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Authored by Doug Ogilvie and dedicated to the beginning, globally, of a better type of social order, consensual democracy, instead of corporate managerialism. This requires an apocalyptic revelation ( i.e. a radical reconceptualisation of the nature of humankind in context ) a catastrophe, with both societal and ecological dimensions that destroys the established civilization, and a bifurcation of the "homo" genus, along its good - versus - evil dividing line, between the meek and the self-righteous species.

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As told, without being claimed, by copyright, as private, intellectual, property, to and by auld Dr Doug Ogilvie who, until his house burnt down, had a masters degree, cum laude, from bill walker and his dons of ed.admin., allegedly to impress the visitors, up on his sanctuary wall

This codger's alma maters began with versions of mr chips in '35 as alstonville central, then lismore high and then, for tertiary education-training, the a.t.c., u.n.e., and u. of qld, where he was a scruffy hippy in happy residence at the education faculty under liberal educators like bill bassett, mac grassie, zelman cowan and jack campbell, for over thirty academic years. Since '75, when he quit one-hulling quickcats through the pacific-kirra surf, he has, also, been a barefooted baba, according to some younger asian workmates, in the everyday school of Life, hard knocks and occasional delights; learning and being tested on a multiple occupancy owned by an extended family of tenants in common. This was "the magic garden" sanctuary of urliup road, bilambil, in the wollumbin caldera of the big-scrub, red-soil, blue-basalt, rainbow-region country of north coastal n.s.w, that goes from north of tomewin to south of byron bay and west past nimbin rocks where the bungelon settled before the cedar cutters, cow cockies and then the hippies, who came for the aquarian festival in 1973, stole their home-land, as if it was a terra nullus like antarctica, from them.

G'day, shalom-namaste, comrades, I salute the divine I see reflected back from me and mine in thee and thine, and others who are dullards. The evolutionary time has come for we, potentially, good guys to stop studying, finding fault with and complaining about minor matters, in isolation. "All things happen for good reason, in their season, as ecclesiastes and pete seeger said. This means they happen for the best in terms of the universal space-time and changing-mutating Whole, whom jesus called Eli the universal El"). Accordingly we are wise to accept our tolerable differences and combine, informally, friendily and non-violently, albeit with difficulty and despite, scornful, opposition, by offering explanation and example, to introduce a new world-order of universal love and/or consensual diversity. Whingers-scorners, being self-righteous, can't be friends, and good friends are what we need for the new, more friendly, sort of civilised society that is coming round the bend. This new society (which is an allegory or metaphor of the, more primitive, established one, which is a parody of the next-and-better one) will be governed anarchisticly, by the golden rule, found in Matthew 7-12 and elsewhere throughout, eclectic, wisdom-religion literature, not hypocritically-sinfully by means of other, man-made, laws, including those attributed to abstractions that are reified-deified as superiors such as tribal chiefs, imperial caesars, divine magi, god professors and lord gods like abraham's. Some of us can feel this change unfolding in the marrow of our bones. Others, like dead-rotten wood, cannot sense it happening at all. This difference in spiritual sensitivity is inherited, or not, randomly in one's material genes and mental memes and differentiates two spiritual species; the good and evil families of man who are about to be separated, irreconcilably-permanently, like oil from water in the blue-skied caribbean, which includes the bay of pigs, where the batista gangsters lost big bucks, big time, to comrade castro and his hammer-and-sickle crew of militant reformists.

Reformists and conservatives fight for dominance everywhere but are, paradoxically, two sides of the same, fundamental, coin; parts of the same, basic, conspiracy. We need a radical revolution-transformation, which is a different kettle of fish, now Personal independence is accordingly hereby declared from, non-consensual, governments of all persuasions, including castro's socialistic sort. The global liberation-day of peace, democratic anarchy, consensual diversity, the international and the last trump, has finally arrived. Clear the decks and flaunt the ensign, shipmates, for the final broadside-battle of the good versus evil war.

