, we'll end up with-and-in a context that is not only living, automatically, but has also become self-consciously alive, autonomously awake, with a consensual demos as her multi-selved ego, and in intimate communion with, all, the graduating members of the evolving human race. The old entropical world is about to be replaced, for the survivors of the associated, natural, genocide, by the negentropical world of agape love; which includes the erotic-sacred sort of, unreproductive but unprotected, sex whereby our, normal, interactions will be not only affectionate but will also be an erotic-sexual pleasure for our accommodating god, as well as for ourselves. Anarchy, in the true meaning of the, abstract, word, is unattainable now, as in the past, when, before its time had come, communes, kibbutzim, communities, unions, cooperatives, of producers and/or consumers, and soviets mostly failed, and, by doing so, made way for chaos, and then some sort of fascism, tyranny, monarchism and/or hierarchical despotism; like that of self-righteous hoons like lenin or napoleon. However anarchy will be both normal and natural for our enlightened species of the human genus, following the completion of a colossal change of self-conscious awareness, of "what I am and what we are and what we can become"; surprisingly, for many people, and suddenly for everybody, soon (vide the works of william butler yeates who on seeing the unstoppable ending of, managerial, civilisation all around him said, half-truthfully, "the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world").

There is one item only, because of its implied consequences, on a gnostic's bucket list. This is enlightenment which means becoming conscious, because of a sudden change of mind, of one's context as a, transcendent, super-person who's also knowing, and assisting, us, such as his
abba was, until he died, for jesus, his daemon was for socrates, until his suicide, and their genius is for others who can also think creatively-altruistically, and live in conscious partnership with this part-tangible context accordingly, while being charged by normal folk with being magical, mystical, marginal or mad and, like the witches and the faggots were, guilty of sedition-heresy. Our main happiness will come from knowing-serving God, the Other, following a sudden epiphany, damascus-road event, ah-ha experience, apocalyptic-rebirth or zeitgeist-change, as we, and She, define the meaning of this winds-of-change idea.

A one-world community, or new-world order, is inevitable, following an enlightening apocalypse; before this decade ends. The options of choice are fascist-bureaucratic or anarchistic-democratic, as wisely defined and differentiated, in Wisdom terms; only one of which, as the golden age of consensual diversity, including biodiversity, is good.

6. THE AWAKENING. In this great Awakening-Escaping, from the kali yuga, and our entry to the next, we'll resemble a little chicken that, at hatching time, sheds its primitive placenta-bag before emerging into the bright-light of day, by breaking through its, inclusive-and-protective, but become redundant, shell. Millennia of life, inside the shell, in governed corporations (aka "mon-archies", including "olig-archies"), beginning with ancient empires, and win-lose contestations (including  "wars", such as the gangland wars, involving crooked cops, professional crooks and institutionalised corruption, of the yankee alcohol-prohibition era, when nobody was untouchable, and the later one declared by tricky dicky and his g-men, equally unsuccessfully, on some other types of drug) will be superseded, within a year or few, following established-civilisation's complete collapse, which has already been begun, by a new age of consensual an-archy, in which the constituents who graduate instead of die will live, convivially-cordially, in company with one another and the ever-living context who's our universal, cyclical and accommodating All, God, World, Mega-Story,
Amma and/or Mother Mind; without feeling any need for drugs, for reasons of ill-health, depression, pain or recreation, like most modern athletes, six-million dollar sportsmen, musos, bored housewives and other normal people do in these, drug-dependent, latter days of minor rebellion by means of grunge, rap, graffiti, tattoos, body piercing, cosmetic paint and powder, shaved armpits, hair coloured-perms and general, hate the natural body and normality, decadence. The intermission-transmutation between these worlds will entail both deadly calamities, including those classed as natural (including earthquakes, clouds of volcanic-ash, envelopes of greenhouse gas, shifts of tectonic-plates, extinctions of unadaptive species, global warming, polar-axis shift and another, massive, electro-magnetic solar-radiation storm) and artificial (including more carbon-caused climate change, computer hacking, an electric-power blackout, gang-land terror, road-speed hogging, looting by unruly urbanites, pornography for cash, cheque, card or kind and a multi-market crash, that may have begun with that of the lehman-brothers, of limited liability, in september, 2008 to end the managed-market cycle that began, at the crash of the laissez-faire cycle, in the thirties, and an enlightening change of consciousness (making possible paranormal (aka "miraculous") powers such as those of mental telepathy, immune-regeneration efficiency, in place of the present deficiencies, everlasting life, without reproductive sex, and material transmutation in service of the God(s). One of the two of these, including its effects, will be the dominant experience for each and every one of us within a year or two. Dependence on authorities, machines, electricity companies, money, chemicals, pills, role-modelling heroes, like millionaire-adventurer dick smith, institutions-corporations, both public and private and both formal and informal, and/or their doctrines-dogma, as distinct from mateship, Wisdom, God, Ecology and/or Nature, as defined in Wisdom's truthful way, will be a fatal flaw for the unlucky ones of us who'll die in the earth's final species-clearance, which, like the heavy rain for noah's global flood of forty days, has already been begun. There's more to be now done than singing sonnets in the rain, in eurovision, hollywood, digital, the simpsons or elsewhere on some version of the box for idiots.