Life proceeds-evolves by, extrapolating, cycles wherein the same roles, for people, organisations and events, although changing-developing, and changing names, are identifiable from go to whoa. Wisdom is learnt from the study of past cycles of roles, knowledge, relationships and ignorance and means knowledge of eclectic-abstract logic, of both mechanical-mechanistic-linear-aesthetical, cause-effect types (predominant in mammon, i.e. societies of man-managed competition such as the bounty managed by captain bligh for the admiralty) and, organismic-organic-holistic-ethical, means-end types (predominant in the good, anarchic, society that some foresee as a version of heaven, nirvana or the happy hunting ground, symbolised for some mutineers by idyllic polynesia). Human beings tend, because of nature and/or nurture, to favour one type of logic or the other. Good wisdom is mainly spiritual-qualitative, and less physical-quantitative, knowledge of four sub-types, telling of 1) good-versus-evil classes, 2) if this, alpha, is intentional choice for one's focus of attention-then that, omega, is logical consequence, i.e. conditional-tense narratives, 3) complementary-contradictory roles in stories-narratives and architectured-sculptured structures and 4) hurtful-helpful personal relationships, both internal and external. Wisdom, eventually, enables knowers to live together, anarchisticly, like gods in paradise rather than like pigs in hierarchies, sties and their own wind, piss and shit. With Wisdom we know the past well enough to understand the present and predict, and prepare for, what's coming, along with possible morphosis-mutation, on mankind's event horizon, next. Its acquisition requires broad-mindening personal-participatory experience, of schooling, team sport, egotistical games, romance, marriage, parentage, travel, divorce, arrest, hard-work, old-age, near-death, grief, regret etc and consideration of vicarious reports of different types of role, culture, occupation and event; both fictional and factual.

Unrelated knowledge, such as maths, music and chinese mandarin and medicine, may be marketable-procurable-enjoyable but most is ignorable by anybody who is even a little wise and wants to specialise. Because of this bit of natural wit they know that the quality of anybody's inner relations is harmonised, healthily or unhealthily, as a consequence, with that of their external ones. This is the long-lost bright insight that makes eternal, healthy, life a, practical, possibility for those who can learn to love and be loved well; and so live healthily-happily, including lovingly and erotically-sexually, because of a fully developed immune-regeneration system, that that good relationship develops, as a, logical, implication-consequence. As evolution begins men imagine god(s) in their own image or reflection, Eventually we, if spiritually fit, evolve to be, spiritually meek and consensual, like She, as Kali-Rangda, in her prime time is.

She is greater than are we, in terms of size. age, power and importance. Within these limits we are composed of the same set of complementary, bipolar, qualities, like a deciduous tree and her seeds.
Those who have become most like god(s) will now be selected as fit for further survival by a global act of god and/or natural selection. A new species of two-legged apeman, with a new way of interacting-understanding, is emerging, as has always been intended, on the earthly-global scene. Anarchy-democracy brings out the best qualities in human nature, and is taking the earth over now, from dick-headed dominants who use less than ten percent of their brain-power.

The new, type of, one-world order that, with Wisdom, we gnosis-seekers foresee is due to replace the primitive-old raj of managed factionalism-and-competition, which, after increasingly faster-shorter periods-cycles of tribalism, imperialism and feudalism, has climaxed, terminally, and, like a big, hot-air, balloon, will soon go gee-whiz-bang-fizz-pop, as international capitalism and/or global fascism. This last sub-cycle of the earth's evolutionary sequence includes the worst of the preceding ones, including management versus labour-trade-union fights and strikes and that of the reds' attempts, from marx to mao, castro, che and ho chi minh, at enforcing international socialism on the bourgeoisie, aristocracy and proletariat, as well as on we classless anarchists. Hydraulic fracturing by cacogenic chemicals is one sign, of many, of that system's imminent demise. Another is global warming, climate change and species extinctions, as in the amazon, caused by deforestation and, excessive, carbon gas emissions, both capital and natural. A third is monsanto-type g.m.o.'s whereby technically-competent fools usurp, self-righteously, the role of creator-creatrix-god. A fourth is the dirty nuclear device, whereby other ratbags will soon do much the same. Peak oil is a fifth. A sixth is the developing development of holistic theories of the All such as neo-gnosticism, ethical science, deep ecology and eclectic-organisation, including role, chaos, communication, leadership and change, theory. The good news is that cerebral evolution is exponential and half the change will occur on its few final days, which is what the cyberspace revolution is indicating is to happen to us suddenly and soon. But imagine what will happen, if there is no change in mind-set or consciousness, when technology collapses because of another, bigger, solar storm or polar-axis shift. The big idea(s) and event(s) is/are coming, like a unstoppable torrent down a mountain and, being without historical precedence will, unless you change, fundamentally, blow your mind, blast off your socks and take your breath away. How many of these threats to their crook-crooked type of society do hypocrites need to see before recognising what is going on, especially under their noses, behind their backs and behind the scenes, sheltered-protected by legalised-official censorship and secrecy; both industrial and national, including international and transnational!

Most of mankind's misfortunes are caused by actions, or inactions, of self-righteous hypocrisy, or hubris. Hypocrisy is mankind's fatal sin, of which we all, being suffering and suffering-causing sinners, are equally guilty, as illustrated by most attempts, by bleeding hearts, "do gooders", nit-picking therapists, patch-up regulators and/or band-aid reformers, such as affirmative political-activists, eco-tourism operators, bowen-reiki therapists and institutionalised charity-workers, to medicate the problems others cause, by some type of palliative care, and so delay their, painfully-sick, system's, inevitable, demise. They think they can perpetuate their incorporated system(s), indefinitely, whereas we evolutionary-revolutionaries find it love-starved and, hence, unattractive, unenjoyable and unsustainable, like the, love-starved, lives those living in it live, sometimes shacked up, in ticky-tacky boxes, with exclusive favourites, hire purchases and bank mortgages, and we expect-hope to have the spiritual strength, or virile balls, to change our ways and turn the tables on it and them, surprisingly, for them, soon. Physical fitness without spiritual fitness, including wisdom, empathy, charity and mateship, is, for us, and El, a waste of precious time, talent, energy and space; whereas the Truth will, soon, set us free, to live in love like gods and nefilim in the heavenly type of partnership-relationship; perfect love, agape, anarchy, democracy and liberty, within which the multitude can, and will, live, convivially-consensually, as an integrated one.

Most importantly, as hypocritical members of competing factions of that, ruthless-sick, sort of society, we are all starving ourselves and one another to an early death, because of a lack of compassionate loving-caring-sharing; as both givers and receivers. This problem of, loveless, selfishness is fatal but, with the right, spiritual, medicine, it is remediable now; if not by thee and me then at least by the younger members of our spiritual Family; the meek, adaptable and flexi-minded fellows who are capable of making the lifestyle change from global capitalism-fascism to global anarcho-communism which means living, as beloved lovers, self-governing by the golden rule of universal love; which, unenlightened, hypocrites, and their apprentices, can't comprehend and do, not even when they think, self-righteously and self-deludedly, they can. Members of this ideological species of ours, as wise and holy fools, are self-selected by the pure random chance of our genetic inheritance, which means that our bloodline is royal purple-blue and metaphysical-spiritual rather than blood-red and physical-biological. We may be classed as eugenicists but our elite-elect is anarchistic, as distinct from fascist, and unplanable-unpredictable, not racial, racist, sexist, ageist, academic or religious; as the normal elites, like the jews, who claim favoured treatment, exclusive land and special privileges from the reified-abstraction that they worship as their god, scholarly dons, mafiosi dons, who, like the saudi-windsor-jordanian royals, claim executive privileges such as palaces and immunity from prosecution, worldly-wise illuminate, religious fundamentalists, imperial colonists, like white rhodesians, and nazis, of all uniforms, fuhrers, salutations,, skin-colours and regimented nations, are.

I am not now, as most others are, in the business of parenting, money making, social engineering, organising others or persuasive advertising (having been there and done that with almost average, which means not very much, success) but, as one, geriatric, player in the generic role of new-age paraclete, am seeking kindred spirits who, being serious but not humourless, snobbish or self-righteous, can be good, caring-sharing-daring, friends with me and mine; beloved lovers in an anarchic new-age Agency with personal needs that may range from being sponge bathed in the sun to smoking a rolled-up herbal high before the fire or supping a hot cup of home-grown pumpkin soup, enthused by a clove of garlic from the garden, which may be beyond the time and talents of some, helpful, fiends but not all of them or theirs. This difference between meekness (i.e. wishing to make one's own decisions, and help others to enact-experience theirs, and to learn a better type of logic from the consequential successes and mistakes) and self-righteousness (i.e. wishing to decide-dictate for others, like abraham lincoln, adolph hitler and winston churchill, the photogenic wheeler-dealers, did), as typifies our rivals who often fight-compete among themselves as agents of a party, a union, a intelligence agency, a nuclear or extended family or some other fiction that they or theirs have invented, organised and legalised, is subtle but significant for the further evolution, to, seasonal-sustainable, completion, of the emerging-evolving phylum of the human race's wisdom-knowledge tree.

This, we paracletes (gnostic greek, like "christos", for the, multiple-person, role of spiritual helper and/or advocate of true righteousness, that appears clearly at the end of evolution) expect, according to our, self-responsible, reading of the omens-signs, will be, exponentially-suddenly-traumatically, within a year or two from now. The main world-or-reality to be addressed, for understanding and promoting this neo-gnostic zeitgeist, is the metaphysical-spiritual world of unseeable but sensed-perceived meanings, reasons, roles, narratives and relationships; that, as apparent nothing, fills the spaces-gaps between and in the tangible-objective things, such as bodily personas and star-studded galaxies. Mathematical science, based on the disprovable-null hypothesis, can be used to clarify and modify that phenomenological-mechanistic, world (although statistics, and the bell curve, can be used selectively by hypocrites to "prove" and build, or blow up-down, almost anything) and can be differentiated from speculative philosophy, based on logical, if-then, consistency, and is often classed as wisdom, alchemy, philosophy or religion, which is needed for knowledge of the other, noumenological, organismic and translucent, world or meaningful-emotional reality. Both compositions co-exist, one sculpturally or mechanically and the other narratively or lyrically, and are to be understood together holistically rather than dualistically, in parallel harmony, as one ever-living, ever-changing, entity, unity, family or person, in a minor-major scheme of eventful-sensual things, as cosmic body, and thoughtful-emotional ideas, as universal mind. This requires that we know, i.e. visualise and conceptualise, the, intangible, pattern of both compositions.

But first we must end our hypocrisy of which we are each guilty every time we break, by action or inaction, the golden rule, which is almost all the time. Any difference in degree is not, presently, significant in terms of signifying a different kind.

As a buddha said, by our thoughts we create-compose our, major, spiritual-metaphysical world of mythology-and-narrative. Mankind's brotherhoods, from druids and dominicans to rotarians and special-interest yahoo-groups, have all attempted to do this, but without very much success; which means that it is difficult but does not mean it can't be done. In fact this, mind-changing and world-changing, project will be completed soon when mankind's, altruistic, service is conceptualised-visualised, by enough of us, as being in the, unadulterated, service of the one true god; our all-accommodating Whole, who has been nick-named by some truth-seeking sinners as abraxas and by others as brahma, and whose sense of consciousness, liveliness, readiness, randiness, fairness and neediness we share, as consubstantial, penetrating-penetrated, parts. In fact-truth the Change will, soon, be done successfully, but triggered by the deductive and inductive reasoning of a different brand of family, group and/or siblinghood from mankind's normal, brotherhoods, both secular, as in armies, college fraternities and charities and spiritual, as in monasteries and nunneries; one that is eclectic-catholic-democratic-informal more than parochial-hierarchical-dictatorial-formal; athenian-grecian more than persian-asian if you have read heroditus and can get my general drift.

This lifestyle-paradigm breakthrough is possible because mankind's minor-major brain spheres replicate, and so allow us to imagine, the same remarkable relationship that links, symbiotically, our heads-bodies and each of us, as brainy figures, and She, as field-ground, so that one's absorption, e,g. of oxygen or carbon, or of life or love, is the other's exhaustion; one's natural expressions fulfil the other's innate needs. This organic, part-whole, partnership is difficult to imagine, correctly with precision-clarity but, when we do, which some of us will soon, this revelation enables our spiritual birth and/or apocalyptic enlightenment to our adult-imago state of heavenly life in love, including knowing the god-like role and the good-god type of relationship, on earth. The noosphere will be at last complete, for us to use, as the earth's mind-set. Eureka! Bingo! and/or other positive expletives or exclamation marks, that signify expectancy-excitement like a spunky stallion's farts.

This envisaged, new-age, quantum-change scenario is a, holistic, integration of the best available knowledge from all fields of mankind's information-industry including the subject disciplines of history, religion, semantics, biology, anarchy, psychology, mythology, deep ecology and teleological evolution, including the prediction-premonition-proclamation of a societal-financial-technological collapse, an ecological-biological transformation and a global revolution-war, and their survival, as the end of evolution; by the spiritually meek species of generic man combined in solidarity and empowered by the paranormal powers of the anarcho-gnostic ideology, whereby credentialed citizens, unlike spiritual barbarians who, self-righteously, exclude us from their friendship loops and/or exclude themselves from ours, will end our hypocritical reasoning and become self-governing by the golden rule of consensual diversity-democracy. This, radical, change will mark the end "omega point" of, natural-intentional, evolution and probably be by 2013 a.d., in a sacred-marriage partnership linking mankind and his accommodating-feminine god who will have then, also, reached her cyclical climax-maturity. Some of us can sense now how close we, and others, are to solving the human problem-mystery. However as a war-weary and fatigued auld veteran of four score years and two, I'll need a minor miracle to stay elevated-erect-upright, and not be horizontalised, till the human genus then bifurcates, on its predicted judgment-assessment-selection-division-separation day, into two constituent families, its optimistic-good and pessimistic-evil halves. However you, being physically younger, fitter, more flexible and bouncier than me, may not need that, apparent, magic-miracle to stay upright and still evolving-developing, cerebrally-cranially-mentally, till then.

It will not be what we know so much as our mental flexibility, i.e. willingness-ability to change-adapt, that will signify our, fundamental, family identity and destiny; for salvation or damnation. Fortunately a person's spiritual species-family is more important than is any individual member, even me, thee, muhammed, the sunni, ali his shiite nephew who was martyred for his faith, and jesus, son of mary and the davidian pretender, joseph the judaic prince of arimathea which, like magdala, nazareth and bethany, was in, jordan-river, galilee. Our, spiritual, predecessors have all been willing to lay down their lives for their faith, homeland and family of friends and, although we do not seek it, so must we if this sacrificial martyrdom, in the expectation of eventual rebirth, renaissance or resurrection, proves to be a logical imperative-necessity.

The self-righteous give, unsolicited, guidance, direction, dictation or advice, and offer hypocritical-judgmental criticism, as if they know what specifics, such as alcohol abstinence, other people need. The meek don't patronise-matronise like that but express ourselves honestly and openly and cop the consequences, whether these are expressions of friendship or unfriendliness, and learn from our misunderstandings and mistakes, and those that others make. Differences of opinion are tolerable as long as they don't stop others being, helpful-loving, friends with us and ours.

Critical feedback, both positive and negative, if well intentioned, altruistically-affectionately more than motivated egotistically-selfishly, is welcome here by this self-critical critic because, as well as making our fair share of errors and mistakes, we all know some of the Truth. Nobody's beliefs, not even those of henry thoreau, of walden, ayn rand, of thatcherism, "mein kamph" of naziism, jean hudon and kim thomas, the "global visionaries" who have excluded me, self-righteously, from their circulation loops, the unabomber, in his manifesto to g-man edgar hoover and the plainclothed f.b.i., and the sanheidrin cardinals in their pope's house on the slopes of temple mount, are "total crap" or "mere gibberish" and the stimulation of shared ideas, premises, postulates and practices is essential for success, in this, all-important, all-or-nothing, quest for personal and collective enlightenment-empowerment and the better-friendlier, anarcho-democratic and neo-gnostic, type of world that is now, unstoppably, like the golden sunrise of a brand new day, that ends the nightmare of a long-dark-ungenerous night, already on its way. This new, post-modern, lifestyle is destined to take firm-final root and form on earth inside a year or two whether or not, as personified specimens of a still-evolving species, we individuals are ready to fight, bravely but non-violently, for what is right and either die or win our knighthood-initiation spurs by making the transformation-graduation-mutation to our mature, imago, state, or higher, second, nature. This means living like the gods who, among other talents-skills, have developed to completion their innate capacity for true love and second sight and so can hibernate, prophesise, hypnotise, read minds, levitate, transmutate and communicate "voices" by mental telepathy or e.s.p., paranormally-miraculously.

This metamorphosis, of both ourselves and our, consubstantial, context, to our combined imago state(s) begins by a critical number of us enacting the detective-agent role consciously-conscientiously, 16-7, within, in communication-interaction with the author-source of a autonomously living autobiography, or holy-high spirit, composed, as a contestation-riddle-mystery, that we can appreciate aesthetically and, with difficulty, eventually solve and by doing so become co-authors for combined enacting-playing, because of understanding, of material objects-energies and meaningful thoughts-ideas combined, as spiritual prana-chi, by a consistent, means-end, logic or cause-effect telos and associated teleology. She, being a divinity, composes and enthuses an autobiography, for self-expression, that is the best there possibly can be, for her and hers, in totality; logically, morally, enjoyably and aesthetically. This includes concluding with a, surprising, happy-ever-after ending of, pay back, poetic justice. Meanwhile the worldly-righteous reactionaries, both progressives and conservatives, who feel no deep-compulsive need to change themselves in terms of type, but bore the rest of us to tears with, brainless, recollections of their pathetic, mundane, past, are as clueless as dear old dr watson was and believe they belong to reified or deified abstractions that they imagine to be real.

They will continue to ignore or censor us and our interests and ideas, as some did by means of the book-banning of the roman papal index; free publication and public discussion, in search of the Truth, as distinct from giggling, joking and gregariously gossiping, and other acts of escapism, being their clan's worst enemy. Assassination, such as by crucifixion, killer drones, poisonous substances, necktie lynchings or burning faggots at the stake, is and has always been their self-righteous, fundamentalist and morally extremist style; but their, dark, days are now done, along with them and theirs, thank god, and our bright-new multicoloured-psychedelic one has finally come. We gnostics lack the talents valued in their mundane world which keeps, most of, us safely incognito, as nobodies-nonentities, without even an o.a., an o.b.e. a hundred acres, a personality fan-club or a million dollars to our name, until the time for final separation-revolution comes; as it now has hit town for everyone. They lack the language definitions-understandings in their lexicons, such as those of chaos, hypocrisy and mean-minded tyranny versus divinity, good logic and meek-minded anarchy, or consensual democracy, needed for citizenship of the better world, and most will never learn to make this major change. As my camp-poofter comrades sometimes say, it takes one or one who has been one to know-understand another one; which is why gnostics such as jesus are and were so widely misunderstood and so falsely portrayed, by both devotees and adversaries.

There is no other "worthy cause or mission" to serve apart from this, difficult-dangerous, promotion of and preparation for Heaven's masterpiece; the perfected world, or paradise, on earth. The options of choice are pre-determined but we each pick our, personally appropriate, role to play; as protagonist or enemy. Black-flagged, sometimes with added skull-and-bones, mutual-aid, good-ethics anarchism, in which non-violence only is compulsory, can accommodate, multi-culturally, all non-violent ideologies, both left-wing and right-wing and both secular and religious. As such it is the, logical, means and end of all forms of liberation-liberalism, including peace education, democratisation, women's lib. and liberation theology and, despite massive resistance and disinterest by self-righteous hypocrites who cannot imagine, believably, without the use of hallucinogenic herbs, alcohol, pills, potients and/or plants, what it means to think and live differently, consensually-convivially, in this, new-age, way, like gods in love, is now due globally, including locally, for the rest of us to freely and enjoyably experience and share, by 2013, according to the calendar composed by gregory, head prefect or house captain, for a time, of rome's papal-palace hierarchy. This is the, apocalyptic, end of species evolution and personal education both of which are quickening ever-quicker now on coming to, long-sustainable, climax-completion as half the change takes place on the few final days. This change process ends with gnosis; intimate knowledge of and by God, spiritually and physically¸ and the ability to share the earth anarcho-communistically as a clan of equal-status, uniquely-different peers with a common origin, inheritance, value system, law and long-time destiny.

But first we need a new idea, or the remembrance of a lost-forgotten one, that is bigger and more meaningful even than are "biochar" and "carbon tax", and recollection of which causes a radical transformation, for the better, in human consciousness or our species' and our personal sense of being a role-enacting self in a living-changing contextual system-situation and location. "Gnostic holism-anarchism", not "rumpelstilskin", is its, symbolic, name and the time for its cognitive rebirth-reconception, with birthing pains and placenta-afterbirth, has come.

"Know thyself, well, if you wish to know thy god, well", as said the oracle in the sacred grove. To die worshipping a wrong god, or denying the righteousness of the right one, is to be damned; as billions of, self-righteous, human beings have been and are today.)

THE POINT. God is the self-conscious quality of thoughtful-emotional godliness. Human beings are knowing parts of a celestial god or created elohim, occupying a location in her as our contextual situation; potentially consensually. I, like you, am God, the great Pretender, which means, by the great Pretence-Composition-Presentation, knowing myself, self-as-god-consciously, also as another, i.e. as an actor, consensually, performing in a four-dimensional context-situation, rather than as a great white, pure-solitary, light that fills up all the fifth. This, apparently paradoxical, belief is classed as schizophrenic madness in the normal, dualistic, lexicons but as logical sanity in terms of, holistic, gnosticism as used at times by part-time crazies, when in their right mind, and so still evolving, when they are classed by lesser men as arrogant-delusional, such as were, at times, men of specialised genius like carl jung, fred neitzche, jesus-ben-joseph and vincent van gogh. Some people, such as they, show, because of a accident of conception, some of the paranormal powers, or examples of genius, that will follow for all survivors of the, enlightening and rebirthing, apocalypse. Our context is not lifeless and/or dead, as normals, mistakenly, assume She is, but rather is living, albeit seasonally asleep and becoming now awakened, enlivened-enlivening and aroused, like sinbad's genie-demon when he freed her from the confines of the corked jar on the beach. It is better to know God perfectly, at slower than the speed of light and sight, than to know as her purely, which is faster, if you can get the guist of this dichotomous relationship.

It is time for mankind to know his god, as a sustainable epiphany, in the, complete, biblical-sexual-intellectual sense. We, in as part of, her created reality, inhabit, organically not mechanically-mechanistically, the progressive-circular, i.e. conical embodied-autobiography of an organic super-Person; a multi-selved and multi-partnered partnership or integrated, multi-levelled singularity. She, our hostess with the mostest, can do, and do better, what any of her constituents can do and is coming to her periodical climax and/or a long, sustainable-enjoyable, honeymoon on heat via a climactic bifurcation of her self-conscious constituents into good versus evil natured characters, for either partnership, with one another and with her, or dead-ended death, because of proof of irreparable uselessness-unhelpfulness concerning what She now wants to be, do and have done to-with her. The rest we need to know, for salvation from extinction, is rational explication-implication-extrapolation of this fundamental fact; which is the hidden-secret Logos of the western Wisdom lexicon and its mystery religions; such as those of gnosis, isis, mithras, athena and the essene brotherhood, with their initiation-induction, experiential teaching-learning and spiritually rebirthing, ceremonies-roles-rituals. The oriental east and the indigenous aboriginals had/have similar or the same mythologies in their temple rituals, corrobories et al, but this author's lifestyle background is mainly occidental, derived from the hellenised mediterranean, and so my personal bias is to emphasise this more than that, although the conclusions are the same.

We gnostic anarchists, as typified by western philo-sophers such as socrates, jesus and hypatia, who was a women's libber before germaine greer, the suffragettes and simone du bouvoire took up the torch, are or have been classical, iconoclastic, enemies of the established church, hierarchy, laity, army, academy, economy, ideology, family, government and/or state, and the self-righteous pricks who believe they belong to one or more of those reified abstractions, as elitist governors, including potentates, or as underclass subordinates, such as serfs, employees, conscripts, laities, prisoners, paeons, hoplites and hard-labour slaves. This time, because the evolutionary time is seasonally right-ripe, we at last will win our millennia-long contestation-tournament (whereby the one, critical, lesson that has been taught and tested all day every day is how to prepare for the classical, global-cleansing, purge or new-age holocaust) with-against them; as they are typified by those who belong today, in some anti-anarchy role, to walmart inc., the mormon church of latter-day saints, the libyan nation-state, the u.s.a., pinkerton's detective agency and/or some other corporate body in corporate civilisation or modern, man-made, man-managed, war-ravaged and increasingly-polluted mammon-maya-babylon. The war of armegeddon between the evil caliphate and the equally evil states of capitalism, spearheaded by the elders of zionism, both jews and christians, who think they, with their god's help, will win the war, has already been begun, arguably between the supporters of the p.l.o. and hamas and those of the i.m.f..

There is no, genuine, gnostic or taoist institution such as a mathematical science, formal discipline, temple lodge, personality cult, blog site, exclusive yahoo-group or religious church, although some, homogenised, charlatans do profess-sport, in man-made hierarchies, of two pyramidal steps or more, the sacred-holy name. However there is a gnostic lifestyle, way of life or tao that has been personified, so far imperfectly, by messianic martyrs like hypatia, jesus, diogenes, the cynical mad-dog, and socrates, the socratic questioner, and is now, following our world-wide revolution, about to become realised as our family inheritance whereby-wherein we will live eternally-excitingly like self-knowing, gods instead of live and die like talking plants, carrots or parrots, programmed insects, birds or bees or spiritually deaf-dumb-blind animals, with no, front-facing, neo-cortex atop a upright backbone-spine; which is what we do, in our, under-developed, immaturity, today as we did yesterday, but will not still do after tomorrow on having reached, as a species, our, enlightened, adult-maturity.

Now comes the, final, repeat of the critical change of season scene. This is the people versus government revolution;the jesus-pilate-caiaphis light-show, or morality play, entailing betrayal, desertion, arrest, trial, enquiry, misinformation and martyrdom, that we neo-gnostics, in role-playing solidarity, this time will win and so allow the final revolution, to peace, equality, tranquility and plenty, to unfold behind and before our very eyes. Today's is the final sub-cycle of the evolutionary sequence of the earth's complete, life, cycle and began, arguably, in 1930 with the end of laissez-fair capitalism, with f.d.r.'s new deal, financed by keynesian budget deficits and bank created credit, and the advent of global fascism, with franco's destruction and picasso's painting of guerenica, and will soon end, long-sustainably, in peace, justice and gnostic anarchy for two or three millennia, helped possibly by the return of the, angelic, nefilim (vide erich von danikin, who, like some others, called these descended, low-flying, angels gods).

But our elohim, the local solar-system, or organic, disc-like, star, who, like her siblings, is a limited replication-clone-sucker of El, the limitless-boundless All, cannot know herself, or be known in, the role of god until a full set of her self-conscious constituents know ourselves consensually in the role of neo-cortex for her head and serve her as a whole, celestial, person; who feels the compelling need to live free-spirited in love, rather than be confined as a, single, solitary star. The critical number of her leading lights, as siblings-in-law, may be as few as ten or twelve but may be many more. Who knows or cares, or needs to know or care, apart from god, whose business that type of detailed knowing is! For her safety-security the golden, karmic, code is enactable everywhere; voluntarily among self-conscious persons who are, consensual, peers, or forcibly by a enlightened person's I-will power exerted on those of her, inferior-subsidiary, body parts that need to be externally-personally controlled. There are exceptions to all general rules except this one which, unlike the verdas', hammurabi's, moses', magna carta's, habeas corpus, the geneva convention, against torture such as waterboarding, the post-war washington limitations on airforce attacks and muhammed's, is a universal law.

The, spiritual, quality of the, intangible, role-in-autobiography with which we each now self-consciously identify ourselves and intentionally enact as expressing-educing our innate source's nature, will determine if we live, as members of this elite-role set of earthlings, to enjoy this paradise, as gods, or die, like dogs, that walk the dead-ended plank with the king's, unrepentant, men and don't. A gnostic anarchist, for whom friendship, as beloved lover, of/by both gods and men, including goddesses, maids, codgers and crones, is the main motivation and reward in Life, is best, when truly understood, as enlightened beings, like we soon, following the imminent apocalypse, will be, do. Everything we do is to be done deliberately for She as we imagine her, correctly, to be; in partnership with we.    NEXT PAGE